Best Stunt Scooters & Trick Scooters For Kids 2021

Drop a hop, do a nose pivot, stay in manual, or make a 180 jump! Sounds familiar? if you happen to overhear these terms when your kids are in excited chatter with their friends this summer holiday, don’t panic!

For the uninitiated, these terms are referring to tricks and stunts performed on stunt scooters for kids.

So what exactly is a stunt scooter? It is a foldable fun vehicle for kids, built with the capability to perform jumps and tricks.

It is also referred to as a trick scooter on occasion. The primary use of a stunt scooter is to perform practiced stunts and tricks at a skate park.

These two-wheelers can also be used as a flexible means of transport between short distances. As it is foldable, a stunt scooter takes up minimal room.

It can be easily tucked away in the trunk of your vehicle or stowed carefully in the garage when not in use.

Review Of The Best Trick Scooters For Kids

What stunt scooter should I buy? This is a question parents looking for scooters usually ask.  We’ve got you covered, this stunt scooter review will show you what we consider the best stunt scooter in the world for kids and help you make the best choice.

Here are our top picks…

 ImageScooter Brand NameWheel TypePrice
Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter110mm Alloy Core WheelsCheck Price
Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle110m Free-Styling wheelsCheck Price
Envyscooters ONE Series 2 Complete100mm Urethane wheelsCheck Price

1. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

What better way to spend a gorgeous summer day, cruising the streets or kicking up a couple of nose dives and 180 jumps? Look no further for a brand new stunt scooter this summer! Step up the need for speed and pick up a spanking new Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter! This groovy all-new pro scooter is multipurpose, user-friendly and is a coveted asset.

Available in 4 colors and new designs, the Fuzion Z250 is perfect for kids, teenagers and adults. A stylish means of personal transportation or a gift to a loved one, the Fuzion Z250 is sure to be put to good use for work, play or both.

Designed with a quality finishing, reliable frame, and nifty design, this exceptional scooter is suitable for beginners and seasoned riders.

With a foldable design, the Fuzion Z250 can be transported with ease and can be conveniently tucked away at a moment’s notice. Made with premium aluminium materials, this stunt scooter is fitted with Fuzion’s Dog Bone design deck and grind-friendly concave design.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter - Intermediate and Beginner Stunt Scooters for Kids 8 Years and Up, Teens and Adults – Durable Freestyle Kick Scooter for Boys and Girls (2020 - Black/Red)

It also features a tried-and-tested landing area,  lightweight design and a durable deck and neck model so the Fuzion Z250 maintains strict quality assurance and safety standards.

Structured with high tensile sturdy steel T-bars (24 inches by height x 22 inches by width), equipped with ribbed control grips and die cut full deck grip tape, the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is capable of pulling off complex tricks and flexible stunts.

This stunt scooter also features the HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) system, integrated sealed headset bearings, and a one-piece steel fork.

What’s more, the Fuzion Z250 is furnished with secure 110mm cast PU wheels and aluminium core ABEC 9 bearings for a safe ride. The braking system on the Fuzion Z250 operates via an easy to adjust flex brake. Riders should don protective gear such as helmets and knee pads during use of the Fuzion Z250.

Parental supervision is advised for young beginners. Recommended for use at designated skate parks or on specified bike lanes. The product measures at 20.5 x 4.37 inches and shipping weight is at 27.4 pounds.

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2. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky Scooters have been releasing version after another of their best stunt scooters, almost every year. What they do is take an old model and make significant changes to make it better that its predecessor. This particular one is no different.

This Lucky Crew has a deck measuring 19” x 4.5” and 6061 Aluminum 110mm wheels. The integrated head and slightly smaller deck, coupled with the wheels are great for balance, focus, and speed. It is lightweight, making it one of the best trick scooters, especially for performing tailwhips and briflips

The design of this scooter makes it the one of the best stunt scooters for kids and beginners. You want something funky, but also one that you can handle with ease as you learn the ropes. This scooter for kids, comes in a variety of colors making it a great place to start.

Lucky Crew Pro Stunt Scooter, Black/Pink

Black/Pink, White/Green, White/Blue, and Purple are the color variations. This scooter can be ridden by kids from age 10-18. It has the capacity to hold various weights, and the only concern may be the height.

The parts are interchangeable, with the wheel space accommodating any other size that you may need to advance to. Your daughter is covered too. If she has a need for speed, Lucky Pro makes stunt scooters girls, this one being one of them.

