Moluk Bilibo Toy Review

We’re always on the lookout for great toys that to help you keep your children occupied. Toys that help them develop and learn new skills are, for me, the most exciting. Bilibo is just such a toy.

It fascinates children.

With the Bilibo toy, your kids can spin, rock, climb and hide until they’re tired and ready for bed.

About The Moluk Bilibo Toy

The Bilibo was created by the Swiss toy company in collaboration with child development experts. The aim of the design was to allow children to expand their creative abilities while developing coordination and balance.

The Bilibo is suitable for any child of two years old or more. It is particularly useful for children with developmental problems. For autistic children, it offers the comfort of rocking and spinning without any distractions.

All of us worry about safety when it comes to children’s toys. This toy meets and exceeds the European and US safety standards. It is free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. The product is strong enough to hold a person of up to 150 pounds.

The Bilibo is suitable for use inside or in the garden. Since it is made from durable and recyclable polyethylene it is weatherproof and easy to keep clean. It makes a great addition to a playroom as Bilibos stack easily. You can also use them as storage for other toys.

Teachers and parents have found that Bilibos make great props for acting out stories, stimulating the imagination of the children. Role-playing also helps children to learn social skills.

Some may feel that the Bilibo is more expensive than it should be. An alternative product, the Spin Disk, would set you back by almost six times as much as the Bilibo costs. The Spin Disk also does not share the same versatility as the Bilibo. It is good only for spinning.

Do you need the MOLUK Bilibo?

Unleash the creativity in your child. Time to rock and roll, spin and hide, or climb and tote. The Bilibo is one of the few children’s toys that requires no instructions, no moving parts and no energy source. Children can do whatever they want with this toy. Sit in it, stand on it or hide under it. What they can do with a Bilibo is limited only by where their imaginations take them.

Bilibos come in ten vibrant colors that will brighten up any playroom. The odd shell shape and bright colors will claim the attention of all the children in the room.

The Bilibo has proven a godsend for the caregivers and parents of children with developmental problems such as autism. They contain no distracting lights or sounds. They offer the children the chance to spin and rock, comforting them, while they build their motor skills, coordination, balance and upper body strength.MOLUK Bilibo Green


  • Very strong and durable
  • Encourages creative play
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Good for children with developmental needs
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Some people may prefer not to bring plastic into their homes
  • Some children don’t have the imagination to do much with this toy
  • Not suitable for children who are unable to control their balance.

Features, Benefits And Review Of The Bilibo Toy

Bilibos are made by Kid O the leading designer of developmental and educational toys. Available in a wide range of colors, this simple and elegant award-winning toy was designed in cooperation with child development experts. The Bilibo is designed to develop coordination, balance and motor skills.

From its appearance, it is hard to believe that the Bilibo is one of the best-loved children’s toys around. The shell-shaped, rounded “bowl” with two holes leaves much to the imagination. The edges are wavy and when two are placed open end to open end, they fit together to form a sphere.

The Bilibo is made from non-toxic, recyclable and durable polyethylene. It can be used both indoors and out. It is designed for children of two years old or more. This toy will last for years with no loss of color, cracking or chipping. It is strong enough to stand and sit on.

The Bilibos are stackable so they take up little space. When they are not in use you can use them to store toys. They are a great option for playrooms where several children play together.

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Creative development

This is a creative activity toy. The number of activities it enables is limited only by the imagination of the child playing with it. These are great toys for children who require developmental assistance as the sensory input provided helps them.

At the same time, they learn coordination and balance. The child must learn to balance while sitting in the toy. This helps to strengthen the upper body. It also helps to improve coordination.

For the child with an active imagination, the Bilibo offers many ways to use the toy, nearly all of them physical. In this day and age where children are more engaged with digital games and television, parents often actively seek ways to get the children physically active.

MOLUK Bilibo Green

In the classroom, these colorful toys can be used creatively to engage children in storytelling encouraging them to role play. In this way, the Bilibo encourages social interaction between children, an important developmental requirement for growing youngsters.

What’s in the box

  • A Bilibo in your choice of color.


Developed in collaboration with child development experts the Bilibo is designed to allow children to play creatively while developing physically. Most children love these toys. They make a great addition to the playroom or classroom as they help children to learn through play. They are reasonably priced, safe and durable.

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