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Best Kids 4 Wheelers 2019 – Top 10 electric ATVs.

So, it’s time for your child to join the 4-wheeler family, and you’re not even sure where to start. Don’t worry - we weren’t either. There is a ton of information out there on the web about 4 wheelers for kids, and it has become such a popular mode of transportation for kids that dozens of companies have tried to come on board to get a piece of that pie.

The thing is, the best kids 4 wheelers aren’t always going to be the obvious choices. Since you’re investing alot of money, choosing a top rated quality 4 wheeler can be terrifying but we're here to help.

Here, we’ve categorized your 4-wheeler options into several age groups to try and give you a good idea of, overall, what age the vehicle is meant for. Of course, the smaller vehicles that only go a few miles an hour and are designed for indoor play are usually meant for little kiddos, while the bigger, gas-powered ones are meant for more mature hands.

Best Kids 4 Wheelers

We took a look at the best ATV for kids available on the market, and have compiled a comparison chart and comprehensive review of each product below.

Note: The terms Atv, Quad, Four Wheeler is used interchangeably throughout the article

ATV NameBattery/MotorWeight LimitMax SpeedRecommended ForCheck Price
Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad6v4 lbs/ 18kg2mphAge 1 to 3Check Price
Best Choice Products Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On6v66lbs2mphAge 1.5 to 6Check Price
USA Big Toys Mini Quad v3 White12v10mph (Parent Speed Limit Control Available)Age 2 and olderCheck Price
Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force12v65lbsForward Speed: 5mph (Parent Speed Limit Control Available)
Reverse: 2.5 mph
Age 3 to 7Check Price
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX12v65lbsForward Speed: 6mph (Parent Speed Limit Control Available)
Reverse: 3 mph
Age 3 to 8Check Price
Razor Dirt Quad - Black24v120lbs12mphAge 8 and olderCheck Price
Outdoor Kids Children Titan 24V Green Mini Quad ATV24v150lbs10mph (Parent Speed Limit Control Available)Age 6 and olderCheck Price
Kids Electric ATV 4 Wheeler Quad 36V 500W Boys & Girls36v12mphAge 3 to 8Check Price
Rosso Motors Kids ATV36v90lbs13mphAge 3 to 8Check Price
Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike36v220lbs12mphAge 14 and olderCheck Price
ATA-110D TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATV110cc~32mphAge 8 and olderCheck Price

We’ll review toddler 4 wheelers (up to age 3), Children 4 wheelers (for kids ages 4 to 7), and Atv for older kids (ages 8+). Hopefully, this will start you off on the right foot when it comes to choosing the right 4-wheeler for your purposes.

Best Four Wheelers For Toddlers And Young Kids

Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad

One of the most outstanding brands in children’s electric toys is Power Wheels. They have lead the industry on expectations of consumers for decades. Of course, this means their kids 4 wheelers are of exceptional quality & price, and are almost always an excellent choice. The Kawasaki Lil’ Quad is no exception.

What We Like About It

The fact that it comes in multiple colors is a huge bonus for this quad for kids. Sometimes you are looking for that perfect gift for that child who is obsessed with Batman, and you really think they’ll like it more if you get one themed after the super hero himself.

Plus, since the max weight is only 40 pounds, they’ll age out just about the same time they decide they’re a Superman kid.

The speed limit is perfect for a little one trying to learn how to control their body so that they control the quad correctly, which is great for hand-eye coordination and confidence building. It also encourages outside play and imaginative play alone and with friends.

This quad is also exceptional in puddles, grass, and dirt, and with a full battery, your toddler should be ready to take on the world with confidence.

Naturally, we also like the idea that it is a well-known, trusted brand of battery-powered cars. Even if you don’t get the perfect item the first time, the brand is there to back you up and repair any issues you might have.

Like most Power Wheel vehicles, this quad WILL move with a child (or an adult) that is over the recommended weight limit - just not very fast.

