How To Organize Pool Toys: 3 Swimming Pool Storage Ideas

Last Updated: September 25, 2022

There’s nothing worse than having a backyard with kids’ pool items scattered everywhere. They look messy and just plain ugly. But what makes it even worse is not being able to find specific pool toys when they are needed.

If your kids’ pool toys are cluttering your backyard and you need some ways to organize them, we can help. Here are several pool storage tips that’ll show you how to organize your pool toys effectively. This way, you can keep things tidy and stop losing track of your toys.

Once you’ve organized your pool toys, you’ll never have to worry about where an item is again. Now you can focus on enjoying swim time instead of spending hours searching for toys.

You won’t regret investing time and effort into ensuring that your swimming pool items are organized even after pool season.

3 Pool Storage Tips To Save Your Sanity

1. Rolling Pool Toy Storage Bin

Consider one of these rolling pool bin storage systems if you’re looking for a versatile way to store pool items.

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There are two main features that we love about  these bins:

The first thing is that it uses a mesh design material that allows you to keep wet toys in it but not let the water stay inside the container. Instead, the water flows through the mesh. Removing all the moisture from pool toys can be challenging, and we know storing pool items with moisture in them can lead to a mildew spew. So it’s vital you completely dry them before storing them.

These bins allow your pool toys and accessories to dry completely, so you won’t get a musty pool smell.

Second, these bins are so popular because they’re easy to move around. You can easily move them up to your pool or a shed or garage for later use.

With this, you don’t have to carry all your pool toys from the garage or storage room to the pool. You can instead roll the whole bin right next to your swimming pool and then roll it back out when you’re done. This also allows you to store your pool accessories out of sight instead of just laying them out on your deck.

There are a few different-sized mesh pool toy storage bins, but we would recommend you get one of the large or x-large-sized bins above, especially if you have kids or grandkids and want to be able to fit all the floats, noodles, goggles, and other toys for the pool in one container.

2. Deck Storage Box Container

Another pool toy storage idea is using a deck storage container. This is an excellent outdoor storage solution for keeping things on your deck or patio out of sight.

There are a few reasons why some people might choose these pool storage boxes over mesh bins.

The first reason is that these containers tend to be more decorative and look better on a deck or patio.

If you don’t have a shed or a yard where you can keep the mesh storage bins when it isn’t in use, you might consider buying an outdoor storage box instead because it’ll fit in better with your backyard decor.

It’s also nice to have all the toys and accessories in a box, so they don’t become an eyesore—sort of like out of sight, out of mind.

Another nice feature of these boxes is that they are usually weather resistant and can be left outside during the winter months with no problem. They give you an extra storage space if you don’t have room inside or in a shed to store your pool equipment and accessories during cold weather months.

Lastly, some deck pool storage containers have lockable latches and durable construction, so you can also use them as bench seats for your pool area. This may come in handy for pool parties when you are short on chairs or want to sit on the pool deck and watch your kids while they play in the pool.

3. DIY Pool Toy Storage Net

If you’re looking to save some money or simply don’t have the space in your yard or shed for storing any pool toys, then here’s another outdoor storage option.

It simply involves using a cargo net held up with some outdoor command hooks.

You’ll need a wall where you can place the storage net, such as the fence or side of the house, or you can even try to hang it off the side of a larger deck if you don’t have an empty wall.

Use around 4-5 command hooks and place them on the wall according to directions.

Then hang one end of the cargo net up on the hooks and double it over so you make a pocket that will hold the pool toys.

This idea is best for larger floats or pool noodles, as smaller toys will fall through the netting.

You can even use this DIY pool float storage in conjunction with a smaller rolling bin or deck storage unit for smaller toys and accessories, so you don’t have to deflate the larger pool floats all the time.

Most parents agree that having well-organized pool toys makes it easier to find stuff when it’s swimming time. If you’ve got a pool, you should have a system for organizing your pool toys. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours looking for them. It doesn’t matter how big or small your pool is; organizing your pool toys will make swimming fun again.

So, don’t let pool items take over your deck and backyard this year. Instead, use one of these water toys and pool float storage ideas to enjoy your swim time and keep your yard organized.

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