Best Bath Boat Toys For Toddlers

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Every parent knows that toddlers need their baths. Getting them to enjoy bathing is often tricky, especially when they realize you aren’t playing.

One of the easiest ways to get them to enjoy taking baths is to give them some bath toys that they can play with while you bathe them.

Floaty toy boats are one of the best bath toys you can get your toddler. They are inexpensive and encourage your child to engage in imaginary play.

Here we provide a couple of toy boats for toddlers that you should consider getting.

Top 10 Bath Boat Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Green Toys My First Tugboat

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy your toddler a toy boat that will make bath time much more enjoyable, and at the same time, you would be saving the very earth that he will live in when he grows up?

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is true! The Green Toys My First Tugboat comprises 100% recycled plastic milk containers.

As many of us know, using recycled materials helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps saves energy. So this little toy is safe for both the earth and your child.

Speaking of safety, this toy is also free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. It is painted using soy-based inks, so you don’t need to worry about toxicity.

This colorful Tugboat lets your child embark on epic adventures in the tub, but it also doubles as a scoop. You can use it to scoop water from the tub or the pool and pour it over your child’s head to wash.

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FUN LITTLE TOYS Variety Set Bath Boat Toys

If one boat isn’t enough to satisfy your young sailor, you can get this set of three-bath boat toys.

Your toddler can imagine sailing sail around the tub with the blue sailboat, or they can take it up a few nuts and go racing with the green speedboat. If those options don’t interest them, they can play as heroes, putting out fires and saving the day using the red fireboat.

These boats are made from food-grade plastic, so you don’t need to worry about toxicity. The thick ABS plastic used to make these toys is also very durable, and the bright colors on these toys make them very attractive to young children.

These boats don’t only make bathtime a lot more fun; you can use them at a kid’s pool party or use them as carnival prizes or gifts.

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Green Toys Ferry Boat

You can take the fun to the next level when you get your kids the Green Toys Ferry Boat. Not only will they get a boat to float around, but they’ll also get a red car and a blue one they can carry inside the ferry boat.

The ferry boat has large ramps on both ends that can be lifted and lowered to allow the cars to enter. Your kids are guaranteed to have hours of fun with this toy.

Green Toys is the same toy manufacturer that makes the Tugboat we reviewed above. With every toy you purchase, you’re taking a step towards a greener planet.

With all the materials free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC, as well as non-toxic stains and paints, this toy is also very safe, even if you leave it floating in water for many days.

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Wonder Wheels by Battat

The Wonder Wheels by Battat is a beautiful boat toy that your little boy or girl is sure to love. It may seem like another floating bath toy, but once you look closer, you’ll see that it has a few cool features.

Not only do you get a large ferry boat that has a vintage design, but you also get two cars that come in the box. These cars fit inside the ferry boat, and they can sail around in it.

On one end, the ferry boat has a slide-out ramp. Slide the ramp down to allow the cars to enter. When the ramp is lifted, it stays in place so the cars don’t fall out. Slide it back up so they don’t fall into the water during the voyage.

On the other end of the boat is the propeller. Kids can wind up this vintage-style propeller so the ferry can propel itself forward.

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Fisher-Price Little People Bath Floaty Boat

What floats your child’s boat? Perhaps the Little People Bath Floaty Boat by Fisher-Price.

This isn’t just a boat; it’s a double-deck rescue boat designed for the one and only captain, Eddie. The toy comes with a floaty boat, captain Eddie himself, and a fish that can squirt water.

Captain Eddie can sit on the upper deck to watch for danger ahead or stay on the lower deck to be at the helm. The green squirty fish can sail with captain Eddie or squirt water at the ship.

This toy will allow your child to use their imagination even during bathtime. The bright colors and cute design will attract any toddler and keep them busy in the bathtub.

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Elegant Baby Bath Time Squirt Toys

Do your kids dream of having a little boat party? Now they can! With the Elegant Baby Bath Time Squirt Toys, your kids’ boat party dreams will come true.

With six cute and colorful boats, all with different designs, this set is the perfect gift to get your kids. Not only do these boats float, but they can also squirt water. You and your kids will have endless fun splashing each other using these little boats.