What We Don't Like About It

While the battery life is appropriate for a small child, it still isn’t very long - a 12-volt may have been a better choice to install in this quad initially. In addition, it has a tough time with sand and asphalt that has started to deteriorate and contains a lot of pebbles. These types of terrains can strip the wheels quickly, resulting in a useless vehicle. Because of this, if you’re in an area with a lot of rocks or sand, we recommend sticking to sidewalks or even driving it inside.


The Kawasaki Lil’ Quad is a toddler-friendly quad with tons of fun features for little riders. First, this little quad comes in several different colors and designs to appeal to the pickiest of toddlers: Batman, Paw Patrol, Barbie, and then a plain red. Second, the pedals are easy to reach for the average two-year-old, and are large and responsive. This gives a child the sense of freedom, but is safe and easy to control.

Finally, the secret-storage compartment on the front makes it easy for kids to take their favorite stuffed animal, toy, or phone to call grandma while they’re out cruising your back yard.

The maximum weight on this vehicle is 40 pounds, which makes it an excellent starter vehicle for your littlest motor enthusiasts. The maximum speed is 2 MPH, and it only goes forward, but your child can turn it left to right as they cruise. It comes equipped with a 6-volt battery, which has an average lifespan of two hours.

However, at the price point it is listed at - even retail - you can’t go wrong purchasing this for a younger child.

Best Choice Products: Kids ATV Quad 4-Wheeler Ride On

This little kids four wheeler is quite the looker with its shiny red paint and working headlights. Decals pepper this quad, making it look fun, smooth, and appealing to kids of all ages. With a weight-limit of 66 pounds, it easily handles a driver and a passenger for extra fun with friends.

This 4-wheeler goes in reverse as well, and can even go backwards up hills and sloped driveways. Tough and classy, this ATV Quad is priced well, has excellent reviews across the web, and does a great job at keeping up with larger quads for a few hours.

What We Like

This 4-wheeler for kids is, in one word, adorable. It’s got some amazingly cute decals that make it look more like the real thing, and the lights, horn, and music are nice little touches.

This is a lesser known brand, so you get more bang for almost the same buck that you would get a Power Wheels for. It’s tough, it’s durable, and kids love it.

It’s also great with all types of terrains, and you won’t be limited just because you’re driving it on sand or gravel. On low-gear, it’s a great indoor toy, but on high-gear, you can attach a bale of hay to it and tell your kid to go feed the horses.

What We Don't Like About It

The battery is easily charged but can be difficult to access, it requires removing a screw to reach the plug under the seat. It doesn’t come pre-assembled, which is frustrating for some parents.

In addition, while it says it can easily handle 66 pounds - and it absolutely can - it is built a little small for the average 5-year-old, which is why we have it in the toddler category instead.


Built-in headlights, music, and fun noises make this quad entertainment central. You can even beep the horn for good measure. It’s capable of going about two MPH in low-speed option so that kids can have a fun - and safe - ride. However, it can be switched over to high-speed to almost double its speed on flat and even ground.

Unlike the Power Wheels, the Best Choice Products kids quad doesn’t have a button start, so it must be controlled by foot controls only, which is an exciting new step for many children. The pedal isn’t just step and go, either; it’s an acceleration pedal, which helps kids choose their own speed.

Overall, however, this 4-wheeler is a great investment that many kids love thoroughly and use daily. Tough plastic ensures that this quad doesn’t just fall apart and that it’s fun for years to come.

White USA Big Toys Mini Quad v3

This little vehicle is the king of quads for toddler sized children, and that’s no joke. The Big Toys Mini Quad is the most realistic quad we could find on the market for younger children. This is one of the few quads that can grow with the child.

What We Like About It

This vehicle speaks quality. It’s fast, fun, safe, and comes with a 4-wheel braking system and a front and rear suspension. Nearly every part of the vehicle is replaceable, making it a great toy for kids and project for families who want to change the color, style, or tires on the weekends.

