Best Doll Car for 18 Inch Doll

Whether your child’s favorite doll is an American Girl or a less well-known doll doesn’t matter; she still deserves to ride in style, and your child might think so, too.

Choosing the best doll car for 18 inch dolls can be a difficult task indeed, considering how many options there are from so many different providers. However, that doesn’t make it impossible, and we have some really gorgeous, stylish rides to consider.

Best 18 Inch Doll Cars

In the following paragraph we’ll provide you with the best cute cars for your 18 inch dolls.

1. Our Generation Retro Car Doll, 18 Inch

Maybe your child’s favorite doll is right out of the 1960’s, and this car will suit them well! With a classic, pale pink body and enough room for more than one girl, this is a perfect addition to any doll accessory family.

Real lights, sounds, and a working radio are included. Pop a few batteries in and off your child’s doll can drive! Our Generation also produces other accessories including clothing and pets that are compatible with just about any 18” doll and will work with this little cruiser nicely.

Our Generation keeps sturdiness and eco-friendliness in mind and makes all of their toys meant to last so that they may be passed down to the next child without losing quality. Even the packaging is thoughtfully eco-friendly. The detail is exquisite and any doll would be lucky to have this retro car.


  • Hit the road in vintage style! grab your favorite doll and cruise around Town in this adorable retro car from Our Generation
  • This retro car includes a retro cruiser car, lights, sounds, and a working FM radio
  • All Our Generation dolls, clothes, and accessories are fully compatible with most 18" dolls, including American girl dolls and accessories
  • All our dolls, clothes, and accessories are made with safe, carefully-chosen, high-quality material. They're easy to clean and maintain and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging
  • Our Generation is dedicated to a new, multifaceted generation of girls who are playing hockey, getting involved in charities, dressing fashion-forward, and still Finding time to, you know, be kids!
Last Updated: August 25, 2019 3:22 pm

2. Our Generation My Way and Highway 4×4, Fuchsia, 18 inch

Maybe your doll lover is an outdoors kind of child – and want their doll to be, too! This adorable and brightly colored rugged vehicle is perfect for pretend safari and offroading play. Any eighteen inch doll is completely compatible and can also include their accessories in the back end.

The roll bars on this stylish vehicle are easy to grab and support significant push, so they can be used to easily steer the car at running speeds! This high-quality toy is fantastic and compatible with the Our Generation R.V, which can be easily hooked onto the hitch of this vehicle.

The Our Generation line, like we mentioned, is a particularly sturdy brand with tons of excellent reviews without the huge price tag of American Girl accessories.


  • Hit The Highway: Tired Of Staying At Home? Pack Your Bags And Hit The Road For An Epic Road Trip With Your Best Friends.
  • Functionality: Designed With 18" Dolls In Mind, There'S Plenty Of Room For Your Doll And Her Friends To Fit In This 4X4.
  • Mission: Our Generation Is Much Bigger Than An 18" Doll. It'S About Girls Growing, Playing, And Changing The World.
  • Charity: A Portion Of The Proceeds Goes To Free The Children To Help Fund Education For Girls In Developing Countries.
  • Compatible: The Dolls, Clothes And Accessories Are Fully Compatible With Most 18" Dolls, Including American Girl.
Last Updated: August 25, 2019 3:22 pm

3. My Life as a Remote Control Car, 18 inch

For the sporty child – or doll – this car is the perfect addition to the penthouse. With a real working horn and even headlights that actually turn on and off again, a doll can ride in smooth, fast style.

One of the best features about this car is that it comes with a remote control so that a child can drive their doll and its dog around the block once or twice, or pretend she is driving herself around her new town! A red and white body complete the look of this sports vehicle, making it quite classy without the price that classy cars usually come with.

While this doll car doesn’t come with any clothing for dolls, the brand that makes it is one of the leading makers and creators of stylish, adorable 18 inch doll clothes, so make sure you purchase a couple of pieces while you’re looking at this car, if your child likes having a whole doll wardrobe.


  • Remote control convertible car
  • Fits most 18" dolls | Features working headlights and a horn that really beeps
  • Age range: 5 years and up,Orgin:China,Usually Shipping In 24hrs,Import
Last Updated: August 25, 2019 3:22 pm

4. Doll Car, 4×4 Doll Beach Cruiser, 18 inch

In just a few words, there is nothing you won’t love about this sporty beach cruiser. Half Jeep, half its own rugged design, this car is ready to hit those beach highways in fashion.

The beach cruiser easily fits two dolls and all of their accessories, and while not affiliated with any major 18” inch doll brand, universally fits just about any doll you can purchase. The windshield wipers even move. This kid-powered vehicle is perfect for kids who are hard on their toys as it will hold up for years to come.

Some assembly is required, however, so make sure you have your building hands ready to go, as some parents report that snapping the pieces into place can be a bit of a challenge. Once assembled, however, this car is nothing but fun.


  • 4x4 Beach Cruiser Vehicle Made by Sophia's. Designer Doll Clothes Affordably Priced!
  • Sized for 18 inch dolls, like the American Girl
  • Dolls, Doll Clothes, & Boogie Board Not Included.
  • Doll Car Wheels turn and support two dolls, ready to roll!
  • Doll furniture for your favorite doll Made by Sophia's, Leading Doll Clothes Manufacturer, Not affiliated with American Girl®, Reg. Trademark of American Girl, LLC.
Last Updated: August 25, 2019 3:22 pm

Whether you’re looking for a car that’s for the beach or for something that’s just meant to be driven around an imaginary town, there’s something out there for you that’s affordable and a perfect piece for a doll-obsessed child.

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