Best Lamborghini Electric Ride On Cars for Kids

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Sometimes you want to ride in style, and your kids do the same way too! While there are tons of adorable options for ride-on cars – generic ones that work, stylish ones without bells and whistles, and then there are the mack daddies of the electric car world.

Lamborghinis are some of the most recognizable cars in the world; as such, the best Lamborghini electric ride-on cars for toddlers below are bound to stand out among a sea of toy cars!

Best Lamborghini Children’s Car

Below you’ll find a collection of Lamborghini cars for kids your kids will love.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 12V Kids Ride On

IKON MOTORSPORTS 12V Kids Ride on Car, Licensed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ w/ Remote Control, Suspension, Opening Doors, Power Display & MP3 (Black)When you’re looking for a toy Lamborghini that looks like a Lamborghini, this Aventador product has nailed it. The angles alone are impressive, and this little mini-car is a knockout when paired with aerospace styling.

This Aventador may look like it’s ready to go 100 miles an hour on an open freeway. Still, fortunately, the designers thought that through before releasing it to the public. Parents or an older child can use the remote control in one of two ways: to control the Lamborghini if a child gets a little too far away or if a parent wants to have a good time driving it around (with or without the child).

Realistic features are the key to this car’s perfection. Front and rear lights are functional; there are three speeds and a reverse shifter; the horn works, and the sound buttons are on the steering wheel. Need more? Sure – USB and aux ports make it easy to listen to the best tunes in town while cruising for potential friends at the park.

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Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Car Ride On

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Car Toy w/ Parent Control, AUX Cable, 2 Speeds, LED Lights, Sounds - Red

The most significant difference between this SV Lamborghini and the SVJ  is the J designation which stands for Jota: used for real-life Lambos geared towards track performance.

This version of the Aventador has a max speed of 3.7 MPH and is great for kids between 3 years and 8 years. It only has a 1-2 hour run time. Still, the fun, realistic engine start-up sound and pedal acceleration make this ride pretty exciting.

Like the other model made by this company, this car includes functional headlights and a place to plug in your tunes. In addition, it has rear LED lights and horns and even comes (more or less) assembled upon arrival.

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Lamborghini Gallardo EL 12V Ride On

Toys+ Lamborghini Gallardo 12V Ride On, Orange

This ultimate supercar is quite the eye-catching ride-on for kids! The bright orange Gallardo will catch the kids’ attention in the yard.

With a top speed of five miles an hour, you’ll love watching your child race around for an hour and a half before the battery runs out of juice.

It’s a pretty roomie, which makes a lot of sense because this bright Lamborghini can hold almost 65 pounds, and it’s recommended for ages 3-5 years. Red and green buttons make it easy to shift to different speeds, and a pedal accelerator and brake feel like driving a car.

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640-R Rastar 6V

This sunshine-yellow Lamborghini is not only adorable, but it’s also realistic. It has license plates, authentic badges, an MP3 input jack, and working front and rear lights. As a bonus, the engine makes noises that sound like a real Murcielago.

This is an excellent choice for our smaller and younger Lamborghini lovers – the max weight is only about 55 pounds. This car can only go about three miles an hour, making it ideal for those who may not know how to control a vehicle from the get-go (which is basically every toddler, right?).

A bonus of the slower max speed is that the battery lasts more than two hours and doesn’t take more than half a day to charge, but it does mean that hills are a little more difficult for it to climb.

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Vroom Rider Lamborghini Aventador LP700 Rastar 6V

Yet another excellent choice for younger children awaits you in this Vroom Rider Lamborghini! If your child isn’t into yellow, this red color is sure to please.

With a max speed of three miles an hour, forward and reverse, and a handy remote that can control it from almost a mile away, the Vroom Rider Aventador has the key safety features that parents of young children look for.

While this car doesn’t take hills, and some with bigger batteries, it can surf over rough or smooth terrain for hours without stopping – kids up to around five will love the freedom this Aventador gives them.

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Kids Preferred Lamborghini Ride-On, Yellow

Suppose you’re looking for an incredibly affordable ride that doesn’t have the extra work of having a battery you have to charge every few rides. In that case, the Aventador with sounds is the one for your child.

While this won’t be very entertaining for older kids because of the lack of motor-powered speed, it is a great and fun exercise for younger, less-experienced children under the age of four. The wheel is high enough for kids to get a good grip on in case of a small accident, and the wheel has buttons that generate fun and entertaining sounds.

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Costzon 12V Lamborghini Electric Kids Ride On

Costzon Kids Ride On Car, Licensed Lamborghini 12V Battery Powered Vehicle w/ Remote Control LED Lights Sounds Music (Yellow)

This is one of the cutest and most affordable Lamborghini ride-on. Not only is it fully licensed by Lamborghini – which means it can look exactly like the car without violating any patents – it’s got some great safety features that keep kids safe without taking away the fun.

The seat is cushioned for a bumpy stop, and the beautiful steering wheel looks like an actual Lamborghini steering wheel with a horn and the Lamborghini seal! The dash lights up, the lights work, and this car is ready for over an hour of pure fun and exhilaration with any car-loving child.

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All of the above Lamborghini ride-on cars would be excellent choices for the star of your life, and any kid would be lucky to be seen cruising down the street in such a sleek, stylish ride!

Need more convincing about how cute the Lamborghini is? Check out this video of this little fella in his yellow mini cooper ride-on.

Like an adult in a real Lamborghini, your child can cruise the neighborhood in style with any of the Lamborghini cars for kids mentioned in this article.

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