Best Toy Backhoe Loaders For Kids

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There are so many toy options it can be hard to pick the one you think your kid will like best and benefit from the most.

One toy that your little builder is sure to fall in love with is a backhoe toy. If your kid has seen a construction site or watched videos of backhoes, then this will be a great toy to get them.

This toy encourages imaginary play, which will aid in developing your child’s brain and motor skills.

Top 10 Best Backhoe Toys for Kids

1. Bruder Toys Loader Backhoe

This loader toy is a realistic 1:16 scale backhoe toy for children who can appreciate details.

In addition to being realistic, this loader backhoe toy is also fully functional. You can move the backhoe up and down and the bucket from side to side.

It also has stabilizer legs, just like a real backhoe. The seat inside the cabin rotates to give it a more realistic feel.

Your child can use this toy for imaginary play indoors, or they can take it outside and use it on dirt, just like the real thing.

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2. John Deere Big Farm Backhoe Loader Toy

You’ve probably heard about John Deere equipment at some point in your life! Maybe even used John Deere equipment.

Now your kids can have their own John Deere truck – This John Deere Big Farm Backhoe Loader toy by TOMY.

The 1:16 scale of this toy is similar to the one we’ve just reviewed, so it has the same realistic look. The backhoe can also move up and down, and kids can move the bucket around.

This backhoe has a different type of stabilizer. Kids can pull out the side stabilizers to support the truck’s weight.

Other great features that this backhoe has are the lights and sounds. This will make your child’s playtime even more fun.

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3. Micro Backhoe Loader

The Micro Backhoe Loader by Driven by Battat is great for younger children because it has fewer small parts. This makes it more suitable for kids who might rough up the toy and damage it.

This one has a more straightforward design but still includes a movable backhoe, bucket, and stabilizers. The bright orange color of this toy backhoe will attract your little ones and keep them busy for a long time.

What makes this toy unique are the sounds it makes. Your child can press on the roof of this truck, and it will sound as if the engine is being revved up. This adds another aspect of entertainment for your child.

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4. Tonka Classic Steel Backhoe Vehicle

If you want your child to really get into it while playing, you should consider getting this Tonka Classic Steel Backhoe.

Unlike the other handheld toys we’ve reviewed, this one is huge! Playing with this toy is almost like you’re driving the actual truck.

There are two handles on the backhoe arm that you push and pull to control the backhoe. Your child can use this truck to dig up holes in the dirt and create dirt piles.

If you don’t like your kids getting dirty, you can also use this toy indoors, scooping up different objects from the floor and laying them in a pile.

The arm of this backhoe is made from steel, making it really durable.

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5. CAT Construction Pedal Tractor Backhoe Loader

One of the most well-known construction equipment brands is CAT.

If the backhoe we just wrote about was not big enough for your child, this CAT construction pedal tractor and backhoe loader might do the trick.

Your child can now literally take a ride on this truck and pedal around your lawn. The front loader can be lowered and lifted right from the driver’s seat. This allows your children to have a very realistic play.

If your kid wants to use the backhoe, there is a separate seat at the back to control the backhoe.

Get ready for hours and hours of play that will develop your child’s mind and body and keep them entertained!

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6. Bruder Eco Backhoe Loader

The Bruder Eco Backhoe Loader is also made of German quality. This toy is another 1:16 scale with realistic details.

It comes with glass doors that slide open and close. Other realistic functions of this toy include the moveable front loader and backhoe and the adjustable stabilizer legs.

The backhoe can even be locked into position at any time.

The bright yellow color of the truck complements the truck’s design. The wheels and other pieces are painted with much detail to add to this toy’s look. It even has a few colorful stickers to complete the look.

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7. Bruder Midi CX Loader Backhoe

The Bruder Midi CX Loader Backhoe is manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic.

What makes this toy unique from the rest on this list is its detachable parts. Your child can unhook the front loader from the truck and detach the backhoe from the truck. This adds a new dimension to your child’s play.

The detachable pieces snap on securely, so you don’t need to worry about them falling off during your child’s playtime.

Your little builder will have a lot of fun with this high-quality toy by Bruder.

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8. Case 580 Backhoe Loader

The Case 580 Backhoe Loader is the most detailed toy on this list. It is a 1:50 scale with very intricate details.

This toy backhoe can move almost every way a real backhoe can. You can move the front loader up and down. The backhoe arm can move in every direction, and the bucket moves up and down.

It has glass windows and a glass door that can be opened and closed, and it even comes with rearview mirrors that are actually reflective.

Most of the parts are made from diecast iron, so you’re sure that this toy is very sturdy and durable.

Because of this toy’s small and fragile parts, it might not be a good idea to give it to a very young child. Older children will appreciate this toy more.

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9. Sandbox Backhoe Ride On Toy

If you want your little ones to have some fun in the sand, you should definitely get them the Sandbox Backhoe Ride On Toy.

It has a simple design but does the job well. Your kids will be able to dig up holes and create piles of sand with this manual backhoe.

The frame is thick metal and has a seat in the center where your child can sit to maneuver the truck. The wider front axle and longer base ensure that it doesn’t tip over on uneven surfaces.

Another feature of this backhoe is its two control handles. One guides the arm up and down while the other controls the scoping of the bucket. Your child can rotate the backhoe 360 degrees right from the seat.

The joints on this backhoe are secured with safety washers, so your child doesn’t get pinched.

The toy is highly durable because it uses metals twice as thick as the ones on typical sand backhoes. The pieces are also connected using bolts, nuts, and large washers instead of small screws and rivets.

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10. Remote Control Backhoe Toy

This remote control backhoe is your little builder’s dream toy. It comes with all the bells and whistles you can ask for in a remote control backhoe toy.

It’s made as a 1:14 scale toy, giving you excellent details. You can even put this toy on display when not in use because of its realistic look.

The toy is mainly made from high-quality plastic but comes with a few metal parts. The bucket is made from heavy steel, so it can go through a lot of work without breaking.

If the toy is used on sand, the rubber track tires ensure good traction, and your truck can keep moving.

Three separate motors inside the digging arm control all the functions. A fourth motor is located near the tires to control the truck’s movement.

The remote control that comes with the toy can control all backhoe functions with two levers and several buttons. This 2.4Ghz transmitter has a range of over 100 feet.

The truck vehicle toy is powered by a 7.2v 400mAh rechargeable battery that is built-in. You get a USB cable in the box to charge the truck. The transmitter is powered by 2 AA batteries that are sold separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Kettler CAT front loader backhoe and the Rolly Toys CAT tractor backhoe?

These two toys aren’t only identical in shape and function; they are actually the same toy. One is sold by Kettler USA and the other one by Rolly Toys. Both these toys will make an excellent gift for your young one.


We hope you enjoyed reading our reviews on these backhoe toys! As you may have noticed, some of these toys are huge and can be ridden on, and some are only handheld toys.

The kind of backhoe toy you get depends on your child’s age and preference—the bigger toys for the bigger kids and the small ones for the little ones.

We’re sure your kids will love their backhoe toys. What’s better than your kids having fun while developing their minds and bodies.

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