Some parents also report that children as young as two could responsibly (for toddlers) drive this vehicle alongside their bigger adult counterparts after some practice. This makes it great for those kids who shoot up in size overnight.

In addition, other than being fully battery-powered, this little quad comes fully equipped. Not only does it have some great safety features like four-wheel brakes and a parental-lock for speed, it has a safety footswitch, key start, working headlights, and rugged wheels for some serious off-roading (or a romp down the street).

There’s even a battery meter to let your child know when maybe it’s time to turn back. Your toddler will be the talk of the daycare if they get this quad.

What We Don’t Like About It

The price is quadruple those of other quads in its size class. Obviously, this is because of the metal body and quality, replaceable parts, but it might be out of the range of some parents. The size is perfect for one larger child or two smaller ones, but the overall size of the quad isn’t all that large, and it won’t be able to support two larger kids easily. For the price, the quad should be just a bit bigger, but it is still a great investment for one very special child.

At 114 pounds, the weight can be a little much for a lot of younger children, but that may be a good safety features in the case of creative and innocently reckless kids.


While a three to four-year-old can learn to ride it at a slower 5 MPH, more confident children or those that are older can drive it with the parental lock off, and reach speeds of almost 10 miles per hour. This is still a battery powered vehicle, however it comes equipped with two 12V batteries for larger children, multiple small children, or longer trips in general.

The body is made entirely of metal and the wheels are designed with larger quads in mind. Because of the pricing and style of this vehicle, replacement parts are sold online through the company and in various places across the web, making it a practical and long-term solution for children.

Overall, this quad is well worth the investment and the money if you have it.

Best Four Wheelers For Kids 3 to 7 Year Olds

Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force

This larger quad is designed for children that are growing - as children do. It features a 12V battery for long rides and a maximum of 5 MPH. It can be locked to drive a maximum of 2.5 miles per hour by a parent.

The power-lock brake system guarantees smooth stops that keep a child on the ATV instead of in front of it, and when a foot comes off the brake, the 4-wheeler stops. This version goes both forward and reverse to get out of sticky situations without having to turn around.

Of course, Power Wheels is a highly trusted brand with excellent quality toys that are designed to last. Wide wheels help grip a multitude of surfaces.

Though it's only rated for 65 pounds, many owners state that it can easily hold more. A large seat makes it easy for two riders to enjoy.

What We Like About It

Power Wheels 4 wheelers are usually really good toys, and this is no exception. It’s stylish and cute, but it still has masculine features that make it appeal to boys.

The overall body design of this blue 4 wheeler looks a lot like a full-sized quad, and the speed limits are appropriate for most children in general, but for younger ones.

The lock-out makes it easy for kids to learn how to handle the vehicle before jumping up to what would be a pretty good run for an adult (if they needed to keep up).

The battery is included and if something goes wrong with it, the Power Wheels company will absolutely find a way to make it right. We like guarantees.

What We Don’t Like About It

While the size is appropriate for most children under 10, any child that spends a lot of time on this quad will find that the maximum speed limit is a little low for them. This quad is designed to be used as a toy, not an off-roading vehicle.

While the battery life is great when it’s fully charged, we recommend having an extra battery or two on hand if you’re going on a long trip. The wheels grip wet, dry, and damp terrains very well, but it isn’t equipped to handle gravel or loose earth at all; however, it is built in such a way that rubber tires could be used instead of the plastic ones included, making it more dependable on trickier terrains.

Overall, this is a great value for the money and will last any freedom-seeking child a lot of joy.

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

This rather large model Power Wheels is a stylish, quality green quad for any young boy or girl. While in many ways the Kawasaki KFX is very similar to the Brute Force, the KFX is faster, flashier, and is designed for all terrains, including wet grass and pebbles.

This Power Wheels is a great toy and is one of the best power wheels for off road, it will make any kid feel like they’re on a “grown-up” quad.

