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Zoomer Kitty Snow Leopard

Zoomer Kitty Zooey is an award winning interactive kitty who loves to play, pounce and purr like a real animal! As your child plays with her, the color of her eyes changes to let you know exactly how she’s feeling. The touch sensors in her head, ears and cheeks lets her respond with affectionate purrs when […]

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LEGO Walkie-Talkies Review

LEGO is a brand name engraved in the hearts of children and adults alike around the globe. From their LEGO building blocks to toys, TV shows, and movies, LEGO has consistently climbed the ladder of success and popularity. When it comes to LEGO, there is a huge variety of toys to choose from, and for […]

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Schwinn Roadster 12 Inch Trike Review

Before purchasing toys for your children, especially toddlers, it is highly recommended that you look up detailed information about that particular toy which would enable you to make the best purchase decision.This is important because children, especially toddlers and babies can harm themselves by trying to play with toys not appropriate for their age group.If […]

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Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll n’ Trike Review

There is little that is more exciting than your child’s first tricycle, to both you and your child. Finally; freedom! They can wander, drive in front of you, or even go down (small, hopefully) hills to see how the speed picks up without their feet even touching the pedals. The first taste of actual liberation […]

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Importance Of Playing With Toy Vehicles For Child Development

If you’ve ever had a child in pediatric therapy sessions, you might note that many of the sessions are play sessions where children learn how to play with common toys in new ways. Why? We don’t usually associate “therapy” with the word “play”, but kids interpret the world in a different way: they’re motivated by […]

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