Best Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Mei Tai carriers originated in China centuries ago. They are comfortable cloth carriers that allow you to carry your baby snugly against your body, leaving your hands free to get on with your everyday chores.

These carriers are similar to soft formed carriers but since they are made only from fabric, they take a lot less space, and they are easy to fold up to pack into the nappy bag for easy portability.

When choosing a type of baby carrier there are lots of choices available today, as they have become a popular way for parents and caregivers to carry their little ones so it is essential you get the best Mei Tai Carrier for your baby.

They consist of a rectangular section that wraps around the baby’s legs and bottom, and straps that tie around the waist and shoulders of the person carrying the baby.

Best Mei Tai Baby Carrier Review

These are particularly practical solutions for carrying newborn babies that are still too small for conventional carriers, as they offer decent support for the baby’s head and back. Below we review the best Mei Tai baby carriers available so that you can choose one best suited to you.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Carry your little one in a seated position against your chest, on your back or on your hip. Let him enjoy the comfort of being close to Mom, while you manage your daily chores hands-free. The baby carrier offers both carrier and baby the utmost comfort throughout the day.

It comes with a detachable hood to protect your baby from the wind and rain. The wide shoulder straps include lumbar support to prevent muscle fatigue in shoulders and back.

Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby CarrierInfantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby CarrierInfantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

The sash on the product allows you to adjust the carrier as the baby grows.

It can be used from birth until your child reaches thirty-six pounds. The carrier is designed so that you can adjust it to your personal comfort.

It is made from 100% cotton, which since it is a natural fiber, is breathable and won’t become hot and sweaty. It is also easily machine washed and easy to put on. No help required.

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CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier With Hood

This cotton Mei Tai carrier is fully adjustable. The main body of the carrier has a lovely unisex floral and white pattern. The straps that go over the shoulders and then cross over the back are made from serviceable dark brown fabric.

The entire product is made from breathable natural cotton that won’t make you or your baby hot and sweaty. It is well made and firmly stitched so it should last a while.

It is easy to put on and adjust without any help. This pouch will enable you to safely front carry, side carry or back carry your child. It has an optional hood to protect baby from the elements.

This carrier would make an excellent gift at a baby shower. It is very affordable and a good entry-level product. At the price don’t expect heavy padding.

Once baby gets heavier you may want to look at upgrading.

The upside of not having too much padding is that it folds up quite small making it very portable. It comes with a little bag for easy storage and cartage. The fabric may lose color on the first wash so keep it separate.

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Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

This three-positioned carrier is made of soft, stretchy fabric that will keep you and your baby cool even in the summer months. Cotton is easy to clean and folds up neatly for storage and portability.

It is also durable and if looked after will last for years. The carrier comes with a button on hood that will help to protect baby from the elements. It is also helpful for discreet nursing.

Carry baby on your front, back or hip. The ergonomic design means that both you and your baby will be very comfortable. This product is made from stylish fabric with dark single-color straps.

The padded shoulder strap broad and generously padded so they won’t dig into your shoulders. They are nice and long and will fit even a well-built man.

Shorter people may find that the straps are a little too long but persevere, there are different ways to tie them.

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Catbird Baby Mei Tai Baby Carrier

This Mei Tai baby carrier offers soft and breathable comfort keeping baby snug and mom cool. It has a soft 100% brushed cotton base. Cotton is strong and durable and very easy to clean.

The design is stylish and comes from a fabric collection used by some of the best quilting designers. The top is cushioned for comfort.

The carrier has a hood that folds into it so you always have it available when weather conditions demand. You can use the hood as a pillow by filling it with something soft.

This carrier has an adjustment loop which you can use to perfectly fit your baby’s legs for absolute comfort.

The Catbird carrier is quite pricey but it is very comfortable and easy to put on without any help. The fabric has a high quality feel. This is a product that you can use from newborn to toddler with a weight capacity of forty pounds.

Keep newborn legs tucked in and once she’s big enough let the legs poke through. Wear it on your back, front or side whichever position you find most comfortable.

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Suse’s Kinder One and Only Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Suse's Kinder One and Only Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Newborn to Toddler, Undyed Natural Cotton

This Mei Tai Carrier is made from 100% un-dyed cotton twill. It sports a fully adjustable design allowing you to change the size as the baby grows. It can be used to carry your baby from birth to toddler, ensuring that the leg and head support always fits perfectly.

The extension is rolled up inside the carrier behind the baby’s neck so you just unroll it as he grows. It comes complete with a hood with buttons in three positions so that you can change the position as your baby grows.

The fabric is soft and breathable and still offers plenty of support for the growing baby. The carrier has a tie on straps with no uncomfortable buttons that can get in the way of the wearer. The shoulder and waist straps are made from different fabrics so you can feel which one you are opening to prevent an accident as the shoulder straps must be untied first.

This carrier has been designed to correctly support your baby’s back legs and hips to encourage the correct development of her hip joints. It is CPSC compliant. It has been designed by experts in the baby wearer market for the comfort and safety of the wearer and the baby.

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Maman Kangourou Asiatik Mei Tai Soft Baby Carriers

The Maman Kangourou is made from a cotton polyester mix which is cool and breathable. The fabric is easy to wash and will dry quickly. The lightweight carrier is adjustable to all wearers and is sure to keep both carrier and baby cool and dry.

The ergonomic back straps help to evenly distribute weight so you can carry your baby around for long periods of time and still get on with what you need to do around the house. You can carry your little in one of three positions, on your back, your front or on your hip.

The straps are slightly elasticized and will retain the memory for comfortable wear. This machine washable product is woven and dyed in Canada and is compliant with Canadian health regulations. It should be washed in cool water and the color may bleed so wash it separately. The product is environmentally friendly and is suitable for new-born babies and toddlers weighing no more than thirty-five pounds.

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Suse’s Kinder One and Only Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Suse's Kinder One and Only Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Newborn to Toddler, Undyed Natural Cotton

This handy little carrier can be used by Mom or Dad as it has long comfortable black shoulder straps and waist straps that can be tied to fit the wearer.

The carrier can be worn on the back, front, or hip and can carry infants weighing anything from five kilograms to thirty-five kilograms.

The weight distribution is excellent so you won’t easily get tired. The carrier is reversible so you can wear the pattern outward or with a solid color on the outward face.

The padded straps are great for the comfort of the carrier. It is easy to put on and take off and will offer your baby the comfort of being up close and cared for.

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Is A Mei Tai Baby Carriers Worth The Price?

Mei Tei carriers are great for around the home, freeing your hands to do the everyday chores that call for your attention. Unlike Ring slings Mei Tai’s are more suitable for longer periods of baby wearing.

Your baby will be secure and comfortable up close to Mom. Outside the home, while your baby is little, ditch the stroller and hold your baby close to your heart with a snug Mei Tai or in a front mounted or rear mounted baby seat if you ride a bicycle that will keep your child cozy and happy wherever you may wander.

As baby grows turn it around and carry her on your back or hip.

These carriers are so versatile you’ll both love them.

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