What We Like About It

This Power Wheels is pretty sleek, and we really like that it looks a lot like a real ATV. The wheels are designed for some serious traction, meaning that even if the speed lock-out is active, this quad can haul hills and rough terrains with ease. Parents report it’s even a champ in mud.

A 12-volt battery is always a plus over a 6-volt battery, though like always, we recommend that you purchase an extra battery for those extra-long rides. A 12-volt will last about two hours at full-power. The frame is made from steel, making it one of the more durable Power Wheels 4 wheeler on the market. The max weight of 65 pounds is realistic for children up to eight or even ten.

Neat safety features like auto-break if a child’s hand leaves the throttle makes parents feel safe and confident that their baby can handle this quad, and shiny stylistic chrome makes any child feel like a grown up. It’s a win-win.

What We Don’t Like About It

While the tires are well-designed and have decent traction, they are still made of hard plastic, making long, rough rides quite the challenge. Over time, they wear down and lose traction, which makes them less than optimal. The battery is also stored awkwardly under the seat and is difficult to charge, which can be a real no-go for many parents and relatives since they’re the ones that need to charge the battery.


Equipped with twist-grip throttles, a low profile, and easy to reach foot rests make it intuitive to learn how to drive by any child over the age of three, though this model is aimed more at children who are a little older. Still, speed lock-out (controlled by a parent) is still present, which will keep the model from going over three miles an hour. Once lock-out is released, the KFX power wheel four wheeler can breeze by at a whopping six miles an hour.

Overall, however, this is still a quality toy that many children will enjoy.

Black Razor Dirt Quad

Sleek and minimal, the Razor dirt quad is a great starter quad with a great starter price. Large tires, twist-grip acceleration control, and excellent torque make this quad a fun ride no matter who the rider.

It can be stored in a vertical position and has a handle on the back so that it can be carted across a yard or down to a basement.

Two 12V batteries are featured, and shatter-resistant plastic fairings and a tough metal frame makes it excellent for not only rough terrain, but muddy or slick weather.

What We Like About It

This quad is wonderfully compact, and can be stored in small spaces with ease. The tug handle makes it easy to put in its upright position and it doesn’t move once it’s there. It’s also perfect for toddlers and younger or smaller kids.

It’s plastic, but it’s a quality plastic - it can easily hold 100 pounds, and anything over that just wears out the battery more quickly, so it has more to do with power than it does the quality of the build.

The twist-grip is a great feature and allows a kid to build speed up instead of going from speed to speed, which encourages careful control instead of just maximum movement. It’s also so compact that it corners like a beast, and can handle slopes better than almost any other quad in this size class.

What We Don't Like About It

Although the compact size is a cool feature, it’s so compact that sharp turns make it tip - frequently. If the rider isn’t careful, it will absolutely be on its side in a few moments, which can be dangerous and scary. With only 24V of battery power, it only lasts an hour or so before it needs a twelve-hour charge.

Parents also report that there is an issue with the brakes that can be fixed by simply loosening them; however, it’s a consistent and common problem that might scare the under-experienced. It also lacks reverse.

Final Thoughts

While the body is mostly plastic, this quad is strong, sturdy, and fast. The Razor comes equipped with a chain-driven electric motor, quality shock control, and rubber tires that are meant to last.

Overall, this quad is built for agility and is a 4-wheeler for 10-year-old. Use caution when gifting to young and inexperienced riders.

Best Four Wheelers For Kids 8 Year And Above

Before we continue, we would like to note that many of these quads are mini-quads for children. They have graduated from “toy” to “machine” or “vehicle”, which comes with a host of different strengths: larger batteries, higher speeds, and higher weight limits.

These quads are designed for bigger kids who can control them properly. While we do not recommend that children under the age of 8 use these quads, it will come down to experience, weight, maturity and ability to steer. These can and will go faster than an adult human can run, so use caution!

