Kids Playing With Kinetic Sand

Is Kinetic Sand Safe or Toxic?

Kinetic sand is a new and creative toy that can provide children with hours of inventive fun. It also has many adults hooked due to its soft and silky feel, which relieves stress and anxiety. Like clay, the sand can be molded into shapes and forms, making it a favorite in any child’s toybox, but …

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Little boy playing with toy car

4 Benefits Kids Get From Playing With Toy Cars

If you’ve ever had a child in pediatric therapy sessions, you might note that many of the sessions are play sessions where children learn how to play with familiar toys in new ways. Why? We don’t usually associate “therapy” with the word “play.” Still, kids interpret the world differently: they’re motivated by play and imitation …

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How To Clean Wooden Toys

How to Clean Wooden Toys: Cars, Trains, Blocks & More

This is a guest post by Maria, owner of Toy Train Center Wooden train sets are one of the most traditional wooden toys kids either have or demand and can provide long hours of fun for your children at home. Also, wooden toys are 100% safe and non-toxic. It usually comes in large blocks or pieces …

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Best Trick Scooters For Kids

Best Stunt Scooters Brands

Stunt scooters (also known as trick scooters and Pro scooters) have taken the world by storm! They’re a modern twist on an old classic, combining elements of skateboarding and BMX biking to create a unique experience. Their low cost and portability make them accessible to everyone, creating an affordable way for people to explore their …

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