This scooter is easy on the eyes, and you do not have to break the bank for this model

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3. Razor Pro El Dorado Scooter

Razor has been in the business for over 15 years, and they get a conversation started each time they release a new scooter. This particular one is undoubtedly one of the best scooters for tricks, thanks to its lightweight that makes it possible for the rider to make insane move and flips. Despite the light nature of this pro stunt scooter, it is made of durable aluminum and will carry your child through a number of years.

The 110mm urethane wheels with 40 bearings are interchangeable should the rider feel the need for a bigger challenge. They are also metallic to withstand the pressure on the ground. They are also flexible to do the tailflips and any other challenge that the young one may one to try with his or her crew.

Razor Pro El Dorado Kick Scooter - Blue

The Razor has an 83-degree head tube angle, with an adjustable and sturdy handlebar. The grip of the rubber is covered with soft rubber to make for comfortable handling.

The handlebar measures 20.5 inches while its height is 23 inches.  You’ll love the wheel size and the new ridged braking system which is integrated beautifully to give the rider full control while keeping them safe.

It comes in a full range of colors; blue, orange, white, and gray, colors that makes the rider standout. This stunt scooter is suitable for kids ages 8 years and above and can support riders up to 220 pounds.

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4. Razor Pro XX Scooter

Razor- a name associated with the best stunt scooters brand- is at it again, with yet another sturdy design that will grow with your child. This is the kind of scooter that stays with them from 8 to 18, thanks to the sturdy material and design.

The material is 100% aircraft aluminum. This lightweight scooter literally flies out of the ramp to make it easy to perfect tricky flips. The Steel handlebar, which is covered in soft rubber for comfortable handling, measures 18 inches in width and 21 inches long.

The all-important urethane wheels are 98mm, flexible for 360-degree turns, and can be interchanged for 110mm. While it is does not fold and hence cannot be carried with ease, this scooter makes up for that by being sturdy in its build and for taking more weight that you could expect

It swivels with ease and is, therefore, one of the best scooters for tricks. It makes an 83-degree head tube angle and has a spring brake in the rare wheel that you activate by pressing down the rear part of the scooter. We could do with a wider variety of color, but silver will do just fine.

If your scooter regularly takes a beating you’ll love the study build of the Razor​ Pro XX Scooter.

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5. Envy One Scooter

With a few artsy decorations of its body, this scooter could sure spike some envy. It is lightweight, although the aluminum that makes it is sturdy, durable and one of the best trick scooters. It is designed for the beginner, but takes on pro status for the design, the 100mm flexible wheel with the ability to swivel to 360 degrees, and the adjustable handlebar. The Envy scooter is fast for tricks, especially tailwhips, and it lands very smoothly.

The one great thing about this scooter is its ability to take on adjustments. As the rider advances their skills, they can customize this particular scooter with parts from Envy, instead of having to buy an upgraded version.

The 21-inch long and 20-inch wide handlebar is an excellent two-piece work of art, flexible, and covered with rubber to prevent blisters. Most of the parts are already put together straight from the box. The fork is already on and so are the handle grips. Like the other best stunt scooters we’ve shown you the Envy One Scooter takes about a very short amount of time to assemble.

It is also one of the most colorful scooters we’ve seen. The bar and handle have unique artwork, with the body being uniformly black. The artwork is a variety of white, blue, orange, grey, and a luminous green.

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6. Madd Gear VX6 Extreme Scooter

Red, black, and majestic is what we would define this scooter. With a 24″ x 25″ handlebar and a 4.5-inch deck, this piece is definitely one of the best trick scooters for a pro. The 120mm wheels, with alloy cores and 88A polyurethane, make it possible to flip and do all manner of tricks, rotating at 360 degrees.

These wheels are fitted with K-2 ABEC 9-bearings for speed and smooth landing. Should you feel the need to downgrade them to 110mm, these wheels are interchangeable.

Made of aluminum, this scooter for tricks is quite sturdy and will take anything you throw at it. The M3 3D-forged fork and sealed headset complete the picture. The color and design ooze class and lane.

This stunt scooter is light weight yet sturdy enough to withstand tricks.

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7. Kingo Wide Deck 3 Wheels Scooter [Currently Unavailable]

The Kingo is designed for the adventurous kid who not afraid to use a scooter. It is brightly decorated to make the rider visible from afar. For the wheels, the manufacturers have moved from the usual two wheels to four wheels for stability. The LED lights on the wheels shine at night, and they do not require batteries.