Outdoor Kids Titan 24V Green Electric Mini Quad ATV

This quad is truly a quad. While it is still battery powered, the Titan 24V Mini Quad ATV is exactly that: a mini quad. This vehicle can top 10 miles an hour and easily sustain 150 pounds in weight on the frame.

It does, however, have a lock-out parental control so that it stays around 5 miles an hour instead.

For more fun and trail time, this hefty quad packs two 12-batteries, effectively doubling the max ride time. Real rubber tires and front and rear suspension guarantee that this is a smooth ride on each surface it faces.

With key start, a battery meter, reverse and forward and a built-in twist throttle, this is the complete picture of a fun first-time quad.

What We Like About It

This quad is, in short, a beast. It is built to perform and perform well. The weight limit of 150 pounds guarantees that almost any child can ride it, and even some adults.

The double battery is super handy and is great for more fun rides into the wilderness, and the battery meter helps the rider ensure they don’t get stuck in the woods somewhere.

While ten miles an hour is fast, the five mile an hour parental cap is amazing for younger or more inexperienced drivers. It’s still enough to make you feel like you’re really moving, but an adult can jog next to it if necessary.

The fun key start is a neat feature and can help teach kids the responsibility of keys, which they will probably need to deal with most of their lives. A solid body paired with a pretty color makes this quad a universally good choice for intermediate riders.

What We Don't Like About It

While the weight limit on this ATV is enough to carry a child that is only a child at heart, the build of this vehicle seems to be geared more towards children in the six to eight-year range.

A nine or ten-year-old, while this is an entirely appropriate purchase for them, might feel a little lanky in the driver’s seat.

In addition, the batteries take a good long while to charge, though this is because there are two huge batteries. While there is one key to control the ignition and one that locks the quad in 5 MPH mode, the ignition key can be manipulated into adjusting the speed, which may be dangerous for the sneakiest of kids.

Still, the good outweighs the bad on this quad, especially since replacement parts are available whenever you might need them.

Kids Electric ATV 4-Wheeler Quad 36V 500W Boys & Girls

A powerful 36V battery and 500 W motor are the foundation pieces of this electric atv for kids. The frame is made of metal and this quad not only looks like a real full-sized model, but it rides like one too. Rubber tires, premium suspension package, and parent-soothing safety features such as disc brakes and three speeds make this ATV appealing to both caregivers and kids alike.

What We Like About It

This kids electric atv really does look like the real thing, and we love that the price is still affordable for most quad owners. It looks super realistic, but still has reasonable child safety features that help guarantee a safe and fun ride.

The weight limit is more of a recommendation at 90 pounds, and many parents report that the quad moves just fine (just not as fast) with them and their child on it. It doesn’t come assembled out of the box, but it’s easy to put together in a few hours, even if you don’t know anything about quads.

Having three adjustable speeds instead of the standard two is a huge bonus, and being able to reverse out of bad situations is also a great feature. The overall body style of this quad is, hands down, quality. No one will ever think you spent less than top dollar on this machine. It’s solidly built and makes a great first time (or second time) quad.

What We Don't Like About It

The stock tires that come on this vehicle are weak, at best, and will quickly wear down and need to be replaced. Fortunately, that’s very easy, as better replacement tires are widely available. This usually won’t be an issue unless you ride a lot on rocks and gravel, but it’s good to be prepared for when you do need to replace them.

The disc brakes are an excellent feature, but the handle trigger can be a little hard to pull forward unless you’re an older and stronger rider (this is the main reason we recommend this quad for older kids).

In addition, there is only one key for speed control and ignition, meaning that a child can stop the quad, hop up the speed, and restart it going fifteen miles an hour. Unless your child is trustworthy or already at the level where they can travel quickly, it is best to supervise them with that key. Despite its flaws, this quad is quality both inside and out.


This quad most closely resembles popular adult 4 wheelers such as the Raptor, making it even more exciting to hop on, especially if they’re riding next to mom and dad. With three speeds, it’s ideal for the learner, the amateur, or the expert.

