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Best Pirate Ship Toy

Pirates are popular these days, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise; they are exciting, swashbuckling fellows that go on adventures, find hidden treasure, participate in swordfights, and have shoulder birds! From Jake and the Neverland Pirates to Pirates of the Caribbean, there are plenty of pirates to go around for just about everyone.

Because of the popularity of pirates in the last decade or so, pirate-themed items are often on the wishlist of both boys and girls. Obviously you want to get them the best pirate ship toy, but how do you choose from the plethora of available options?

Pirate Toy Ships For Kids

Without further ado, here are a quick table showing our top picks for the best pirate ship toys. Below the table is a short description of each pirate toy ship

ImageShip Name$$$
Imaginext Black and Red Pirate Ship with Two FiguresCheck Price
Fisher-Price – Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s Adventure BuckyCheck Price
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Silent Mary Ghost Ship PlaysetCheck Price
Teamson Kids – Kids Pirate Ship Ride on with Toy Sword, Scope, and HatCheck Price
Little Tikes 2-in-1 Pirate ShipCheck Price
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raiders’ Ship PlaysetCheck Price

If you’re looking for a large toy pirate ship, then this is hands down the best pirate toy ship for you. This whopping Imaginext pirate ship is 18” from stern to bow and stands over a foot tall. It comes with two little figurines, but this ship is large enough for a whole army of animals, princesses, and army men that you already have!

This ship is full of small, fun activities for little hands to explore. Shoot cannons, battle with swords, raise and lower the victor’s flag – there is plenty to do and imagine with this pirate ship. While this boat is a little more on the pricey end, it will last for many years and can be passed down from one child to another.

Pirate ship toys for toddlers are less common because pirate ships often have small, moving parts that can be dangerous for young children. However, Jake’s Adventure Bucky is designed with toddlers in mind, so now even tiny hands can have a great time with pirates!

This large ship comes with many fun features such as a slide, large cannon balls, and a lockable cabin. Of course, Jake comes along too and is included with the ship! Since this toy does not have any electronic parts, it can also be used in the tub for bath time imagination.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean has become one of the most popular pirate franchises of the 2000’s because of the fun Captain Jack, exciting plots, and spooky villains! If you’re looking for pirate ship toys for kids who like ghost stories or love Pirates of the Caribbean, then this is a great choice for them.

This boat is designed for children over the age of four because of all its moving parts, fun cannon shooting, and small compartments – which are the best features of this ship. Silent Mary is full of hidden compartments for small hands to discover. A foldable plank to walk, a pop-open shark cage, and the included ghost shark, Captain Salazar, and maiden figurines make this ghostly, scary ship a fun & engaging activity!

When you have a child that doesn’t think that having a pirate-themed room is optional, then sometimes you need more than a few handheld pirate ships – sometimes you need something bigger, like this ride-on pirate ship. Hop on in and rock back and forth on the open seas with your pirate hat, sword and telescope.

Find the booty before the Dread Pirate Sibling finds it, and hide it safely away in your hidden seat compartment! This boat is built to last with durable, non-toxic paint and a weight limit of 125 pounds. Ahoy, matey!

If your toddler is mobile, loves to play, and has some extra energy to get out on rainy days, then the best toy pirate ship to calm their rambunctious nature is a click away. This adorable, durable Little Tikes 2-in-1 pirate ship is designed to be a fun and engaging ride-on as well as a play center for imaginary pirate play.

If your toddler is feeling energetic, they can hop on, grab their Little People first mate and pirate hat, and take off around the house looking for adventures! As they grow, they can sit with the monstrous ship, shoot canons from the deck, lower the anchor, and find some treasure out on the open seas.

When your child is outgrowing their pirate ships that are targeted at younger audiences but are still obsessed with pirates, then PLAYMOBIL has a solution: this Pirate Raiders’ ship playset.

The parts are smaller and more intricate with more detail, such as movable and bendable figurines and small cannon balls that can knock down block walls with power.

Tiny hidden compartments, three giant main sails, and fun accessories make this playset a fantastic purchase for any boy or girl obsessed with any pirate show, movie, or book.

Pirate ships come in many shapes and sizes, and for a vast age-range – including adults. With a little patience and research, you’ll almost always be able to find the perfect pirate ship for your needs!

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