Best Nerf Axes and Other Nerf Melee Weapons For Kids

Last Updated: August 13, 2021

Have you ever been in the heat of a Nerf War and run out of ammo? Your opponents are closing in, now is the time to reach for your trusty melee weapon.

Or perhaps you want to add a new dimension of fun by adding a sword to your arsenal, or you won’t change your playstyle; you could even be looking for that missing costume piece.

Whatever your reasons, Nerf melee toys come in such variety that you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit!  Ranging from the best Nerf Axes to Daggers and Swords and Shield playset, Nerf’s collection has something for all ages. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Nerf Axe Or Melee Weapon

There are a few important factors to consider before choosing the melee weapon that’s right for you or your children; the three top things that should guide your choice are children’s age, the weight of the weapon, and the size of the weapon. Then you can look at the weapon type, color, and what’s included in the packaging. 

  • Recommended Age

Age is always important to think of when looking at all the different Nerf melee weapon options. This is to help ensure your child’s safety during playtime and so that your child will enjoy using the Nerf weapon. Remember that the recommended age put on each product is Nerf’s suggestion; as a parent, you’re better able to determine what your child can comfortably and safely handle. 

  • Weapons Weight

The weight of each melee weapon can vary depending on the weapon type and the material used to make the weapon. We suggest, especially for the younger players, starting your Nerf career with a lightweight melee weapon, which is easy to carry and doesn’t take too much effort to swing around during play. If the weapon is too heavy, not only will it be difficult to carry, the user will tire out quicker while playing and could get injured from putting too much strain on the wrists. 

  • Weapons Size

Nerf weapons, in general, vary significantly in size, and their melee options are no exception. These weapons can be small or rather large; that’s why it’s important always to check the dimensions of the toys you want to buy. Make sure that it will fit either you or your child; if a toy is too large, it could ruin the gameplay and be difficult to handle, especially for little kids. 

  • Weapon Type

Nerf offers many different types of axes and other melee weapons. When choosing your type of weapon, it’s good to keep in mind your playstyle. When it comes to completing an outfit or if it’s for roleplaying, this will help narrow you down to the perfect option considerably. 

  • Color

Color is important! No matter how old you are, you will always have a color preference. Different colors not only look good on the battleground, but they can also give you a slight edge during play, especially if it has a camo design; your enemies won’t see what hit them! Nerf offers a wide range of color options with different axes and melee weapons.

  • What’s Included

Nerf has a wide range of melee weapons, more so than some of the competitors. Some of the Nerf products are a combo package, the most common combo pack you would find is the Sword and a proper Shield or Axe and Shield. It’s always good to see what is included before purchasing, which would greatly affect your decision.

Throughout this article, we will introduce you to some of our top Nerf Axe picks and some other Nerf Melee weapons.

Best Nerf Axes

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

The Nerf Battlemaster is slightly smaller than most other Nerf products, but what it lacks in size makes up for inefficiency. It’s designed with three blades on top; this comes in handy when stopping incoming blows from swords or when you want to do more damage when attacking an opponent. 

A mace is well known for being heavy on the head so you can deliver a powerful blow to your enemies. This Battle Axe from Nerf has combined the power of the mace and the deadliness of an axe, giving you an advantage on the battlefield. The Nerf Battle master is a high-quality companion to those who are experienced or just starting.

The Nerf Battlemaster blades are made from Nerfs signature durable foam, giving you a sturdy blade but protecting you and others from injury. The handle itself is made from strong plastic, has bright colors, and has a foam handle with a crossed pattern. This maximizes comfort while playing and helps with grip so you won’t lose your weapon during battle. 

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NERF N-Force Klaw Hatchet – 2 Pack

The Nerf Klaw Hatchet closely resembles two different types of weapons; some say it’s close to the tomahawk and the bearded axe. The tomahawk was both a tool and a weapon used by the Native American tribes, where the Vikings used the Bearded axe as a throwing axe.  The best way to throw your axes is by flicking your wrists instead of trying to throw like a football. 

The Hatchet makes a great throwing axe, especially when you have 2 of them! They’re small enough to clip onto your belt to keep them out of the way while you use your main weapon. Good for those players who enjoy dual-wielding or use them as backup weapons. Or perhaps you’re buying these axes for two children; either way, the Nerf Klaw is a good weapon to have in your arsenal. 

Each Klaw blade is made from Nerf foam, making it light enough to wield and still soft enough not to do any damage to each other or any fragile ornaments laying around; each Nerf Klaw Hatchet weighs up to 4 ounces, great for any child over the age of 8 years. However, many parents have found it good for as young as 5 years old; this would be up to you as the parent to decide if your little one can use this weapon properly. 

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NERF N-Force Warlock Battle Axe

NERF N-Force Warlock Axe

This yellow and grey Nerf Warlock Axe is on the heavier side of the melee options and is one of the larger axes in this article. It has a special design to give you an edge during the Nerf wars. There are three holes on each side of this double-bladed axe; the holes are large enough for a Nerf sword to get potentially stuck, protecting you from oncoming blows. 

This gothic-styled axe is a perfect addition to a skilled player arsenal; with enough practice, you would be able to disarm your opponent with a well-placed blow. The two blades are made of the classic Nerf durable foam. The handle of the weapon is made from durable plastic that will handle any combat situation without fail. 