This blue 4-wheeler can go 5 miles an hour, 10 miles an hour, and 15 miles an hour and can traverse many types of terrain. This quad features not one, not two, but THREE 12V batteries, meaning it can easily travel ten to twelve hours before needing to slow down for a charge.

Replaceable rubber tires mean that this quad can go for miles and miles and will last many years (or kids, depending on how your family works). The sleek blue body is complemented with working, automatic headlights, a solid steel frame, and real triggers that are pulled in to keep the quad running.

Rosso Motors Kids ATV

Like its cousins above, the Rosso Motors Kids ATV is a thing of beauty; an entirely miniature version of its larger, adult ATV family members. The tires are designed with grip in mind, and this quad is built for performance on not only all terrains, but graceful performance on all terrains.

A 36V, 800W battery accompanies this unit, and the suspension is one of the best available in a stock model small ATV. Large tires, front and back utility racks, and LED headlights define this charming mini-quad.

The tires are equipped to deal with many terrains, hills, and long distances with ease. Safe, powerful, and fun, the Rosso Motors Kids ATV is at the top of its class.

What We Like About It

This is a neat looking quad, and the extra storage racks on the back and on the front, make it a really good choice for camping in the great outdoors near your house.

4-disc brakes with custom-designed brake handles make every stop a smooth one, which is super beneficial to kids who are just learning how to ride, or who aren’t used to the speed this slick 4-wheeler is capable of.

LED headlights make it almost possible to kill vampires, and a large battery ensure hours of fun - even at full speed, which is around 13 miles an hour.

We like that it has three speeds, too: a learning speed, an intermediate speed, and a “parents can’t catch you” speed, and your child can work their way up from the slowest (and easiest to handle) speed.

With a weight limit of 90 pounds, can hold a pretty large child, a dog, and even camping gear too. As such this is definitely one of the best youth atv in 2019.

What We Don't Like About It

Honestly, there isn’t a lot that’s negative to say about this ATV. It’s sleek, it’s well-designed, it has some amazing storage, and any kid would be happy with it. At 110 pounds, it isn’t easy to haul home and because it only has one battery instead of two or three like its competitors, if you ride too long you might wind up pushing it uphill back to your garage.

For one battery it does great, however, and for short rides or for a child that doesn’t have the need for constant speed, it’ll do just fine. Otherwise, it’s a great size for kids up to ten or so, but we recommend a more verbose model for kids who are any older than that.

Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad

While this Razor 500 DLX is small, it isn’t mean or designed for younger riders; it’s meant for older children who love power and speed. In fact, we don’t recommend you put anyone under the age of 12 on this , as it is powered by a 500 watt, high-torque engine that even adults would enjoy

What We Like About It

This gas four wheelers for kids is made to totally rock hard to traverse surfaces, and it does it well. The body, tires, and all three batteries are quality, meaning fun no matter where you are. This takes sand and hills with grace, especially if you get a good “running” start.

This quad is also an excellent transition piece to gas-powered 4 wheelers. Its max speed is around 20 miles an hour, which is reasonable for an experienced rider that is just starting to grow enough to sit on something gas-powered.

This is an enjoyable vehicle and one of the best youth atv for the money you invest in it. In addition it’s slick and fast enough to keep up with adult-sized quads, which is always a plus if a group is going 4 wheeling together. Plus, assembly is ridiculously easy: it comes almost fully assembled, and all you must do is fold the handlebars out, charge the batteries, and have a good time

What We Don't Like About It

When going up hills, it doesn’t go as fast as promised and, in fact, does slow down enough for a rider to notice. While three batteries usually means a significant amount of play time, all three are usually drained in about half an hour, parents say, much to their chagrin. Most of the time, however, kids have moved on by then - but if they haven’t, it takes twelve hours to be able to play once more.

There are no upgrades on this beyond rear suspension, and there isn’t any front-wheel suspension at all - though the tires do make up for that to an extent. No lights or other safety features, and no reverse makes it a little dangerous for kids who don’t know what they’re doing. The price point, because of the lack of these features, does appear to be a little high - but if it’s speed and terrain transportation you’re looking for, this is still a great investment.


