The Best Electric Ride-On Cars For Kids 2024

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The days when kids had to settle for using their feet to pull them along in their ride-on toy cars are gone for good! Today, electric ride-on car toys allow kids to really cruise and are a great way to get little ones outside playing.

This guide and review of the best electric ride-on cars will help you find the best one for your child.

The Best Electric Ride-On Cars Review

Here’s the list of the top electric ride-on car toys for kids this year…and don’t forget to read through our buying guide at the end of the article.

1. Kids Electric Power 12V Ride On Car With MP3

The Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Car is strongly recommended for younger children ready for their first ride on the car. It’s realistic enough to keep kids engaged but goes at a nice leisurely pace to ensure safety for a younger child.

What You’ll Like About This Car:

– Realistic Lighting: Kids get a really realistic experience with this electric ride-on car. When they drive forwards and backwards, the headlights and taillights really light up. This isn’t just a cool feature; it also helps you keep an eye on your child if they are playing outside in inclement weather or near nighttime.

– Audio System: Kids can drive to the beat with the Best Choice Products electric ride-on car. As a fun extra, the car has an MP3 auxiliary port that lets you plug in an iPod, a smartphone or another device. The speaker provides pretty great sound quality for a toy, and your child will love having a real radio on their dashboard.

– Realistic Sounds: Children get the full experience driving this electric ride-on car. The engine purrs, and when they press the steering wheel, they’ll hear a horn honk. These realistic finishing touches help to keep kids engaged and playing.

– Adjustable Seat Belts: The safety belts in this toy vehicle are fully adjustable to ensure a secure fit.


The biggest drawback to the Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Car is that it only can drive at a speed of 2 miles per hour on its faster speed, so older kids might not be as excited about driving it as little ones.

That said, the car does have a 66-pound weight capacity and is intended for younger kids, so by the time your little one is ready for something faster, they will probably be close to having outgrown it.

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2. Kids Electric Power Wheels Ride On With Radio & MP3

Like the previous car, the Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels is a great choice of an electric motorized ride-on toy that will be a hit with smaller kids. Girls will be especially thrilled with the sleek design in that perfect shade of cotton candy pink.

What You’ll Like About This Car:

The battery life is longer than the norm for a ride-on toy that can drive at its speed.- Long Battery Life: This electric ride-on car can drive for up to 10 hours on a single charge, so your child will be ready for a nap before you need to get the battery plugged in. If you forget to charge it, it repowers in just 1 to 2 hours, so you won’t have to make our child wait long before getting in the driver’s seat.

– Realistic Effects: Made by the same manufacturer as the previous toy vehicle, this electric ride-on car has headlights and taillights, its own MP3 port and speaker for an onboard “radio,” and engine and horn sound for a very realistic experience. It also features the same adjustable seat belts as the previous model.

– Pink Color: Most electric ride-on car toys come in colours that are normally popular with boys. This model is a pretty pink shade with girls eager to get in the driver’s seat.


The biggest drawback to this car is also one of its benefits–that pink colour. While some boys will like it, others won’t want to go near it because it’s too “girly.”

This could mean needing to buy separate vehicles for a brother and sister. Still, having two cars also means no one has to wait to play, and kids can have fun “racing” and driving together.

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3. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

With its advanced safety features and faster speeds, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer is highly recommended for kids who are ready for the next step–driving a highly realistic electric ride-on car all by themselves.

What You’ll Like About This Car:

– Flexible 2 Speed Operation: Kids can cruise at high or low speeds in this cool pink electric ride-on car. The slow 2.5 miles per hour speed is a safe option for beginners, while the 5 miles per hour faster speed will keep bigger kids cruising.

– Room for Two: Two kids can pile into this dune racer vehicle, making playtime more interactive. Its 130-pound weight capacity ensures that the car is safe for two toddlers or preschoolers and that older kids can ride alone up until tween-hood.

– Monster Traction System: Those heavy-duty tires on this electric ride-on car aren’t just for show. The wheels are engineered to take on all types of terrain, from wet, slippery grass to gravel to paved surfaces. You can feel confident knowing your kiddo is less likely to slip in this car.

– Power Lock Brakes: Like your own vehicle, this electric ride-on car has a power lock braking system to ensure safety.


Built solid and fully featured, this electric ride-on car has many benefits, but one thing is missing from its design. Unlike the other cars on this list, it lacks a remote control. That means that kids have full control of the vehicle.

