Chrisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse With Sound & Movement

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Do you remember playing on your own rocking horse as a child? It was so much fun! As my daughter’s second birthday approaches, I recall those fond memories more often than usual.w

Wouldn’t a rocking horse be a nice birthday gift?

A child can play on a rocking horse for only a few years. If you recall playing on your own rocking horse, you may want your child to create the same exciting memories you had. The Chrisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse would let you do so!

This rocking horse with an animated head and life-like horse sounds would be perfect!

Why Chrisha Creations Playful Plush Rocking Horse

Rocking Horses have remained popular for generations. They help children learn to walk and assist in building strong leg muscles. This makes them an ideal toy to bond together parents and their children.

This is a great toy option for parents of young children or even someone with a horse collection. You can gift it for birthdays or Christmas. This rocking horse is not meant to be purchased by parents of small babies or large children.

If you are a parent of a small baby, you could consider buying a walker instead. Your baby would be able to use it sooner and more quickly. Parents of older children could consider a bike or scooter. An older child would enjoy these much more than a rocking horse. They are more beneficial to their development too.

Details of the Playful Plush Rocking Toy

Crisha’s Playful Plush Rocking Toy is a stuffed plush, rocker, and ride-on toy that makes real-life horse noises. Crisha Creation’s version of a rocking horse differs from other brands because of the materials and attention to detail. The horse comes in a variety of colors and designs. The rocking horse comes fitted with pony accessories. This includes the bridle, saddle, hoofs, and stirrups.

This plush rocking toy is created for children around the age of three. Determine if your child can use the toy by comparing their weight and height to the rocking pony.

The toy is not meant to be used by any child who can not sit up independently. Your child should be able to support their own back and hold themselves atop the horse.

 There are a few things that really stand out to me about this product. Here are a few of them:

  • The Intricate Detail
  • It Doesn’t Tip Over
  • The Sounds and Movement
  • Perfect Size for a Toddler

A few things that I don’t love about Crisha’s Rocking Horse are.

  • It needs batteries before a child can use it
  • The weight: It weighs Ten Pounds

Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Toy Features, Benefits, and Review

The list of features of this rocking horse is plentiful. Each feature or accessory has its own unique benefit or use. You’ll notice that each feature contributes to the one-of-a-kind appearance of the Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse. I believe that the uniqueness of each feature will make this a toy your child will remember (Just like you remember your own.)

Solid Steel Frame and Polystyrene Molded Body

This rocking horse is extremely sturdy due to its solid steel frame and polystyrene molded body. The life-like muscular appearance of this rocking horse created by the polystyrene molded body is an attractive feature. The horse’s durability and longevity are likely due to this feature.

However, these two features increase the toy’s weight, making it difficult for your child to maneuver the horse around the room.

Hardwood Blonde Rails with Scroll Writing

Beautiful wooden, blonde rails create the rocking surfaces on the Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse. The wooden rails create a strong center of gravity and prevent the horse from tipping. The wooden rails add to the already hefty weight of the toy. The heavyweight will prevent your child from moving the toy quickly.

Leatherette Saddle and Reins

If you like premium materials, you will love the materials used to outfit the Playful Plush Rocking Horse and its’ many accessories. The leather material adds to the air of authenticity and smells great! This feature emphasizes the uniqueness of the toy. It shows the incredible amount of detail that went into the development of the rocking horse.

Metal Stirrups

These metal stirrups are another excellent accessory for the rocking horse. They are so precious. Can you picture your children’s tiny feet poking through them as they play happily on their new rocking horse? Though the stirrups also contribute to the weight, they are another example of the commitment to detail this toy creator seems to have.

Sherpa Saddle Blanket

The tan version of the Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse is adorned with a sherpa saddle blanket. This blanket appears to be so comfortable and fuzzy. Just imagine running your fingers over it and admiring the softness. This blanket was a very thoughtful addition to the rocking horse.

I don’t believe it would occur to most people to include it. Another advantage of the sherpa saddle blanket is that it will protect your child from becoming sore while they ride the horse.

Wooden Handles

Two wooden handles are on each side of the rocking horse’s neck below the bridal strap. The handles are in the perfect position to allow your toddler to grab on tightly as they rock on their Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse. The wooden handles will significantly assist in mounting your toddler onto the horse’s back.


The Playful Plush Rocking Horse whinnies and creates galloping sounds. Your toddler can easily play with these exciting sounds with the press of a button, and even though they will tire from hearing them, you might! This rocking horse makes real-life sounds.


Aside from the physical rocking motion, this rocking horse will move its head upwards and downwards. The feature is also performed after pressing a button. This motion imitates the actual movement of real-life horses! You could imagine the Playful Plush Rocking Horse bobbing its head while whinnying. Your child bursts into laughter as they eagerly watch the pony in anticipation of its next movement.

Alternatives To Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Toy

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

One of the most popular children’s toy brands developed this rocking horse. The Little Tikes Rocking Horse differs from the Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse in nearly every way.

The Little Tikes version of the rocking horse is solely plastic. There is not nearly as much versatility in materials or uses. The plastic rocking horse is much lighter than the Playful Plush Rocking Horse (which I like); however, the weight limit is much lower (50 pounds.) The Little Tikes Rocking Horse also lacks the sound and movement created by the Playful Plush Rocking Horse.

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Rockin Rider 2 in 1 Pony

The Rockin Rider Pony is very similar to the Playful Plush Rocking Horse. The Rockin Rider 2 in 1 Pony features a soft, huggable exterior identical to the Playful Plush Rocking Horse. The two rocking horses also make their own unique sounds.

The two rocking horses differ in the types of sounds they make. Crisha’s Playful Plush Rocking horse makes real-life horse sounds, and the Rockin Rider Pony sings a song and says a few different phrases. The Playful Plush uses various premium materials, while the Rockin Rider uses a soft fabric and plastic.

The Rockin Rider is lighter and, I would assume, less durable than the Playful Plush due to the different materials used. The Rockin Rider Pony does the transition from a rocking horse to a ride-on toy (which is pretty cool!)

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Happy Trails Rocking Horse

I think this rocking horse is the most similar to the Playful Plush Rocking Horse. The materials used are very similar, and the appearance is identical to the Playful Plush Rocking Horse. Both rocking horses appear incredibly durable compared to their competitors’ versions.

The Happy Trails Rocking Horse does lack the head movement and life-like sounds of the Playful Plush. Upon careful observation, the materials used for the Playful Plush also seem to be of better quality.

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Like every other parent, you probably want your child to have all the things you never had (and all of the things you did have). The Crisha Playful Plush Rocking Horse sounds like a toy I would have loved as a child. This is a better version of the rocking horses we had as children, and I feel children nowadays will love it even more.

You may like that the appearance and accessories of the Playful Plush Rocking Horse will make the toy memorable for your child. The durability of the toy, thanks to the premium materials, will allow your child to use it for years to come.

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