Dareway Scooter vs Dareway Revolution Segway

Dareway Scooter And Dareway Revolution Segway Review

Adults love to ride a Segway, and while that transport vehicle might be a bit too big for your kid they can still participate in the fun with their own Dareway Scooter! The Dareway Electric scooter is safe, easy to use and offers a fun way for kids to move around.

If you’re wondering what a Dareway ride on is, You can think of it as a kid’s version of a Segway and it was all the rage when it was released. As it is meant for kids, you can be assured that it comes with reliable safety features and kid-friendly performance.

While a bit of assembly is required, it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes to have this scooter ready for your kid to enjoy. Once fully assembled the scooter stands approximately 30 inches tall. This kid's vehicle has two buttons on its handle grips. These buttons are used for turning right or left. If you press both buttons together, the scooter will move in reverse. Your kid can also perform a full 360 turn if they want. Furthermore, there is a foot pedal for acceleration.

Wondering about Dareway's battery life? The Dareway Scooter's battery life depends on various factors. If the scooter is being used on uneven terrain or even an incline, then the charge depletes faster. The charge is also dependent on the weight of the rider. However, on average, a single charge does offer around one to two hours of exciting performance.

Features Of the Dareway Electric Scooter

Speaking of the overall features of the Dareway 12 Volt Scooter. It boasts a very sturdy platform. This also means that the scooter is durable and you won’t have to worry about it breaking while your kid rides it.

The maximum speed delivered in 3.7 miles per hour. This speed is for both forward and reverse movement which is satisfactory for little kids. The scooter also comes with a sheet of decals which you can use to customize the ride. Additionally, your kid can use other stickers too to customize their ride on. Are they a fan of superheroes or princesses? Let them decorate the scooter in the superhero stickers.

It comes with a charger and the 12-Volt battery is included too. You will need to charge this scooter for more than ten hours for the battery to be at full power. This scooter is also quite portable. So, once your kid is done playing, you can pick it up and store it away until the next playtime.


  • Durable make
  • Sturdy Platform
  • 12-Volt rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use handle grips
  • Offer a maximum speed of 3.7 miles per hour
  • Comes with decals for customization


  • Battery requires between 8-10 hours to charge fully

Dareway Revolution Segway Review

The Dareway Revolution is the upgraded version of the original Dareway. With the Dareway Revolution Segway, indulge the kids and their inquisitive nature to explore the outdoors.

Made by Italian manufacturer, Famosa, the debut of the original Dareway received great reviews when it was first marketed to the public. The Dareway Revolution is the upgrade we’ve been waiting for since the debut of the Dareway scooter. While many people might assume the Dareway costs as much as a Segway, rest assured, the price tag for this upgrade is still relatively affordable.

Inspired by the Segway version for adults, the Dareway Revolution Segway is an upright two-wheeled motor scooter suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years. The motorized scooter is designed to withstand weight up to 89 pounds, though it is advisable to maintain body weight below the maximum. Additional weight may cause the scooter to malfunction.

As a standing unit, the scooter is about 30 inches in height when assembled. The manually operated Dareway comes installed with an internal 12 volt battery. Left and right buttons allow the rider to steer the scooter with ease. In order to move in reverse, the rider just has to push both buttons simultaneously. Like it’s predecessor, the Dareway can make 360° turns and retains the foot pedal accelerator. To brake, just lift off the accelerator and the scooter will come to a halt.

Features Of the Dareway Revolution Scooter

And now, to explore the new features of the Dareway Revolution scooter! From the list of technical tweaks to this upgrade, it is clear that the manufacturers have taken user feedback quite seriously with the implementation of various add-ons. While it may not have mattered much for the previous users, we are sure that the battery gauge in this new and improved version will be of use now. The battery gauge alerts riders with three status colors: green, yellow, and red. It could prove useful especially if kids want to avoid having to manually push the Dareway Revolution after an adventure.

On top of that, a new streamlined handle bar allows riders to adjust three different heights. This supports riders and provides a more comfortable riding experience, as well as the ability to suit children of different sizes. The Dareway Revolution also claims to be 40% faster than the original Dareway, which was listed at 3.7 mph. Based on rough calculations, we will concede that the new model can travel at a speed of 5.2 mph. Tire rubber grips are also a new addition to help with traction and to ensure a smooth riding experience.

And last but definitely not the least, the new Dareway Revolution is also equipped with an in-built sound system. Music lovers can enjoy the convenience of an audio jack and speakers and have their favourite tunes on the go.


  • Height adjustments- Up to 3 levels
  • Speakers and MP3/iPhone holder
  • Power meter that shows battery level
  • Maximum speed of approximately 5 miles per hour


  • Battery requires between 8-10 hours to charge fully
  • The dareway sometimes jerks forward
  • Steering is done with buttons
  • Moving up an incline can be challenging

While the original Dareway definitely ticked off many boxes for those opting for a more affordable scooter, the enhanced Dareway Revolution has some great additions. For those who have experienced the Dareway, we would suggest getting this upgrade to the Dareway Revolution. With all these new and improved features, it would be an enjoyable experience for kids who love exploring the outdoors.

We hope this dareway scooter and dareway revolution reviews will help you make up your mind on which dareway to buy for your child.

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