FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon Review

So you’re on the lookout for a great durable toy that kids love?!

Who wants to spend good money on a toy that gets used for only half-hour and is then cast aside to gather dust. During my search for a suitable Christmas gift, I happened upon Furreal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon. This little dragon, with its interactive communications and expressive face, crept straight into my heart.

The baby dragon breathes fire, toasts his marshmallow treat and reacts to your touch with more than fifty sounds and motions. He has a soft, plush pelt that invites a gentle touch.

As expected, the kids loved Torch, and as I’d hoped, the dragon remained a firm favorite long after the gift wrap had come off.

About Torch My Furreal Friends Dragon

Torch my Blazing Dragon is part of Hasbro’s FurReal Friends, a range of interactive toy pets designed and created for the benefit of young children. The pack includes the interactive pet, a marshmallow treat, which changes color when Torch breathes on it, a crystal-shaped tool for filling the water tank and two extra reusable filters.

There are also instructions in the pack to learn how to engage with your pet and what responses you can expect.

Torch is a lovely toy, but it has some great features and some that need improvement like all products.

Hasbro, B5142, Furreal Friends, Torch My Blazing Dragon. Plush

Before You Buy Torch Dragon

Torch my Blazing Magical Dragon is designed for children of four years old or more. This dragon has some small parts that present a choking danger to smaller children. Younger children would benefit from a softer plush toy. The torch has a lovely soft covering, but beneath it, the plastic is hard and unyielding.

This fantasy pet dragon makes a lovely gift, but it does require a little TLC as you must change the filters from time to time and the water tank is small, so you must fill it quite often. An adult will also have to empty and dry the water tank before the toy is put away.

This toy requires 4 C batteries. They are not included in the pack. The batteries are quite challenging to install, so pre-installing them before wrapping the gift is a good idea. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver to complete the task.


  • The dragon breathes fire which gets the attention of young and old alike
  • This is a super cute toy that makes adorable little dragon sounds
  • The torch has an extensive repertoire of more than fifty responses.


  • This is not a soft toy. Although it is covered with plush material, the underbody is hard plastic.
  • Unlike some of the other FurReal friends, the dragon moves only his head, ears, and eyes.
  • Torch is relatively expensive.

What’s in the box

Here’s what you get when you purchase FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

Hasbro, B5142, Furreal Friends, Torch My Blazing Dragon. Plush

  • The interactive dragon
  • A marshmallow treat
  • Instructions for use.

Features and benefits

They say Torch comes from a crystal cave inside an enchanted forest. He is one of the cutest toys to hit the toy stores for years. The sounds and movements that he makes are just so adorable; the kids will love him.

Introduced to the world in 2016 as one of Hasbro’s new FurReal Friends, this little dragon is set to creep into the hearts of so many youngsters around the world.

Torch my Blazing Dragon is an interactive toy with a repertoire of more than fifty movement, light and sound combinations. These are all responses to touchpoints on his body.

The baby dragon’s front legs are posable. His body is covered with a soft plush material which makes him a pleasure to stroke and cuddle. His nose and chest are plastic, as are the little wing stubs on his back. The dragon is an enchanting shade of blue with orange tufts on his tail and ears. His wings, eyes and scales are a shade of purple that matches his soft fur body perfectly.

You can make him breathe flame-coloured mist by filling his tank with distilled water. The tank is on his head. It takes just one or two teaspoons of water dispensed with the little crystal that comes with the dragon. A full tank will allow Torch to breathe red mist about fifteen times before you must refill it.

Touch his charm or pet his nose and he will roar and then breathe out a colorful mist like any little dragon learning the tricks of the trade. The little lights in his mouth light up the fine mist, and it puts on a fine show. No need to worry; the dragon flames are made from a cool watery mist.

Torch can snort, giggle, sneeze and burp; this happens when you touch his nose. He also makes little coos, purrs and growls. He can also move his head, his ears and his eyes.

Though no other parts of the dragon move, his facial expressions are adorable and endearing.

The dragon comes with its special treat. When he breathes fire on the marshmallow treat, it goes toasty. This is because it reacts to moisture in the fine mist which he breathes. Once his treat dries out fully, it will revert to the original color, and the fun can start all over again.

The toy is designed for children ages four or more as the pack contains small parts that can cause small children to choke.

Final thoughts on the FurReal Friends Torch

Torch my Blazing Dragon is recommended and appropriate for children ages four and older. Because he comes with so many instructions, children under four may not enjoy using him without an adult’s help.

The facial expressions and cute baby dragon sounds are endearing, and the fire breathing is impressive.

On the downside, this dragon does not have as many interactive tricks as other FurReal Friends in the Hasbro stable. Some children may lose interest over time.

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