This car’s faster speeds and increased weight capacity are meant for kids who have some experience driving ride-on cars and are a little older than the target market for the previous car. As a result, the lack of a remote is likely not to be an issue.

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4. Ferrari F12 Rastar 12V Battery Operated

This toy car is recommended as a great option for someone looking for their child’s first ride-on. The two-way control system means you can feel assured in their safety until they’re big enough to drive themselves. With the authentic Ferrari logo and design, you’ll love it as much as your kids.

What You’ll Like About This Car:

– Two-Way Control System: Bigger kids will love taking the wheel as they zoom around using the steering wheel and foot pedal, but for smaller tots who can’t yet reach the pedal, there’s a full-function Remote Control so parents can ensure the little ones don’t miss out on the fun.

– Realistic Experience: No shortage of realistic touches means kids won’t need to use their imaginations to live out their driving fantasies. With realistic startup sounds, horns, seatbelts, functional headlights, turn signals, and an MP3 port and speaker, kids can enjoy a real driving experience just like mom and dad.

– Two Speed Options: Kids won’t get bored with the flexible speed options available. 1st gear allows for a nice 2MPH cruise, great for beginners just starting, while 2nd gear kicks it up into 3.5MPH for when the little ones start feeling more confident.

– Authentic Replica: Kids can be the envy of even the grownups in this stylish mini Ferrari. With great attention to detail, including a genuine Ferrari logo, floor mat and key chain, this is a genuine scale replica of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that will thrill parents as much as the kids.


The Ferrari F12 Kids Ride On has just one distinct drawback: its size. Built on the smaller side of things, this car fits only one and is too small for some older kids.

Regardless, thanks to the parental-controlled remote, this is one of the best electric ride-on cars for younger kids. Small tots can have fun riding in the car while a parent controls it, and when they’re big enough to reach the pedals, they’ll love having the option to drive themselves with two speeds to choose from.

When they eventually reach the maximum weight of 55lbs and the size cut-off point, they’ll likely be old enough to want a car that can do faster speeds anyway.

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5. Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Kid’s Ride on Car

Best Choice Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Kid’s Ride on Car supercar is guaranteed to make the rider the talk of the neighbourhood.

The car has a sporty design and multiple realistic features such as Opening doors, working LED headlights, a built-in AUX outlet for music, and a built-in horn.

It can be operated with the gas pedal or by remote control. The rubber center strip on the tires provides traction on hard surfaces.

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Electric Ride On Car Buying Guide

So what makes for the best electric ride on a car?

When you’re comparing the options, keep the following in mind:

  • Size

When shopping for an electric ride-on car, one of the most important considerations is the toy’s maximum height and weight limits. You must never allow your child to drive an electric car that they are too big for, as doing so could be hazardous.

In addition, some ride-on cars are intended for one child and have a single bucket seat in the front. Others have a bench seat or two bucket seats to carry a passenger.

  • Power Options

When you’re comparing ride-on cars, you’ll find that they can run on two different kinds of power:

– Kid Power. This type of car has pedals that kids must push to engage the engine. They are great exercise, but kids often tire of them more quickly. Small children may not be able to operate them at all.

– Battery Power. A battery-powered vehicle is easy to use. Kids need to step on the gas to get the car moving. The downside is that the vehicle does have a limited battery lifespan. You’ll need to plug it in to repower it at some point, which could interrupt playtime. Some battery-powered cars come with a remote control that allows parents to take over and help with the driving as needed.

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  • Balance

When comparing an electric ride on cars, it is important to look for a properly balanced one. This will help to prevent rolling when the vehicle makes sharp turns. For your convenience, all of the electric ride-on cars we’ve shown you have excellent balance.

  • Safety Features

You want your child to stay safe while operating their ride on car road! It would be best if you chose a model with safety features built-in to protect them from injury. A vehicle should either have seat belts or hand bars along the sides to keep kids from falling out.

Remote controls add an extra layer of safety because you can seize control if anything goes wrong. Other safety features that are found in some vehicles include power lock braking systems and roll bars.

  • Realistic Touches

Nowadays, the best electric ride-on cars have many of the features that real cars do. For younger kids, realistic features like lights and car sounds can make the experience more fun. Older children are more likely to prefer cars that drive more like the real thing and go over more terrain types.

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You’ll want to take your child’s age and preferences into consideration when you’re considering which electric ride-on car to buy to ensure that you select one that will be entertaining for your child. You can also opt for a themed ride on cars such as the Lightning Mcqueen themed Ride-on Car.

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