Best Cheap Stunt Scooters For Sale In 2019 Review (Under $100)

There are a lots of ways to keep children occupied after school and on days when you want some alone time. With the advances in technology, occupied usually means being on the internet or playing video games, to get kids away from these you would have to come up with something really enticing.

Scooters are an ideal way of getting them off the couch. They not only help the child develop some level of freedom, but they will also exercise their young limbs while at it. So the question now is "Where do you start"? Easy, a cheap trick scooter, this is a great way for your child to get acquainted with this type of ride on. As they get better, they can upgrade to the best stunt scooters above 100 bucks.

 ImageScooter Brand NameWheel TypePrice
Razor Ultra Pro Kick Scooter100 mm urethane wheelsCheck Price
Madd Gear Marvel Pro ScooterCheck Price
LIYU 1281F 3 Wheel Mini Kick ScooterFront wheels: 120mm with LED Flash
Back wheel: 80mm
Check Price
Vokul TG-6061 Pro XX Style Scooter100mm Reinforced new born PUCheck Price
Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter100mm cast PU ABS wheelsCheck Price


Razor is at it again with this 26.8" L x 9.6" W x 22.7" H cheap scooter. The company says that this release is a response to 10 years of customer feedback. It weighs a mere 6.95lbs, which is one of the factors that makes it a big hit with pro riders. The weight and height allows the rider to perform unbelievable tricks.

This scooter brings some welcome change to the Razor line, such as the soft rubber grips and sturdy T-handlebars. The thread-less fork is also a welcome addition, with the patented 30 bearings for stability. The 100 mm urethane wheels swivel at 360 degrees, boosting the flexibility of this scooter and making it possible to perform all advanced tricks.

Triple clamp Pytel Compression System, named after one of Razor’s designers, is new to this model and it enhances the sturdiness of this scooter at the joints. The deck is 4.25” wide and 19.9” long.

What You'll Love About This Stunt Scooter

The silver color and the subtle artwork on the scooter deck is certainly an eye-catcher. It's also lightweight which enables the rider to easily perform tricky maneuvers. If your budget is limited, you should consider this cheap sturdy stunt scooter.

The LiYU is cute inexpensive scooter made out of environmentally friendly materials. It is available in three different bright colours to make the rider visible when it is being ridden. Unlike the other scooters in this review the LIYU has 3 wheels which are made of anti-abrasive, shock-absorbing PU. In addition the wheels are also equipped with flashing LED lights which do not require batteries to work.

This scooter is suitable for 2-5 year olds kids and has a weight limit of 35kg (77Lbs). The handle bars of the scooter can adjusted to suit the rider's height. It is also easy to assemble and if you misplace any part it can be replaced.

The handle bars are equipped with soft hand grips for comfort and safe for a child's hand.

What You'll Love About This Stunt Scooter

We like the three wheels, it help children learn balance which is important as they grow. We also like the adjustable bars because it means the scooter can be used by than one rider and also your child can grow with it. Lastly it has LED lights! For a cheap stunt scooter that's an awesome feature.

The colorful bodywork is typical of the Madd Gear brand and makes the scooter stand out. The 4” flat deck is quite large, but the grip could be improved. The one piece T-bar is 16 inches wide and enough to create space for creative riding. The vertical bar is 21 inches long.

Threadless forks have become the norm with pro scooters, and Madd Gear Marvel Pro is no exception. To boost stability and enhance flexibility, they have dialed the core of the scooter, with the patented IHC compression system.

The alloy core wheels on this bad boy are stable yet flexible enough to allow you to try all the tricks you see from other pro riders. The rubber grips on the handlebars have been perfected to ensure no slippage. The composite blitz brake is at the rear wheel of the scooter.

What You'll Love About This Stunt Scooter

It is lightweight weighing a measly 8lbs, which makes it possible to try your tailwhips and 360-degree rotations. We also like the artwork, which lets the scooter stand out.

This cheap stunt scooter features a sleek body and colorful handlebars setting the rider apart from the competition. The non-slip deck measures 20" x 4", while the handlebars are 18” wide. The 110mm wheels give this scooter some level of stability and agility to perform tailwhips and tail jumps.

