Best Toy Phones For Toddlers

Portable quality toys capable of holding the attention of young kids can be difficult to find. You can solve this issue by having a toy phone for toddlers handy.

Available in different colors and models, toy phones are ideal as they can help children become familiar with various colors, alphabets, and numbers.

Toddler phones are also cheaper to replace than your actual phone so you don’t have to worry about it being dropped or scratched.

The Best Toy Cell Phones for Toddlers

Wondering which toy mobile phone for your 3 year old or younger child to buy? Here are some of the best toy phones for toddlers!

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange

One of the best cell phone toys for toddlers is the VTech smartphone. With the fun features present in this phone, your child can’t not only learns but can receive surprise calls. This phone comes with an ABC slide-out typing keyboard along with an animated LCD screen which can be adjusted for horizontal or vertical play automatically. The toy is programmed with numerous engaging melodies which you can choose a ringtone from.

This talk and slide smartphone also includes a message mode which can help your child get familiarized with numbers, letters, and much more. Similarly, this phone also has eight fun-filled activities and to access those you will need to choose the ‘phone’ mode. Moreover, there is a quiz as well which reinforces counting, the order of letters, numbers, and the recognition of letters.

This toy phone also comes programmed with a phone book so your toddler can send up to four customized messages to their friends. This smart phone also encourages the toddler development through independent play by using fun phrases, friendly voices, and a cute owl character.

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VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone, BlackIf your kids loves playing with your phone this is the ideal choice phone for them so that you can get yours back. In fact, it could be the first ever smartphone that your child possesses! The VTech call and chat learning phone features 15 different app buttons along with a special button for chatting. It also comes with a chatty and fun parrot character that guides the user through all the games and the activities you can do on the phone.

You child can choose from five different contacts to call and immerse themselves in a pretend phone fun! In fact, you can program and save an actual phone numbers. The real voice activation technology allows your child to have a fun interactive chat with a parrot character that can ask questions and respond to the voice inputs as well.

With the other apps on the phone, your child can learn counting, numbers, and letters. The clock app helps your child to learn the concept of time. Other apps include a gaming app, a gallery, and a music app. You can choose your own ringtone as well.

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LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone

LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout

This play phone for toddlers has loads of interactive and engaging activities that can help your child develop basic auditory and recognition abilities making learning quite fun.

With this toddler smart phone your child can sing along to various counting songs and also explore over 15 phone activities amongst other things. It is recommended for children aged 18 months. Let your child play pretend with his or her very own smartphone and the various phone activities will keep them engaged. With fun animations and different activities, kids can learn to count as well as conversational skills and social skills.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone, White

With this smartphone, your baby gets introduced to fun learning opportunities. The baby cell phone toy has 12 big tile buttons, and by pressing on any of them, the toddler will be able to sing along to songs. Moreover, the phone also has fun phrases programmed that teach many things like greetings, counting, and numbers.

In total, there are 20 phrases and songs, accompanied by lights which dance to the music so that your baby stays entertained. By moving the little slider forth and back, the child can access to even more sounds! Apart from being feature-rich, the phone also has a slim and sleek design which makes teaching fun and possible anywhere!

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Children’s Light up Pretend Cell Phone with Sound Effects

Children's Light up Pretend Cell Phone with Sound Effects - Play to learn, Touch screen with 8 functions and dazzling LED lights. USB Rechargable (2 Pack)

Your iPhone is precious to you, but your kids are also attracted to it are want to play with it. You don’t want to risk damaging your phone so what should you do. Here a solution, the children’s light up pretend cell phone. With this toddler cell phone, you can now give your child a toy that that resembles your iPhone.

Let your child satisfy their curiosity with sight, touch, and sound. The app has 8 different modes along with many sound effects to keep toddlers entertained. The cell phone comes with a switch which starts to ring when you opened. Similarly, if you press on any of the pictures, the phone will say something engaging.

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Kids are naturally curious and are attracted to objects with lights and sound. As such you should expect that our child will sometimes take ahold of your phone and start playing with it.

Whenever your child takes your phone or becomes fussy and doesn’t let you work, you can just hand them a toy cellphone to keep them occupied while you finish up your work. A good play phone for toddlers will definitely keep your child engaged while helping them learn.

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