10 Best Music Players for Toddlers In 2024

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As a parent, you should be concerned about your child’s development. Music accelerates a child’s brain development in reading skills and language acquisition.

One of the best ways to do this is through kid’s music players. This is why many parents introduce their children to music very young. So if you have a toddler in your home, this article will help you choose a great MP3 player to give your youngster.

We’ve reviewed a dozen different MP3 players that you can choose from. If none of them is of interest to you, we’ve also included a buying guide where we discuss a couple of things to consider before buying an MP3 player for your toddler.

At a Glance, Here are our top music player picks

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Things to Consider When Choosing an MP3 Player for Your Toddler

When searching for the perfect MP3 player for your toddler, you should consider a few things. If none of the MP3 players we mention interest you, you can use our list below as a buying guide when choosing one.


The very first thing to consider is the age of your child. This will determine the kind of MP3 player design you should get and the features that go with it.

If you have a very young child, they might not appreciate something more of a smart device than a toy. Giving a very young child something with small parts that could be choking hazards might also be dangerous.

On the other hand, if you have an older toddler, they might not be very fond of a player with limited features.

It’s your job to identify what your child’s preferences are. That is going to help you pick a player with just the right amount of features.


Before purchasing an MP3 player for your child, you also want to consider how portable the device is.

If you’re planning to take the device around, you may want something smaller and more lightweight. Your toddler will get tired of carrying around a larger MP3 player, and you might have to carry it around for them.

Storage Space

Check the storage space available on the MP3 player you want to buy. This will determine how many songs, videos, or other files you can store on the device.

Most MP3 players come with built-in storage that can hold up to 10+ songs and are usually expandable using SD cards.

Check how much built-in storage the device you’re looking at has and how much additional storage it can accommodate. You also want to take note of the type of storage cards it is compatible with.

Battery Life

Another essential thing to consider when looking for an MP3 player for your toddler is the device’s battery life.

It is crucial that the device can keep running for a long time to keep your toddler entertained. If the device you get runs out of juice quickly, this could mean you will have to deal with a distraught baby.

MP3 players usually come with either a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries. It’s up to you to decide which one will work best for you. Recharging the battery might take some time, but it saves you from having to purchase new batteries every time they run out.

User Interface

The user interface also influences the type of player you get. Younger toddlers need a more straightforward user interface that they can easily navigate using just a few buttons.

Older toddlers might be more fascinated by one that has a more complex user interface.

Whichever you go for, make sure that your child won’t have a problem navigating around the device.

Best MP3 Players for Toddlers

Toy Story 4 Bluetooth Sing-Along Portable MP3 Player

Toy Story 4 Bluetooth Sing Along Portable MP3 Player Real Working Microphone Storesup To 16 Hours of Music with 1 GB built in memory USB Port To Expand Your Content built in Rechargeable Batteries

This Toy Story 4 Bluetooth MP3 player will instantly grab your toddler’s attention when they recognize the characters printed on the front of this device.

It isn’t only the beloved characters and bright colors that will make your kids fall in love with this device. The many features this portable mp3 player offers will undoubtedly get them hooked for hours.

This Toy Story 4 music player doesn’t only let your kids listen to their favorite songs, but it also allows them to sing into it! It has a real microphone that they can use to showcase their singing talents.

With its 1GB storage and USB and Bluetooth connectivity, you will never have to worry about giving your toddler fresh content to keep them entertained for hours.

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eKids Mother Goose Club Bluetooth Sing Along Portable MP3 Player

eKids Mother Goose Club Bluetooth Sing Along Portable MP3 Player Real Mic 24 Songs Storesup to 16 Hours of Music 1 GB Built in Memory USB Port

This portable MP3 player is similar to the Toy Story 4 Bluetooth MP3 player we just reviewed, but it has a few unique things.

Its smaller size and easy-grip handle make this device easy to carry around. Your young ones will have no trouble bringing this little device around all day.

We like this MP3 player because it has 24 preloaded kid’s songs. This means your toddler can use this device right out of the box.

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VTech Rock and Bop mp3 Player

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player Amazon Exclusive, Pink

If you want a music player that’s more interactive, this VTech Rock and Bop MP3 Player will be a great choice.