The orange grips on the 18-inch handle bar are non-slip and soft for both comfort and safety. The bearings have an ABEC rating; ABEC 5, which makes this scooter a smooth ride. It launches in the air with precision, thanks to being lightweight, and it lands smoothly to ensure the rider’s safety.

The frame is made of aluminum for durability, and the product weighs 8.4lbs.

What You'll Love About This Stunt Scooter

It is affordable, which makes it the ideal present to get your teenager without breaking the bank. We also like the bearing rating because it makes it a smooth ride. The stellar aluminum body with the orange grips also catches the eye.

This scooter is a mild gold, with white handlebars and a style that makes it visible from miles away. It is king over the rest for just looking like that. The 15-inch batwing handlebar is covered with soft non-slip rubber grips for safety and comfort of the rider. With its sleek build, you would think it would be priced outrageously, but it is surprisingly budget friendly.

The 100mm cast ABS wheels are not only durable but flexible as well. Their ABEC 9 bearings make them even more exciting being that you can count on a smooth ride. The scooter weighs 7.1lbs, which is as light as they come for tricks and maneuvers.

The non-slip deck measures 20” x 4”, and the brake is just at the rear wheel. It is large enough to ensure that you do not miss it.

What You'll Love About This Stunt Scooter

We like its overall design. Gold is catchy and stylish. The bearing ratings are good, the deck is wide enough, and the scooter is lightweight for a series of stunts.

This summer, get your hands on the trendiest stunt scooter to skate in town! The Pro Beast Sport Scooter is Razor’s latest release. With a pro-style stamped steel rear fender brake, fixed riser style handlebars and soft rubber grips, this nifty ride ensures a smooth and comfortable ride to practice ambitious tricks and stunts. Built with aircraft-grade aluminium frame and secured with a triple stacked clamp, the Razor Pro Beast Sport Scooter is a reliable ride suitable for beginners and seasoned riders. Fitted with metalized 14 spoke 98mm urethane wheels with RZR Pro 20 bearings and a CNC style, riders can perform tricks and stunts with ease. Complete with full deck grip tape, the Razor Pro Beast deck length measures at 19 inches, while the width is 4 inches wide. The assembled product dimensions are 25 x 18.5 x 31 inches, and weighs at 7.6 pounds. Suitable for riders aged 5 and above.

Looking for a new stunt scooter this summer? If your kid enjoys spending time at the skate park, the Xpec Pro Stunt Kick Scooter is the right fit for young beginners and experienced riders. Low-maintenance, foldable, and user-friendly, this kick scooter is also packed with handy features. With the sturdy yet lightweight aluminium extrusion deck (measures at 19 x 4 inches), riders can perform stunts and tricks with comfortable ease. The Xspec frame is constructed with oversized T-style steel alloy handlebars, and is equipped with a secured triple head clamp. Its wheels measure 4 inches, with ABEC 7 bearings for stability and balance. Made with pro grade aluminium, the Xspec stunt scooter is a nifty gadget suitable for children aged 8 and above. The product packaging measurements are 4 x 19 x 27 inches, and the display item weighs at 10 pounds. Recommended rider weight limit is 250 pounds. Parental supervision is advised for young beginners

Are Scooters Ideal For Children?

Nowadays it's easy to watch videos of pro scooter riders performing tricks with ease, speed and agility that leaves you dumbfounded. This videos can also lead some parents to decide that this activity is not for their children because it is too risky.

However, when riding a stunt scooter, your child becomes independent. They learn to let go of their fears and trust their instincts. Because they will be riding on hard surface, they instinctively become more aware of their surroundings, and this awareness helps keeps them safe. Additionally, they will have safety gear on so there is a reduced chance of them getting seriously injured.

Scooters can teach your child life lessons that no school can, so let them ride on. Start with one of the best cheap stunt scooters brands for sale listed in this review before advancing to another type of ride on like a dirtbike for kids or 48v ride on toys

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