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Best Wooden Toys For 1 Year Old

It is common knowledge that kids of all age groups love to play with toys. Most of the toys developed by the major companies have been designed with the utmost care to ensure the full safety of the child, playing with the toy. But choosing the right kind of toys for a child who is merely a year old can be a very tricky business. In this article, we will be listing some of the best wooden toys for one year old children.

Best Wooden Toys For 1 Year Old

But why wooden toys?

We will also answer that question by listing some of the benefits of wooden toys at the end of the article.

The Melissa & Doug wooden push toy is perfect for the 1 year old child who’s just starting to walk. Toddlers get to push this handcrafted wood toy which helps them develop hand eye coordination and improve their motor skills. It’s also equipped with Non-skid wheels that move forward and backward so your toddler can walk fearlessly.

If you a have a creative toddler then you should seriously consider getting them the BRIO Wooden Block Set which is a classic wooden toy for 1 year old. This toy stimulates your child’s creativity and imagination as they build different structures of varying shapes and sizes any way they desire.

No pets no problem, with the adorable elephant your child has the companinon while learning to walk. This wooden push toy is perfectly sized for 1 year old kids and is made from durable material designed to withstand the rough and tumble nature of toddlers. It also doubles as a push toy that can be pushed by your child.

A wood toy for 1 year old that they can sit in and move! They’ll love it. This wooden balance bike helps develop your child’s muscle strength and balance.

Each of the four wheels have a rubber exterior so the floors don’t get scratched up when your child scoots around on their bike.

With the Shake and Match Shape Sorter your child can practice matching shapes and color while having fun.

This is one of the top wooden toys for one year old that develops problem solving abilities. The wood used in the toy is sourced from environmentally sustainable forests making is very durable.

Radio Flyer is a popular American company which is known for making one of the best quality wagons for kids. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is the perfect toy for the one year olds who have just started learning to walk.

It has been carefully designed to ensure the safety of the child and Radio Flyer has even won an award for this particular toy.  The toy has a “resist push” feature which is one of the leading reasons why parents love this toy. This feature helps the child to learn to walk safely at the same time, it helps to build confidence and stability.

If the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is too simple for you, you can buy the Hape Little Red Rider Wooden Bike for your child. Made with the highest quality wood material and Hape Toy Company ensures that all of its toys are non-toxic and child-safe.
The Little Red Rider has a wide and comfortable seat which helps your child practice balance and coordination.

The Alex Jr. Maxville Wooden Activity Cube made by ALEX Toys is a basically a wooden activity cube with a turning base. Each side of this cube has a new activity which will develop the major motor skills of your child. This toy was named Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine.
The toy’s trademark colourful design, fun shapes and glittery pattern will keep your child entertained for hours.

If your child is the curious type, the Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center with its hands on gadgets and exciting colours is perfect for your child. This toy is based on a tree theme and has a very sturdy built to it which makes it quite suitable for nurseries and playrooms.
The Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure can keep your child engaged for hours. Manhattan Toy is one of the oldest companies in the toy industry and it has lived up to its name with the Tree Top Adventure Activity Center.

Another high quality wooden toy for 1 year old by The Original Toy Company, the Pop Up Toy is a fairly simple toy and it does exactly what it is named after. It has four very colourful and friendly looking peg figures which bobs up and down with the help of a concealed spring.
The Pop Up Toy has been the member of the Toy Hall of Fame of Child Magazine and has also been very popular among the parents. It helps your child’s eye hand coordination while at the same time introducing colour awareness, counting and matching.

Benefits of Wooden Toys For One Year Old Child

As promised, here are some benefits of wooden toys for kids;

Wooden Toys Are Known To Encourage Interaction Among Kids

At a certain point when kids utilize their creative impulses and practice real life situations while playing with their toys, they regularly get a kick out of the opportunity to get others to tag along on their play. Toys that have audio and visual features frequently encourages solo play since youngsters get the reactions they long for from the toy itself.Since wooden toys don't accompany sounds, lights, or other intelligent features, kids must discover other people to cooperate with them and hence encourages more interaction than regular toys.

Wooden Toys Encourages Childrens Imagination

Wooden toys give kids the opportunity to take control of the toy. While some wooden toys come in the shape of vehicles,food, or common household items, regardless of the shape they urge youngsters to utilize their imagination while learning and play. Some of the other wooden educational toys come in common basic shapes, for example, sticks, squares, triangles, and circles. These basic shapes will help your kids to truly investigate their imagination and help them think of creative ways to play with their toys.

Wooden Toys Will Last Long

We can all agree on one thing, when it comes to playing with toys, our children are very ruthless with it. There is bound to be some kind of toy in your house which is has lost one of its pieces or is just broken. This is where wooden toys have a major advantage.Since most of the wooden toys are made from high quality durable wood, it will be quite difficult for your child to break it while playing. Even if they get dirty, you can easily clean them within seconds and wooden toys have been known to last for generations at least.

Wooden Toys Are Quiet And Safe

One of the major reasons why wooden toys are so popular among kids and parents alike is because they are so quiet and safe to play with. If you ask any parent, they will all agree that raising a child is no easy business and requires lots of energy. So it really helps when they can relax without the annoying noise of the toy, their child is playing with.Most of the toys are completely safe since they have been carefully designed by experts. As we have mentioned earlier also, they are not easy to break hence your child will not be exposed to any sharp edges or small pieces.

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