Best Dollhouses with Elevator For Kids

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Over the years, Barbie has become quite a famous brand with young children everywhere, from movies, books, Tv shows, and toys.

The dolls mainly help children imagine themselves in many different situations; this allows them to try out many things, like other jobs, outfits, and even lifestyles.

As with many popular toys, they come with a wide range of accessories. The biggest and best supplement you can get your Barbie fan is a Barbie Dollhouse!

The houses come in various styles and have other furniture inside; some doll houses are equipped with an elevator.

Throughout the article, we will review some of the best Barbie Dollhouses with Elevators on the market.

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide, and ElevatorBarbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Wheelchair Accessible Elevator, Pool, Slide and 70 Accessories Including Furniture and Household Items, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds

This Barbie House has everything your child could wish for; it stands 15.51-inches tall and 40-inches wide, with three different stories. It comprises eight rooms; some include the living room, the kitchen, a pool area, a garage, and more!

It also includes many interactive accessories and two-in-one pieces of furniture, such as a couch that can turn into bunk beds and a refrigerator that can turn into a food stand.

These two-in-one furniture pieces help expand the play area so your children can fully use their imagination and save space in the compact house.

The elevator is on the side of the house and can hold up to four barbie dolls or one wheelchair that can lock into place. The slide from the top floor is a fun way of getting between two stories, and the pool can hold actual water, adding a bit of a splash when your dolls go down.

All the rooms are open, easy to wipe down, and have plenty of stickers for your child to decorate their house any way they like.

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Living Traditional Wooden Doll House

This Dollhouse has a more modern finish than most on the market; all interior features are detailed, with printed decorations in each room and some modern features, including chandeliers, a floating staircase, and a chic elevator.

The elevator has to be manually operated but works effortlessly to get your doll from one floor to the other. Still, it only reaches two of the three stories this dollhouse offers. The dollhouse has plenty of windows and wooden furniture that you can easily rearrange to suit your little one. The furniture set includes a bed, bath, kitchen sink, lounge suite, and more!

The dollhouse is big enough to fit in a standard Barbie-sized doll or smaller; it stands at 45.28-inches tall and 32.48-inches wide. This gives your children plenty of space to play and create scenes from their imagination.

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KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

KidKraft Kaylee Doll House

This Uptown Dollhouse is undoubtedly impressive and definitely on a larger scale than other dollhouses; this particular dollhouse stands at 46.25-inches tall and 61-inches wide. This dollhouse is three stories tall and has 5 different and unique rooms, including a large lounge, a kitchen, a pool come BBQ area and an upper-level patio.

The Uptown Dollhouse has a modern design that fits any upscale house design in real life; it also features a modern-looking elevator that connects all three levels and stairs that lead up to the outside patio. To fill this large dollhouse, it comes with 35 different and detailed furniture pieces and accessories.

A working piano is part of the set, plays music with a simple push of a button, and the light outside on the wall also lights up by the push of a button. The elevators work manually and use a simple slide mechanism.

A small backyard area includes a lovely pool that your child can fill with water to make their playtime more engaging; it also has a sun chair and a small BBQ set.

The upstairs patio has a table, chairs, and an umbrella. Some features of the dollhouse would be the ceiling fan in the room under the patio and the chandelier in the top floor bedroom.

The dollhouse is made out of sturdy materials. As can be expected from such an intricate house, it does require some assembly; luckily, you should be able to do it alone in less than an hour.

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Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture SetMelissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set

Unlike most Dollhouses, this particular set comes with 3 dolls that fit perfectly in the dollhouse. It also comes with 15 different pieces of furniture. It has a sturdy wooden frame with open sides; this gives your children more access to the inside of the house to create a more engaging play. With seven different rooms, all painted in a set of gender-neutral colors, this was done to help make every child feel involved and engaged.

One of the rooms is a small garage with an easy-to-open door, and the sweet red elevator is in the middle of the dollhouse. It has a manual elevator that glides easily to all 3 levels of the dollhouse. The 15 pieces of loose furniture allow your children to recreate the space in the dollhouse how they want to; this encourages imaginative play.

The idea of multiple dolls and pieces of furniture to try and encourage social play sessions, whether with siblings or friends, would help the younger children develop their social skills before and in the starting phase of school.

The dollhouse stands at 30-inches tall and 23.75-inches wide, making it an ideal dollhouse with an elevator for toddlers.

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KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

Your children will definitely be the talk of the play yard with this dollhouse in their rooms! Get ready for one of the most glamorous pink dollhouses you’ll ever see.

Each of the 6 rooms is well detailed in a modern glamour style; these 6 rooms are spacious, leaving more than enough pay room and room to rearrange furniture to match your preference.

