Best Mini Coopers Toys Cars For Kids: Putting The Mini In Mini Coopers

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We’ve all heard of the Mini Cooper, the compact car from BMW. Nowadays, kids can drive their own Mini Cooper toy car.

While you might not be able to own every Mini Cooper for kids item, you can probably find plenty of Mini Cooper ride-on cars for kids so that both you and your kiddos can ride in style. While this list is far from all-inclusive, here is a fine selection of quality mini cooper for toddlers and older kids that your children will love.

Best Mini Cooper Children’s Car

Below you’ll find a collection of children’s mini coopers your kids will love.

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1. Huffy Mini Cooper – Mini Cooper Car For Toddler

The Huffy Mini Cooper is a budget-friendly mini cooper toddler car. Not only is it an adorable charming yellow and black color mix, but it is also equipped with a push handle which makes it suitable for toddlers who require assistance with moving around in the car and for those who don’t. The push handle can be removed so that an older child can have some independence.

The door for this mini cooper child’s car opens for a real car experience, and it even makes horn and engine noises for your child’s enjoyment. Say goodbye to strollers and hello to a stylish ride for your child!

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2. Kid Trax Mini Cooper – Pink Mini Cooper Power Wheels

This pink toy mini cooper is for the girls – or for boys who like pink! While this model does not have an engine, you can convert it to a drivable ride-on car once parental assistance is no longer necessary. This children’s pink mini cooper makes some realistic horn and engine sounds and has a door that opens and closes so your child can feel like a big boy or girl. Another option for a pink electric mini cooper car is the Huffy Pink Ride On Car on Amazon.

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3. Costzon Red BMW- Children’s Electric Mini Cooper 12V

This adorable little coop, like the mini cooper above, is electric. This child’s electric mini cooper comes with a 12V 1000Ma battery, which will provide your child with hours of fun. This model also comes with an additional battery for more ride time. While the maximum capacity of this car is one person, the weight limit is exceptional at 66 pounds so that even larger children can zoom around in it.

This mini cooper ride-on car 12v has a remote control if a parent feels the child needs a little extra guidance. Fun, cute, and wonderful for quality time outside.

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4. Rollplay Mini Cooper- Battery Operated Mini Cooper

The best feature of the Rollplay Mini Cooper is the detailed work on this adorable, fun vehicle. This car looks like a Mini Cooper and even has decals and a racing stripe to prove it! With adjustable mirrors, a 6-volt battery, and a steering wheel perfect for little hands, this mini cooper child’s electric car is ready to entertain a child all day long.

Your child can flash the LED headlights, play with a detailed dashboard, and zoom around at two and a half miles an hour! All these features make it a top-rated toddler mini cooper.

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5. Costzon Mini Cooper Paceman Ride On – Blue Mini Cooper Power Wheels

Last but not least, we have this kid’s electric mini cooper, a high-quality replica model of a Mini Cooper. While this is the most expensive of the group, it also comes with the most features and is the most authentic car. You won’t find any gaps or other spots that make this car look like a kid’s toy – it is a truly stylish replica. A two-tone body, real mirrors, molded bucket seat, and lit interior gauges complement the car’s already sleek, polished design.

This electric-powered Mini Cooper comes equipped with specialized rubber traction strips for quality all-terrain performance. Cute, functional, and built to last for many rides around the block, up the hill, or even through the grass and mud.

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6. Mini Cooper Ride On 2 Seater- Mini Cooper Power Wheels

This car is for the older children in your life, but as a bonus, your older child can take your younger child for a ride! Don’t worry- power wheels mini cooper car comes with seat belts. Power Wheels is the iconic company for ride-on cars with battery-powered wheels.

They make fun, exceptional products, and the Mini Cooper is no exception. This car comes well-equipped with a play-radio, brake, two speeds, and full steering capabilities. One of the best things about this mini cooper ride-on car is that you can control it via remote control so that you can have some fun with your child.


Whether you want a car for a toddler or older kid, battery-powered or electric, or if you want a specific colour like pink or blue, you are sure to find a quality Mini Cooper that both you and your child will enjoy throughout the summer.

Need more convincing of how cute the mini cooper is? Check out this video of this little fella in his yellow mini cooper ride-on.

Like an adult in a real Mini Cooper, your child can cruise the neighborhood in style with these mini cooper cars for kids.

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