It has over 10 musical games and 100+ soundtracks to keep your kid occupied. The games on this device will teach your children to sing along and identify different musical instruments and letters from the alphabet.

A pair of kid-friendly headphones are included in the package. These headphones have limited volume to protect your child’s ear.

This handheld device is powered by 2 AAA batteries that can keep it running for hours.

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AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids, Portable 8GB Music Player with Built-in Speaker, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Expandable Up to 128GB, Red(K1)

If you’re looking for a more high-tech MP3 player for your toddler, the AGPTEK MP3 Player will interest you. This GameBoy-style MP3 player can do much more than the MP3 players we’ve just reviewed.

Aside from playing MP3s, this device also has a built-in FM tuner so that you can listen to songs from your local radio stations. It even can play videos and open eBooks. It also comes preloaded with fun games such as bricks, minesweeper, and snake.

The AGPTEK MP3 player takes your child’s safety very seriously. It has automatic brightness adjustment and a volume limiter to ensure your child doesn’t hurt their eyes and ears.

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VTech Play & Move Puppy Tunes

VTech Play & Move Puppy Tunes

Big colorful buttons, flashing lights, and a dancing puppy make this toddler music player by VTech a device your child will love.

It is loaded with over 30 melodies and instrument tracks. Your child will be able to explore instrument sounds such as drums, piano, and saxophone. This device is also super easy to use. Your toddler can enjoy music and the flashing lights in no time.

One neat feature of the VTech Play & Move Puppy Tunes is its wrist strap. You can strap it around your child’s wrist so it doesn’t fall and get damaged.

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Sesame Street – Cookie Monster Mp3 “Player”

Sesame Street - Cookie Monster Mp3 "Player

This Cookie Monster toy MP3 Player is sure to catch the attention of your little Sesame Street fan.

This toy mp3 player comes with 3 fun songs your child will enjoy listening to. It features songs sung by Ernie, Elmo, and Big Bird.

Turning the dial at the center of this toy will change the “album covers,” while pressing the button at the center will switch between preloaded songs.

Rubber grips around this device make it easy for your child to hold it without slipping from their hands.

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LEGO 2GB MP3 Player

LEGO 2GB MP3 Player

The Lego 2GB MP3 Player is an excellent gift for your little builder. You cannot take it apart, but the top and bottom have standard Lego attachments. You can integrate this MP3 player into any Lego building your child is working on.

It also has 2GB of built-in storage to store as many as 500 songs. Your child will never run out of songs to listen to!

The battery in this device is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to keep your kid entertained for hours. This device uses Windows Media Player, and you can select from a few exclusive skins that are built-in.

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Barbie Girls MP3 Player

Barbie Girls MP3 Player - Pink

We also have a music player for barbie fans! This Barbie Girls MP3 Player will steal her attention and keep her busy for hours. It comes bundled up with a few other accessories, too, such as a pair of earphones, a docking station, and a belt clip.

A miniSD slot allows you to expand this device’s internal memory to up to 2GB to store more than 500 songs.

The package also includes a CD with some software you can install on your computer. Your toddler might not enjoy this feature yet, but it’s nice to have it until she becomes old enough to use it. Your precious princess will surely fall in love with this cute handheld device.

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alilo G6+ Honey Bunny 8GB Children MP3 Player

alilo G6+ Honey Bunny 8GB Children MP3 Player HiFi Bluetooth Music Speaker for Kids with LED Night Light Rechargeable Battery (Bilingual Blue)

At first glance, you might not guess it is an MP3 player. It looks like another pretty little toy bunny. But it’s much more than that! This Honey Bunny MP3 player has quite a few features that you and your child will love.

When this MP3 player is in use, the bunny ears light up. This will grab any toddler’s attention and keep them entertained. This device can also stream audio files straight from your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about loading songs into the device.

It even comes with over 60 lullabies and bedtime stories, making it a great nighttime music player for toddlers. Your child can fall asleep listening to these stories even when you’re not around.

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Kidzlane Kids MP3 Player

Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine 2 Microphone, Built in Music Storage, Bluetooth/MP3/AUX Connection

The Kidzlane Karaoke/MP3 player is perfect if you have a couple of toddlers. They are going to have a blast showing off their singing talents.