Built for sand and other rugged terrain, the Razor 500 DLX is one of the best gas powered quads for kids. It isn't designed to be a first-time quad, but it is an excellent step two or three for already experienced riders. It’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable, fun, and daring.

Features include 4-disc brakes, brush bar in front, upgraded rear suspension, and twist-grip throttle control only add to the fun value of this vehicle. A 220-pound weight limit means one, two, or even three riders can have sandy adventure on this quad.

ATA-110D TaoTao Kids Gas 110CC Utility ATV

Alright, we hear you saying: enough with the kid battery-powered ATVs. Ask, and ye shall receive

Here is an affordable, stylish kids gas powered ATV. It comes in three different colors - blue, red, and pink camo - and features a 110cc motor. This ATV is built to last and mostly, built to go exceedingly fast; with a gas engine, the power behind the wheel is only really limited by how fast you want a child on it to go.

Typically, this model goes up to about 35 MPH on flat surfaces with no speed adjustments.

What We Like About It

We love that this beast is designed for power, and that the body is entirely metal. It has excellent suspension, doesn’t lose much power going up and around hills, and the four rubber tires are easily replaceable with a brand with even better traction (though the standard tires that come with it are great).

This ATV can go for miles without rest, and can traverse rough terrain near twilight because of the bright headlights.

This is a model you wear a helmet with, folks, because it is fast and powerful; a 110cc engine will do that. We love that is has a governor as well so that the speed can be controlled and not easily changed by a child that is riding it; it takes a wrench and some knowledge to locate it and move it.

What We Don't Like About It

Parents say that this model is particularly hard to assemble due to shoddy instructions. It does come shipped in a metal box, however it is only partially assembled upon arrival and requires a bit of assembly before it is roadworthy.

Because the motor is only 110cc, it also doesn’t go in reverse, which can be dangerous for younger kids that get stuck going over thirty miles an hour.

However, the company does also sell a model with 125cc motor that does go in reverse. Otherwise, there just aren’t that many downfalls to this model; it’s solid and will handle years of use and abuse with basic maintenance.


The TaoTao is powered by an automatic engine, meaning that there’s no complicated clutch, making it easy for younger children to learn. The metal frame and workings of this machine easily carry over two hundred pounds, though the manufacturer recommends around 150 for the fastest ride.

And while this is a larger ATV, it is still designed with kids in mind; dual brakes that stop with the throttle is released; a governor that a parent can adjust so the speed is set as low at five miles an hour max; front and back storage shelves for all the goodies; and bright, fun kids colors that appeal to most, if not all, kids.

This model is not for children under the age of 8, it's a top 4-wheeler for 10-year-olds and could easily be used for any child or adult up to height five and a half feet. Multiple kids fit easily on the TaoTao, and driving it is a breeze.

We hope that this list was useful to you, and that you find the perfect kid’s ATV for that special child in your life!

How To Choose The Best 4 Wheeler For Kids

All-terrain vehicles, (better known as ATVs) are fun vehicles that can be used across a variety of different terrains, as the name suggests. These 4 wheeled vehicles are equipped with low pressure tires and controlled by hand-steered handlebars. ATVs are normally operated by one person, though there are some ATVs with the option available to fit in an additional seat.

While these vehicles are generally used by adults in industries such as agriculture and for recreational purposes, manufacturers have produced kid-friendly versions to accommodate our young ones. As such, these child-sized ATVs consume less energy due to their smaller engines and energy capacity.

Though your kids may be understandably hesitant initially due to the technicalities of a new contraption, ATVs are no doubt a great way to encourage Junior’s physical activities and curiosity about the environment. It is also a fun and social option to explore the neighborhood with their peers. What’s more, there is a wide variety of 4 wheelers available on the market.