It has a wide 5-inch deck that is 13” long. The deck grips well so that the little feet will not slide. To suit the young audience, the bar is 25-inches, which you can adjust upwards to 35” as they grow.

The handle grips are made of rubber for comfort. This cheap scooter from Kingo has a large pedal brake at the back, lest the little on missed it.

We like the four wheels, it makes the scooter stable and help build confidence in a young rider. We also like the fact that the bar can be adjusted for height because it means your child will be able to grow with it. It also has LED light! Who doesn’t like LED lights? Now your child can show their tricks in style.

How To Choose A Top Stunt Scooter

Buying the right toy for your child can be a tricky choice for parents. You want to strike a balance between playful and productive. Here’s an idea: a stunt scooter for kids. A stunt scooter is a more durable version of a regular scooter, this makes it very suitable for performing tricks and vert riding. Stunt scooters can also be referred to as trick scooters. Before you dismiss it as being a tad risky, here is the thing. At any given time, while using it your child will have protective gear on. Stunt scooters also helps them develop hand eye coordination while learning tricks.

Another bonus point is that it is a fun way to exercise without seeming like it. It will also get them off the couch, and if you really want to be super mom, insist that veggies (the same they have refused to eat) make theirs legs stronger.

Before you make a purchase, we have a few handy tips to help you choose the best stunt scooters for your kids. Read on for our stunt scooter advice below:

Scooter Handlebar

For proper handling on a stunt scooter, the handlebar is the primary grip. Unlike regular scooters, do note that a stunt scooter does not have an adjustable handlebar and is fixed. Opt for a handlebar that is equipped with power rubber grips for convenient handling. For the rider’s comfort during usage, a stunt scooter is normally fitted with a steel deck. The steel deck bears the entire weight of the rider during usage. This means that the stunt scooter can support greater weight during tricks, yet it remains lightweight enough and is suitable to gain momentum for short bursts of speed. Bear in mind that the average weight of a stunt scooter weighs between 2 kilograms and 4 kilograms.

The Rider’s Age, Height, Weight

Prior to choosing an appropriate and proportionate stunt scooter, determine the rider’s age, height and weight. For example, a child who measures at 48 inches in height would require a scooter with a handlebar that is at least 16 inches tall, and deck size of 18 inches. It is recommended to purchase a slightly larger stunt scooter if approximate measurements are unavailable. Kids stunt scooters are recommended for children ages 5 and above.

Braking System

In terms of the braking system, there are two common options for stunt scooters; spring activated and flex fender. For stunt scooters, a flex fender is preferred as it produces less noise. Beginners can familiarize themselves with a basic stunt scooter, while riders with more experience may want to upgrade or customize their stunt scooter. Parts such as wheels, bearings, headset, clamp, brakes, grips, and griptape are customizable. Stunt scooters can also be fitted with various add-on accessories such as locks, stands, horns, and detachable lights. There is also the option to personalize stunt scooters with stickers and decals.

Compression System

The compression system on stunt scooters can be adjusted according to the rider’s needs. The SCS (Standard Compression System) is easy to fit with just a clamp, top cap and bolt, whereas the budget ICS (Inverted Compression System) takes after the old BMX style which uses a star nut and a long bolt. For a cheaper option, the mini HIC or HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) goes well for threadless frames. Similar to the HIC, the IHC (Internal Hidden Compression) is integrated into the fork. For a basic compression setup, the threaded compression is no-frills and only requires a lock nut. The ICS10 (Internal Compression System 10 mm) is used for Ethic scooters, and the iHIC (integrated Hidden Internal Compression) was designed by Phoenix to thread seamlessly onto the forks. Finally, the Pytel Compression is a unique dual clamp design by Michael Pytel.

With a wide range of stunt scooters available on the market today, it can be tough to make a decision. Survey the different brands, check for sale items and analyze competitor prices before committing to a purchase.

How to Stay Safe On A Stunt Scooter

While stunt scooters are a fun activity for kids, we have a few tips on how to stay safe on while using a top stunt scooter. As a rule of thumb, riders should only ride their scooters in parks or other designated skate areas. Before performing any stunts or tricks, survey the park or designated riding area for large debris or obstructive items. Ensure that the area is clear before use.

Riders are also advised to wear protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Check the stunt scooter for any loose nuts and bolts, and tighten them before use. Make sure that the braking system is working properly. Parental supervision is advised for young beginners.

Regardless of the scooter you end up purchasing you should ensure that it is a good fit for the rider, that way it’ll be appreciated.

What stunt scooter is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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