Mad Mattr Review

Last Updated: August 13, 2021

Kids love to get their hands dirty; they learn about the world around them by getting involved and getting their hands on anything they can reach.

Play Dough is a favorite with small children, they get to make various objects from small animals to big buildings and have the satisfaction of destroying them, but ordinary play dough can be messy and tends to leave stains on most surfaces. Others may find Kinetic Sand the next best thing, but sand will do what sand does – get into everything!

Mad Mattr offers a solution to this by creating an odorless, non-toxic dough made from a polymer-dough mix so as not to stain any hands, clothes or furniture. You can mold it into any shape you can think of, but with a single touch, it can break apart into a magical mess.

MAD MATTR Super-Soft Modelling Dough Compound That Never Dries Out by Relevant Play (Purple, 10oz)

Things To Think About Before Buying Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr has no age restrictions in place; it’s meant to be used and enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from little ones who love the texture to adults looking for something to help them relax and get creative.

With that being said, there are still some things to think about before buying your very own set of Mad Mattr. Even though Mad Mattr can be fun for everyone when looking at different sets, it’s important to closely look at the set as most of them come with different tools.

Some of the more complicated tools would be challenging for younger children. The amount of Mad Mattr is important too! Too much can be messy, and too little is just no fun at all.

Mad Mattr comes in a variety of colors; you can mix them up to create your favorites. If you mix the red Mattr with the blue Mattr, you will get a purple Mattr.

What Is Mad Mattr?

Mad Mattr is a non-toxic, odorless dough that flows like velvet foam in your hands, and it never dries out! It’s made from a polymer-dough mix that is super clean and doesn’t stain hands, textiles, or furniture. When you stretch it out, you will find out what makes this so unique. It transforms into a light and airy material that we can describe as massaging a cloud.

You will be happy to know that this dough is super easy to clean up for busy parents. The material tends to stick to itself, so you can use a bigger piece of dough to help you pick up the smaller pieces.

MAD MATTR Super-Soft Modelling Dough Compound That Never Dries Out by Relevant Play (Purple, 10oz)

Remember to do this lightly; it will be slightly more difficult to clean if pressed too hard into a textile surface or any fabric.

Mad Mattr is also gluten, casein, and wheat-free, making it safe for kids who put everything in their mouths.

That said, Mad Mattr is not meant to be eaten.

Benefits of Mad Mattr: Why Choose It Over Other Doh

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

By playing with the Mad Mattr, your child is improving their fine motor skills through learning how to build bigger, better, and complex objects from Mattr. By squishing, rolling, shaping, and flattening the Mad Mattr, your child is strengthening their hand muscles and improving their finer motor skills.

Improves Pre-Writing Skills

Learning how to use the different tools when shaping their Mad Mattr properly helps them later when your child has to learn how to grip and use a pen or pencil in class. A finer concept of tool use is greatly beneficial for all children under the age of 6-years-old.

Creativity and Imagination

Mad Mattr has the capacity to become anything, the freedom of shaping, destroying, and reshaping into anything that your child can come up with. It encourages their use of imagination, allowing their creativity to flow, and it’s been proven that imagination is vital to have when developing your problem-solving skills, like trying to figure out a new way to escape a maze.

Calming Effect

Mad Mattr also has an outstanding calming effect on children, especially those who feel out of control or have difficulty expressing themselves. They would be able to take out their anger on the Mad Mattr without any negative consequences; just being able to sit in one place and press the Mattr through your fingers can be a calming experience in itself. The ability to mold the Mad Mattr into any shape you want also gives your child a sense of control in an out-of-control world.

Social Skills

Playing with Mad Mattr sand and creating different everyday shapes with other children or their siblings help with interaction and learning how to talk about problems they are having trouble with a particular tool or helping another child figure out a solution when struggling with shaping their Mattr.

Alternatives to Mad Mattr

Play Visions 4602 Floof Modeling Clay

Unlike Mad Mattr, the Floof Modeling Clay is made to mimic snow. It comes with little polar bear molds and 1 paw print roller, transporting your child into their own winter wonderland when they play with this toy. It’s endlessly reusable and feels super soft and smooth to the touch, and only sticks to itself.

Like Mad Mattr, your little one can mold this indoor snow, shape, break it apart again.

However, unlike Mad Mattr, it is not as easy to clean and tends to stick to your hands when you play with it.

Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset

This Kinetic sand is made to feel just like wet sand at the beach to help teleport you to a sand-filled holiday while still playing indoors.

You’ll be able to shape and cut this sand into anything you can come up with.

Unlike Mad Mattr, when you stretch Kinetic Sand or break apart your sculpture, it returns into its sand form and doesn’t hold together as the Mad Mattr would.

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DIY Project: How to Make a Garden House with Kinetic Sand, Mad Mattr, Slime and Straws

This short little video explains beautifully how to make your very own garden house!

Final Thoughts

Mad Mattr is a creative outlet for any child with an active imagination; it’s easy to mold and shape into anything their little heart desires. The tools provided are easy to use and easy to clean.

Mad Mattr is a non-toxic and no mess play dough you can confidentiality give to your children to play with! Fantastic colors, a great feeling in your hands, no mess play, what more could you ask for?

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