Best Mercedes Benz Power Wheels (S63 vs CLA vs SLS vs ML350)

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Power Wheels vehicles are not small investments, so carefully consider every factor when choosing one for your family.

Not only should you look for quality, but you should also look for other essential features like style, battery life, extras, and how many can be seated in the car.

A Mercedes Benz Power Wheel almost always checks all the boxes, but there are so many different ones; how are you to choose which is best? We’re here to help and have picked the most popular versions to review.

Mercedes Benz Toy Cars Comparison Table

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Mercedes-Benz S63

Let’s start with a quality model with a price point that would fit almost any Christmas budget; the S63 Mercedes Benz Power Wheels. These are the most affordable Mercedes power wheels with remote control for parents.

While a child can operate this Power Wheel vehicle without parental assistance, the car does come with a remote to ensure safety and fun for both parent and child. This is a fully licensed Mercedes Power Wheels, so your child will ride in a classy battery-powered car!

The features are hard to match at this price point. This S63 comes fully equipped with an MP3 player, USB adapter, forward and backward capabilities, and premium built-in speakers.

First Drive Mercedes Benz S63 Pink 12v Kids Cars - Dual Motor Electric Power Ride On Car with Remote, MP3, Aux Cord, Led Headlights, and Premium Wheels

Your kids can blast whatever funk their hearts desire as they cruise down the street at two, three, or four miles per hour, depending on which gear they feel the most comfortable using. In addition, there is a real working horn, headlights, and an FM radio for those who like to listen to a wider variety of tunes.

While this car is an excellent deal for the price, mainly since it includes a remote control for parental guidance or exclusive use, the battery life is only a little over an hour which some might find is not long enough for older children.

In addition, this is a one-seat coupe so multiple passengers won’t work for this vehicle. However, the rider is guaranteed to have a great time!

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Red Mercedes Benz SLS

Here we have another budget-friendly vehicle with excellent bells and whistles for the price. This red Mercedes Benz SLS is perfect for younger children, ages six months to 2 years. It has built-in music and allows music to be played over the stereo via an aux connection to the car.

This car is excellent for small, young, or beginners with ride-on because of its reasonable speed and parental remote. If a small child cannot steer it, no problem; mom or dad can cruise them down the sidewalk with a handy remote while they play with the bright dash lights that flash to the beat!

Goplus Kids Ride on Car, Licensed Mercedes Benz SLS w/ Parent Remote Control, LED Lights, MP3 Player, Battery Powered Electric Toy Car for Boys and Girls

Suppose you’re looking for something for a more advanced child or a child passionately in love with Mercedes Benz vehicles. In that case, some options are better suited for them below. Remember, you may be paying more for the cars below; however, you’ll get a luxury car that will make heads turn.

While this red Mercedes is a perfect starter car or one for someone on a tight budget, it would not comfortably fit a child over 3. However, the small size makes it an excellent addition to a home with expansive spaces or long hallways!

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Costzon Mercedes Benz ML350

Here is another example of a great Mercedes toy car for a family on a tight budget. This little ride-on has some fantastic features, from a light-up dash to parental control in case your toddler wanders off too far. It makes for an excellent vehicle for a child that’s never owned a ride-on before.

A safety belt helps remind children that they must buckle up when they get into cars. A working MP3 player lets kids bob their heads to the beat while cruising down the boardwalk on a sunny afternoon.

Because the weight limit in this car is 44-pounds, this red coupe is best suited for younger or light children. The battery lasts about an hour, which is more than enough time for young children.

Kids can admire the fun details on this Benz, such as chrome handles, a beeping horn, and car sounds when the ride-on is started.

Once a child can hold themselves upright, they can ride in this cute car under adult control and supervision, making it ideal for those with young children that need some entertainment during that stroll through the park!

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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 

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Exciting rims that light up bright blue; working rear-view mirrors; reclining, comfortable seat with a 5-point harness; state-of-the-art brake system that ensures a smooth stop every time; this licensed Mercedes SLS AMG has it all, even the good looks. This ride-on is a replica of the Mercedes SLS AMG Sport Roadster car, and other than being child-sized, the casting is spot-on.