The KidKraft Sparkle Mansion has some unique features; one of the rooms is a garage come storage space, it’s big enough to store away the BBQ set, or you can park your Barbie car inside.

We can’t forget about the modern gliding elevator. It’s operating manually and slides effortlessly between the first and second floors. It also features a floating staircase, adding a stylish effect to the house.

This Mansion dollhouse stands at 50.5-inches tall and 53.2-inches wide, it has 4 levels, and each level has its unique design that still compliments the other floors.

The dollhouse also has a small outside balcony and a backyard with a pool area and a BBQ set. It comes with 30 pieces of well-detailed furniture, including a piano that plays music and a lamp that lights up.

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Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

This dollhouse is the few that have a storage space for all of their furniture pieces, so they don’t get lost easily or leave a mess after playing with them.

Lower storage space excluded, the Mansion has 3 different levels. The house has 4 rooms and 2 outside balconies, with one exterior elevator that takes you from the first to the second floor. An external floating staircase connects the top two floors and stands above the bathroom.

The set includes 14 pieces; each is well-detailed and designed to follow a realistic and modern design. Each room also has a unique backdrop where the designs are based on real-life beach mansions.

The 14-piece furniture set includes a kitchen table with two chairs, a bed with bedding and a matching nightstand, a lounge suite and palm tree for the balcony, and a sofa with a coffee table.

The dollhouse stands at 50-inches tall and 33-inches wide; it’s made from a sturdy material that is guaranteed to last many play sessions.

It’s good to keep in mind that this particular build is complex. As a result, it may take you a bit longer than average to assemble the Dollhouse; it’s also recommended to have an adult help as some parts are easier to connect with an extra hand.

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KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

The Annabelle Dollhouse has a classic Southern design, standing at 47.5-inches tall and 34.75-inches wide; the dollhouse has 3 different levels and 4 rooms.

On the top floor of the Dollhouse are the main bedroom and a small balcony on the outside. There is an elaborately designed elevator with a heart-shaped latticework that connects the first two floors; the elevator must be operated manually and can glide effortlessly between the two. A wooden staircase connects the second and third floors.

The house is decorated with a floral design, perfect for your baby girls. To add to the aesthetics, they have included an intricate little chandelier on the top floor of the Annabelle Dollhouse. This set also comes with a colorful 16-piece furniture set, including a bed with linen, a bathroom suite, the pastel purple lounge suite, chairs, and a table to go into the kitchen.

This dollhouse is made of sturdy MDF plastic, guaranteed to last many years; the frame also has many large windows so your child can look through and see their dolls clearly.

The dollhouse is large and spacious; combined with the loose furniture, your child can rearrange the rooms how they like and suit whichever scene they may be playing out.

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Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse

Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse

The Imaginarium Dollhouse has a detailed modern design, standing at 47-inches tall and 32-inches wide; this dollhouse has 3 different levels with 4 uniquely designed rooms and a small balcony on the outside.

It has an open design with large window cutouts to give your children easy access and a clear view when playing with their dolls inside the house.

The dollhouse has a vibrant pink, modern design in each room and some of its own features. It has a floating staircase that connects the second and third floors; the top floor is home to a lovely small chandelier and that small balcony. The first and second floors are connected by an elevator with a modern design. The elevator is operated manually by simply gliding it up and down.

The Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse has 11 pieces of well-detailed modern furniture and accessories; some include a flatscreen TV, lounge suite, a bed with linen, and more!

Everything, from the dollhouse to the accessories and furniture, is made from long-lasting and sturdy materials; this guarantees many years of imaginative play.

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Kaylee DollHouse

KidKraft Kaylee Doll House

It’s said that this dollhouse has a sophisticated charm to it, with its cozy brickwork pattern on the walls. This Southern-type Dollhouse has three levels with four uniquely designed rooms, including the bedroom, lounge area, kitchen, and bathroom. It even has a small balcony on the top level. Children can decorate in any way they see fit, as it comes with 10 loose pieces of furniture.

The Dollhouse encourages interactive play; this is done through the front door, which can open and close, finely detailed artwork that will help your child fully engage with their imagination, as well as a manual elevator that is easy to glide up and down; this elevator only reaches the second floor.

The elevator is only one of the dollhouse’s features; it also has a small outside balcony and a floating staircase leading up to the bedroom and bathroom.

The Dollhouse is made of sturdy wood, guaranteed to last many years of playtime. It does require some assembly, but the instructions are clear, and the setup is relatively easy.

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Final Thoughts

Dollhouses were made to help encourage your child to engage with their imagination; this has many benefits regarding problem-solving skills and social development.

There are many options for choosing a Dollhouse with an elevator for your children; remember that many of these sets don’t include the actual dolls unless otherwise stated.

Some may be difficult to set up, but many hours of play are well worth the effort. With all the different designs, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your little one.

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