Best Toy Clocks For Kids Learning How To Tell Time

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Telling time is one of the most crucial life skills a child can learn. In fact, teaching your child how to tell time at a young age will benefit them greatly.

By learning how to tell time, your child gets familiar with multiplication, addition, and subtraction concepts. These concepts will be much easier to understand with clock toys because toy clocks are more visual and hands-on.

Not only will your children learn mathematics, but teaching them how to tell time will also develop social and behavioral skills like self-dependence, time management, and responsibility.

They will be more aware of the importance of time and making the most of their time.

However, buying the toy clocks for your child might be overwhelming, like any other toy. We will review 9 of the best toy clocks to teach kids time to make your work easier, so you have to pick one your child would love the most.

Top 9 Toy Clocks That Teach Kids To Tell Time

1. The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock

The Telly Teaching Time Clock comes in very bright colors that attract your young ones. The large green clock hands on the clock can be moved by hand to adjust the time.

This toy has several modes to help your child learn to tell the time. On the tell-time mode, your child moves the clock hands anywhere they want, and a voice from the toy’s speakers will tell them what time it is.

In the game mode, the speaker’s voice will say the time displayed on the digital display at the bottom, and your child has to match the time with the clock’s hands. If your child gets it right, the voice will congratulate them and start a new round. It will also tell your child if they have to try again.

This is an entertaining way for your child to learn how to tell the time.

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2. Big Time Learning Clock

If you want to make your time learning activities more fun and engaging for your kids, you might want to consider getting the Big Time Learning Clock.

With the Big Time Learning Clock, your kids will learn to understand the relationship between hours and minutes. They can use the clock hands to adjust the time or use the knob behind the clock like you would on a regular clock.

The bright colors and large pieces help keep your kids attention on the lesson you’re teaching them.

If you’re a teacher and want to teach your class how to tell the time, you can also get the Big Time Learning Clock bundle. This bundle comes with a large demonstration clock and several student clocks to help the class engage more in the lesson.

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3. Teach Me Time! Educational Alarm Clock & Night-Light

This Teach Me Time educational Alarm Clock and Night Light is great for kids who wake up too early in the morning.

It comes with an OK to Wake Up feature that lets your child know when it is okay to get out of bed. This feature helps both parents and their children get better sleep at night.

Parents can set the OK to Wake Up time to whatever time they want. The alarm clock turns a bright green to let your child know when to get up.

It also comes with a glowing yellow night light, so your child feels safe and comfortable while trying to fall asleep.

This clock has analog and digital time, so your child will learn to tell the time on both.

It also has a snooze feature, like mommy’s and daddy’s alarm clock.

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4. Educational Talking Learn to Tell Time Light-Up Toy

This learning clock by Best Learning is a great toy to help your children learn to tell the time. On the quiz mode, a speaker’s voice will give a time, and your child has to set the hour hand and the minute hand to that exact time.

If your child gets it right, the voice will congratulate them and move on to the next time. This is one of the quickest and most fun ways for children to learn to tell the time.

This clock also comes with other features. It has a large guide on the front of the clock, so your child will get familiar with the terms’ minutes before’, ‘half-past,’ and ‘minutes after when it comes to telling time.

It has a night light and a music player to help your child sleep better at night. 12 classic lullabies are built into this clock and can be programmed to shut down after a certain amount of time.

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5. Fisher Price Classic Teaching Clock

Fisher-Price is one of the most well-known brands for children’s toys and games. They make excellent quality, durable, safe toys for your little ones.

This classic teaching clock from Fisher-Price is one such product. It comes in a classic red house design with timeless graphics that your children will love.

Your child can move the hour and minute hands by turning the dials at the front of the lock. They are colored yellow and have a gear-like texture, making them easier to turn with their little hands.

Not only will your children learn how to tell time by moving the minute and hour hands, but this clock can also play music. It comes with preloaded songs that they can listen to to help them fall asleep at night.

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6. What Time Is It? Educational Board Game

If your kids love playing board games, this will be the perfect gift to get them when you want them to learn how to tell the time.

This toy incorporates time-telling lessons into board games. It comes with four different board games that the whole family can enjoy.

The game is essentially the same on all boards, but each has unique graphics. You’re getting a safari board, a swim board, and fun with friends board on the farm board.

Your child can pick and choose from any of these boards and start the fun learning experience.

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7. Judy Plastic Clock Class Pack

The Judy plastic clock comes in a bright yellow color and chunky parts that make it easy for little hands to operate.

One cool feature of this clock is its small glass windows that allow children to peek inside the clock and see how the gears work together to make the clock turn.

This is the perfect clock when you’re teaching your kids how to tell time and you want to include a lesson on how a clock works.

You can purchase a few of these clocks if you teach an entire class. It will be the perfect tool to make your class more interactive and hands-on.

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8. DHCHAPU Kids Learning Clock

The DHCHAPU kids learning clock is a straightforward toy clock that you can use to teach your kids how to tell the time.

Kids can move the minute hand around, but the hour hand only moves when you turn the minute hand. This teaches your child how the hours relate to the minutes in an analog clock.

Your child will learn how to jump numbers with the printed guide on the clock. They will also learn to tell the time using a 24/hour clock format.

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9. Koplow Games

The Koplow dice is a fun pair of dice that teaches your children how to read the time. Each die has 12 sides with hours and minutes printed on them.

The first die has the hours printed from 1 to 12, and the second die has minutes that go up in 5-minute increments.

These dice are perfect when you pair them with one of the sample clocks on this list. Your kids can roll the dice, and whatever time it lands on, they will have to match it on the toy clock.

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Being able to tell time is a fundamental skill every individual should know, and toy clocks are the perfect way to help your children learn to tell time. We all know that children are attracted to toys, but they may have difficulty understanding the concept of time. They can quickly get frustrated and give up.

These toy clocks will help you teach them the idea of time and how to tell time while they play with something tangible and hands-on. This makes their lessons more entertaining and helps them to concentrate more.

The colors and the special features on some of these toy clocks are sure to keep your child’s attention.

According to EasyRead Time, learning to tell time helps your child develop base educational skills, especially in mathematics.

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