This sing-along MP3 player comes with two working microphones that amplify your voice when you speak or sing into them. This will allow your kids to sing along to their favorite songs together. This device also has excellent connectivity. You can stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or listen to music using an AUX cord, USB, or its built-in FM tuner.

One neat feature this device comes with is its dual power options. You can power it up using 4 AA batteries or keep it plugged in via a USB cable. So whether you’re on-the-go, or you’re just at home, you can conveniently power up and use this sing-along music player.

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Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids

Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids, Portable Music Player with FM Radio Video Puzzle Games Sleep Timer Voice Recorder E-Book,Bear's Paw Button MP3 Player for Children as a Festival Gift, Pink


The Wiwoo MP3 player comes packed with a lot of valuable features. It may be smaller than the other MP3 players we’ve reviewed, but it is big on features.

The first two things you will notice are its 1.8-inch colored display and the paw-shaped navigation buttons on the front. These make it very easy and fun to use. It also looks great with the bright colors and slim design.

This device is both an MP3 player and an AM/FM player. You can let your child listen to educational radio stations. It also has several fun games and a voice recorder to keep your child entertained.

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Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids

Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids, 8GB Lossless Portable Music Player with Speakers, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video,Pictures, Kids Friendly MP3 Player with Cartoon Pattern Support Up to 128GB, Pink

This Bluetooth MP3 player is from the same company that produced the MP3 player we just reviewed above.

The Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 player for kids comes with all the features the previous Wiwoo we reviewed offered, plus more. It has Bluetooth integration, a sleep timer, and expandable storage of up to 128GB.

Remember that this device only connects to Bluetooth devices (headsets and speakers) to transmit audio data. You won’t be able to stream music on this device from your smartphone or computer.

Aside from this device’s many features, it also comes in pretty pink color and glowing cat ears that any little girl is sure to love.

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Jooki MP3 Player

Jooki - Music and Story Player for Kids, MP3 Spotify, WiFi Bluetooth, Portable Boombox Speaker, Musical Toys

The Jooki MP3 Player won Best in Family Tech at CES. This tells you a lot about the quality and functionality of this MP3 player. This device operates uniquely. It has several toys that you attach to the top of the device. You will pre-set each toy.

One toy can activate bedtime stories when attached to the device, and another can start lullabies or your preloaded MP3s. Your child is sure to enjoy this innovative way of selecting different player modes.

We love this device because its bright and colorful exterior is also shockproof and waterproof. We also love that the Jooki is screen-free! You don’t have to worry about your child breaking it even when they bring it outdoors.

Finally, we also want to mention that this MP3 player is on the more expensive side. You will need a micro SD card to store additional songs, but it’s one of the best mp3 players for toddlers with the quality and features you’re getting, so it is well worth the money.

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AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids, Children Music Player with Bluetooth, Built-in Speaker 8GB, 2.4 Inch Color Screen, Support FM Radio, Video, Voice Recorder, Expandable Up to 128GB,Blue

The first thing that will catch your eye with the AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids is its large 2.8-inch color TFT screen.

This screen will immediately capture the attention of your child. The display gives your child a wonderful experience when they watch videos or read ebooks on the device.

This device can connect to any Bluetooth headset or speakers so that you can enjoy your music more. It also comes with a set of earphones that are designed to be safe for children.

The easy-to-press buttons, bright blue colors, and matching blue lanyard make this an excellent gift for your toddler.

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Benefits of Music Players For Kids and Babies

As we mentioned above, music can significantly increase your child’s brain development in language and reading skills. Giving your child their MP3 player will allow them to indulge more in music.

It will also keep them entertained for many hours, so you won’t need to entertain them yourself, letting you take a well-deserved break.

MP3 players also allow you to store voice recordings and bedtime stories. This is great for moments when you cannot be with your kids when they are about to go to bed.


MP3 players are great little devices that can keep your children entertained. Kids can even use them for educational purposes such as ebook reading and listening to the alphabet.

Gifting your toddler an MP3 player for their birthday will be great.

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to go out there and pick the best MP3 player for your toddler.

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