The head of the Nerf Warlock Axe is heavier than most melee weapons; a little kid would need to use two hands, whereas the parent or a full-grown adult would get by using one hand in combat. All-in-all, the Warlock Battle Axe is great on any battlefield or as the missing piece to your cosplay or Halloween outfit. 

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Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System Chopstock

Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System Chopstock

The Nerf Chopstock forms part of the Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System, a sturdy piece to add to a growing collection or start your Zombie Survival collection in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. This axe is lightweight and has a special feature where it can be attached as a shoulder stock for your blaster. Unclip the bottom on the handle, and you’ll be able to attach your Chopstock to most blasters, making for a ranged weapon that can also get up close and personal. 

To make the Nerf Chopstock more interesting, you can adjust the size of the axe by adjusting the length of the handle. Push the orange button just below the blade, and you will be able to slide the blade up and down, thus shortening the axe or giving it extra length. This comes in handy when it’s attached to the blaster to no to throw off the blaster’s balance too much or for the younger children who may be struggling to wield the full-length axe. The locking points on the handle are strong and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it suddenly sliding down after taking a hit and pinching an exposed skin. 

The blade is made of the well-known, classic, and durable Nerf foam, and a sturdy, durable plastic makes us the handle. The handle of this axe features an extra grip so that you won’t lose your weapon during a battle. 

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NERF Zombie Strike Wrench Axe

The Nerf Zombie Strike Wrench Axe forms part of the elite Nerf Zombie Strike set, so whether you’re completing your collection or just getting into it, no Zombie Strike Set is complete without this Wrench Axe.

As the name suggests, this Nerf Zombie Wrench Axe design has a particular design; Nerf made it resemble a weapon that you would be able to make quickly during the zombie apocalypse if needed. If you look closely, you can see that the axe blade is held in the wrench’s jaws and held in place by tape wrapped around to hold the pieces together. 

The Nerf Wrench Axe makes a good secondary weapon when in battle, or even a good first melee weapon for your little children. It’s small in size and light in weight and made up entirely of sturdy and durable foam; the handle is textured to ensure a better grip of the weapon, and so it doesn’t fly out of your hands after a powerful and deadly swing at a zombie!

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Best Nerf Melee Weapons

Nerf Zombie Foam Bat

The Nerf Zombie Foam Bat is the third Zombie Strike weapon in the series to be released, a must-have for all collectors or those of you who appreciate bashing zombie heads with a bat. Using a bat in the Zombie apocalypse stems from the character Negan in the Walking Dead series, where he named his bat Lucille. Together, they were able to survive unbeatable odds. 

Even though this bat may not look like a Lucille, it does its job just as well! It has “cloth” wrapped around the handle to help you not lose your grip on the bat during a life and death battle between you and the hordes. The Nerf Z-Bat has a hard plastic rod on the center to increase its sturdiness and durability, ensuring you last for more than a few horde encounters.

The plastic rod is covered in the classic Nerf’s rubber-like Foam to protect your little ones and your shins during play; the rod does make this bat slightly heavier and may be difficult for the little children to swing around. This is why Nerf recommends this bat for those Zombie warriors aged over 8 years. 

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NERF N-Force Klaw Hatchet

The Nerf Klaw Hatchet closely resembles two different types of weapons; some say it’s close to the tomahawk and the bearded axe. The tomahawk was both a tool and a weapon used by the Native American tribes, where the Vikings used the Bearded axe as a throwing axe.  The best way to throw your axe is by flicking your wrists instead of trying to throw it like a football. 

The Nerf Klaw Hatchet’s beautiful hilt is dark in color, giving you a tactical edge as it can be easy to hide in the middle of a battle. At the same time, the orange lining will help you relocate your weapons after the battle is won. The Hatchet is also a real standout because it’s popular to use outside of the Nerf Wars; many have taken to using this Nerf melee weapon in airsoft and paintball matches. 

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Marvel Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear

Marvel Avengers Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear

This is a fabulous option for having a great defensive and offensive weapon brought out by Nerf! The Nerf Assembler Gear Shield is a must-have for all close combat situations, a great way to keep those words and axes off you. It has a hidden surprise for any of those unlucky enough to get close to you. Push the star on this beautiful shield to reveal the deadly 2 Nerf dart barrel; with the trigger forming part of the handle, firing has never been easier.

To prime, this blaster pull on the lever on the back of the shield and fire! To reset the shield, all you need to do is slide the lever on the side of the shield to close it again. 

This combo shield is light, small, and ready to deal some damage, a great weapon to add to your arsenal. The design is based on Marvel’s Captain America’s shield; it really makes you feel part of the Avengers team.

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Are Nerf Axes and Melee Weapons Safe to Use?

Nerf foam was originally marketed as a soft and safe toy to play with indoors. Nerf foam is made from a solid, spongy material that is soft and light to swing around and play with without fear of injury or damaging those fragile ornaments. The Nerf foam usually surrounds a solid plastic rod that gives the melee their sturdiness and strength; this plastic core normally ends well before the blade’s tip to make for safe gameplay.

As with any game, there are rules; make sure every player (no matter their age) understands and follows these rules; the rules are in place to ensure that no one gets hurt and that the house doesn’t lose a window! 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Nerf Axes and other Melee weapons are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family or going on epic adventures during imaginative play. Whether it’s going at it in the Nerf Wars, filling up your arsenal to take with you into airsoft or paintball, or simply being the missing piece of a cosplay outfit or Halloween outfit, Nerf has a large variety of options of amazing quality, making sure you will find your perfect fit.

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