This little car includes a touch-screen radio so your kids can listen to their favorite tunes and switch the channel when they’re done, and the trunk opens for extra storage. Even the doors lock! The features list goes on and on as well.

Moderno Kids Mercedes SLS Final Edition Children Ride-On Car with R/C Parental Remote 12V Battery Power LED Wheels Lights + 5 Point Seat Belt + MP4 LCD TV Music Video Player + Rubber Floor Mat (Gray)

The features don’t end at just awesome bells and whistles for the kids. Suppose you want to transport this vehicle without using the battery, or the battery is dead from hours of fun. In that case, you can access the pull-bar in the back and drag it like a suitcase without carrying a 40-pound replica Mercedes to your car.

 In addition, this is a Mercedes Benz Power Wheel with remote control. If your toddler drives farther than you want, you can easily recall the car with a simple switch on a control that sits comfortably in your pocket.

The price point is higher on this vehicle but is comparable to other price points of the cars listed below and has many features that make this vehicle worth a second – or even a third – look.

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Mercedes CLA AMG Ride On Car 12v 

This CLA AMG Mercedes ride-on car is a bit smaller than your average ride-on, but for a good reason: it’s meant for younger kids that need less room.

It has built-in features for toddlers, such as a snack table and holder for their sippy cups. In addition, there is a removable and easily washable foot mat for those kids who cause some trouble in between driving sessions.

This white Mercedes Benz power wheel also comes with state-of-the-art lighting – not only do the front and backlights work, but the wheel hubs light up blue in addition to the undercarriage!

A charge meter on the dash indicates how much of your two hours of ride time remains, which can easily be checked on the Bluetooth remote that comes pre-programmed to the car for long-distance use by a parent.

2019 Mercedes Benz CLA 12V Ride On Car for Kids | 12V Engine Power Licensed Kid Car to Drive with Remote, Dining Table, Leather Seat, Openable Doors, LED Lights

However, if the car runs out of battery, no problem; access that handy pull bar underneath the back part of the vehicle and tow it home.

The radio comes pre-programmed with toddler-friendly tunes suitable for kids two year+.

However, if your child is not too fond of the built-in tunes, you still have the option of plugging in an MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, or other media device of your choice.

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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

This might be your perfect mini-car if you’re looking for the mac-daddy of all ride-on Mercedes Benz creations. While the price on this particular ride-on is perhaps on the high-end, it’s because the features on this car are too numerous to list in such a short review.

However, we can touch on the best bits – this car is a light-up vehicle like the ones listed above, and it also comes with touch-screen music and a DVD player. This Benz maxes out at five miles an hour, which is an exhilarating speed for many children.

The smooth, intricate body detailing shows how carefully this car was designed, all the way down to opening doors, an opening trunk, and a leather seat. A two-tone body shows off the exquisite casting, and headlights are almost as bright as a full-sized car’s, making this a perfect tool for dusk excursions.

Like the other models we’ve listed, this too comes with a parental control that can rest in your pocket as a backup failsafe. Because of the adjustable belt, seat, and wheel, children as young as 12 months and as old as six years can easily enjoy driving this vehicle.

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Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car

When you’re not looking for something battery-powered and still want something quality your kids can enjoy, this adorable, dashing Mercedes Benz ride-on push car for toddlers might be the toy for your family. Music and fun noises come from this car when the horn button is pressed, and the steering wheel is turned.

However, the steering wheel does turn the vehicle, and the car must be pushed by someone, making this an excellent and quality toy for siblings or best friends. One rides while the other pushes, and then they can trade indoors and out!

Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car, Red

The height of the push bar also makes this car suitable for parents to push through parks, malls, or other places indoors or outdoors while a toddler enjoys the cruise.

Under-seat storage completes this adorable and functional push car. The price is unbeatable, and there are no expensive batteries to replace or worry about; pop in two double A’s into the steering wheel for music and noise, and then get your pushing shoes on!

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Whether you’re looking for something battery-powered for young or older children or to make your child feel proud and confident, a Mercedes ride-on toy car is a perfect addition to your home.

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