These boats are made from safe, non-toxic materials, so you don’t need to worry about having them in the tub with your kids. Not only that, this particular toy is CPSIA-certified for baby safety.

Take these boats in the tub with your toddler, or bring them to the pool. They’re going to be a load of fun wherever there is water. You also get a carry pouch that fits all six boats. Make sure to dry out the boats first before storing them.

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Fish and Splish Bath Toy

If a floaty boat and a couple of cars aren’t enough to keep your toddler entertained in the bath, you may want to consider getting the Fish and Splish Bath Toy. This toy comes with 12 pieces to guarantee a fun bathing experience.

This toy set includes one fish and splish boat with a captain in charge of the ship, a life preserver in case the captain needs to jump overboard, a fishing hook to catch fish, four ready-to-catch floaty fish, three nesting cups, an octopus comb to use for your child’s hair, and a whale nail brush that you can actually use for cleaning as well.

The fish and splish boat doubles as a storage compartment for the fish, the nesting cups, and other small pieces. Lift the top half of the boat to open the store, drop the toys inside, and close it back up.

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3 Bees & Me Magnet Bath Boat Toys

The 3 Bees & Me Magnet Bath Boat Set is a great gift for your toddler if you want bathtime to be an enjoyable educational experience.

The four boats in the box have bright colors and numbers printed on them. This will develop your child’s ability to recognize colors and numbers. They can also be attached with their little built-in magnets. Your child can form a train of boats or group them into pairs. This adds a new dimension of fun to this bath toy.

The boats are just the right size for your toddlers’ hands. Not too small that they become a choking hazard, and not too big that they cannot hold them with their little hands.

This toy set is recommended for children 2 years old and up.

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Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train

These Munchkin Bath Toys are not only great for entertaining your toddler in the bathtub, but they’re also great for learning numbers and colors.

The package includes 6 cute toy boats that can float on water. They have funny faces engraved on the front so your kids can recognize each one. The bright colors make these toy boats attractive to young toddlers. They also help your child to learn how to identify colors.

On the roof of each boat is a number. The numbers range from 1 to 6. You can also use these boats to teach your children how to count and recognize numbers.

Kids can link each munchkin boat to another with a small peg lock. Your child can pair up the boats or create one long train of boats.

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Melissa & Doug Maritime Mates Boat Parade

Melissa & Doug has been a trusted brand producing high-quality toys for children for over 30 years. They have very high safety standards for their toys, so you can be sure you’re getting a safe and high-quality toy every time you purchase from Melissa & Doug.

The Maritime Mates Boat Parade set comes with 3 unique boats that can be linked together with small pegs.

You get a purple dolphin boat, a red lobster boat, and a green whaleboat. The boats come in three cute animal shapes. You can use them for your toddlers’ bath time, but they will also be perfect for a kiddie pool party.

The sturdy plastic construction of these boats ensures that they won’t break when dropped or take a beating from your toddler. The plastic is non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it in the tub with your kids.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub Boat Toy


Is this toy a choking hazard? The most important thing when choosing a bath toy, or any toy for that matter, for a young toddler, is to pick something that isn’t a choking hazard.

We all know that little children love to put things in their mouths. You want to ensure the toy you choose doesn’t contain small parts to be swallowed by your toddler.


Since kids will submerge bath toys in water for long periods, you want to ensure they do not contain any toxic chemicals that can harm your little one.

Look for toys that are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. You also want to look for painted or stained toys using organic dyes.

You can find many that use soy dyes and paints. Avoid buying anything that doesn’t have any “non-toxic” labels on it.

Ordinary paints and dyes can be very toxic, and your child may swallow some of the chemicals when it’s submerged in water.

Environment Friendly

Getting a bath toy that is safe for your child and environment-friendly is an excellent choice. Many bath toys are made from recycled materials, which helps in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

What’s better than keeping your child safe and at the same time keeping the world that he will grow up in safe as well?


We hope you enjoyed reading our reviews on the best bath boat toys! Whichever you choose, we’re sure that your child will absolutely love having it in the tub or pool with them.

If you think none of the toys on our list will interest your child, don’t worry! There are hundreds of other great toy boats for bathtubs on the market. You can use our buying guide to help you make a better choice about what bath boat toy to get for your little one.

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