Regardless of your requirements and specifications, there will be an ATV that is perfect for your kid. In this article, we discuss an extensive and comprehensive buying guide when scouting for the best ATVs for kids. Read on to find out more about our top tips!

Choosing your ATV with care

Parents are often easily swayed with incessant requests from children to purchase a new toy. However, an ATV is more than just a ride-on toy. It requires certain upkeep and technical know-how to keep the vehicle in tip-top condition.

As such, with ride-on toys and similar playthings, it is important to run through a checklist of questions that identifies specific requirements. To ease the purchasing process, consider the questions below:

  • What is my financial budget for an ATV?
  • Would it be electrically powered or does it run on gas?
  • What are the basic safety features I want for my child?
  • ​What would be the upkeep and maintenance for an ATV?
  • Are there any extra add-ons that I may require?

Do note that the size and speed limits of an ATV is also an important factor to consider. Last, but not least, the age, height, and weight of your child also determines the type of ATV that would be suitable for long term usage.

Important Features And Aspects To Consider When Buying An ATV For Your Kids

Age Range

Similar to other toys, ATVs are available in a wide range that caters to children of different ages. Kids who are new to the world of terrain riding are usually between the ages of 4 to 7, while more experienced children are normally between the ages of 8 and 12.

While these age brackets are merely a consideration, take into account your child’s experience and level of maturity in handling a vehicle before committing to a recommended ATV purchase.

Power Source

The power source is important when choosing the best youth atv in 2019. Depending on your requirements, there are different types of ATVs available. The main point of distinction would be the power source. This means either a gas powered ATV or an electric powered ATV.

With an electric powered ATV, children who are new to riding or transiting from bicycles or tricycles would find it easier to handle compared to gas powered ATVs.

On the other hand, gas powered ATVs are the preferred option for experienced riders who enjoy a challenge. Either way, ATVs are a good way to tinker and teach our young the basic mechanics of an engine.

Energy Capacity

Both gas powered and electric powered ATVs have a finite energy capacity. Beginners who are new to ATV adventures may find it more comfortable to start at a lower energy capacity.

Once your child has grown familiar with the handling mechanisms, you can opt to trade up the ATV for one with a larger energy capacity. For optimum performance, it is recommended to service your ATV regularly.

For example, check the air filters, exhaust system, fuel tank and brakes to make sure that everything is in working order. Experienced riders can also tweak their vehicle with aftermarket accessories and additional parts for a performance boost.

Safety Features

As mentioned above, electric powered ATVs are suitable for kids who are new to riding. Electric powered ATVs maintain a lower speed throttle and limit, with a better handling experience. It is also wise to check for reliable power brakes, high-speed lock out options and padded handlebars, especially for amateurs.

For children who have a keener sense of curiosity, ensure that the ATV is equipped with night lights and reflectors for a safe ride. Other important safety features to look out for include speed limiters, controlled access via a keyed ignition, remote control shut-off or tethered shut-off switches.


While it may not be a priority at the point of purchase, consider post-purchase expenses and necessities such as maintenance charges and replacement parts. For example, electric powered ATVs run on rechargeable batteries and require a battery charger.

Similarly, gas powered ATVs would need an oil change periodically. To improve the performance of your ATV, a regular checkup or tune up is recommended.


Depending on your requirements and your child’s needs, ATVs can be used either indoors or outdoors. For children who are just starting out on ATVs, a spacious controlled indoor environment would be recommended for safety purposes.

On the other hand, older children who have had more experience would definitely enjoy riding the ATV outdoors. Regardless of whether the ATV is used indoors or outdoors, routine checks should be conducted to ensure the vehicle’s tires are in proper condition.


Depending on your requirements, there are specific ATV models that allow for additional add-ons such as an extra passenger seat or added storage space. However, it is definitely of utmost importance to purchase safety accessories and necessities such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and gloves for your child’s use.

We genuinely hope this guide has helped simplify your process of buying an ATV for you child.

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