Moana Toys and Gifts for Kids Who Love the Polynesian Princess

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The Disney movie “Moana” is one of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most popular movies ever! What’s not to love? It has catchy songs and loveable characters, from the strong, fierce, and independent Moana and her friends to Maui, the shape-shifting demigod, and the not-so-bright chicken HeiHei.

The movie features a beautiful story about a young Polynesian princess who sets sail on a daring mission to prove herself worthy. Moana is a beautiful Polynesian Disney princess from the fictional island Motunui who’s ready to take her place among the stars. And she’s also a great role model for girls everywhere.

We love this movie for its positive message of teaching children not to give up and be brave enough to take matters into their own hands, whether it’s helping to save your island or rediscovering the hero they are.

If you have any young fans of Disney’s Moana, here are the best Moana toys and gift ideas that will get them excited.

16 Best Moana Toys and Gift Ideas

1. Moana Singing Feature Doll Set

Now your little one can set sail and have a grand adventure of their own with their favorite sailing princess. The Disney Moana Singing Feature Doll Set comes with all the accessories your little princess needs to reenact her favorite Moana scenes or create their own. This includes an additional outfit, Moana’s ceremonial headpiece, her animal companions, Pua and HeiHei, an oar to help navigate the seas, and a light-up necklace. But that’s not all this set can do; the Moana doll can sing the famous “How Far Will I Go” hit.

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2. Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends

Perfect for those nighttime adventures, Moana’s canoe will show you the way, even in the darkest of times. The Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends set comes complete with Moana and her animal friends, Pua the Pig and HeiHei, the clueless chicken.

Let your little one’s imagination sail free, going on their adventures with the canoe’s small constellation projection so they’ll always find their way back home. When your little one pushes the boat along any solid surface, the Moana toy canoe has a rocking action, swaying side to side, to give your little princess the feel of really sailing the seas. This Moana boat toy includes includes a boat, oar, doll, 2 figures, and instructions. Check current price

3. LEGO Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage

Perfect gift for those little ones who enjoy building and playing with their hands. The LEGO Princess Moana toy will help your little one tap into their imagination; this fantastic set includes the island of Te Fiti, Moana’s canoe, with an under-opening made-for easy storage. They also have all of the movie’s loveable and important characters, including Princess Moana, the demi-god Maui, Pua the pig, HeiHei, everyone’s favorite chicken, and even a pair of cute evil coconuts, the Kakamora. Check current price

4. Disney Moana Classic Doll

Disney Moana Classic Doll - 11 Inch

This Moana Classic Doll is well detailed, from her wild and unruly hair, her large brown eyes, and the necklace that carries the heart of Tei Fiti during the movie. Her limbs are fully poseable, giving your princess a more engaging playtime. Even her classic island outfit comes with a trusty oar as an accessory to help you steer the boat. You can work together with your little one to turn the packaging Moana comes in into her canoe. Check current price

5. Disney Moana Plush Toy

Disney Moana Plush Doll - Medium

This genuine Disney Moana Toy Plush Doll is one of the best Moana toys for your 3-year-old princess; she’s just the right size to be your little one’s new best friend. The doll comes dressed in Moanas casual island wear, a tapa and bark cloth outfit with embroidered detailing, and her blue necklace made of fabric. Best of all, this Moana is easy to wash, though we wouldn’t suggest putting her in the machine; a surface wash will do the job just fine. Check current price

6. Disney Moana Squeeze and Scream HeiHei

Disney Moana Squeeze and Scream HeiHei Toy Figure

Ready for a good laugh? Or do you just need that final touch to cosplay or Halloween outfit? We all know HeiHei as the not-so-bright chicken that became an accidental stowaway on Moana’s canoe and involuntarily joins on her adventure. Now with Disney’s Moana Squeeze and Scream HeiHei, you can have a replica of everyone’s favorite chicken. Squeeze his belly and hear his hilariously loud scream! He’s made with soft, non-toxic plastic, perfect for those little grabby hands. HeiHei would make the best gift for a two-year-old Moana fan!

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7. Disney Pua Plush Moana Toy

Disney Small Pua Plush - Moana

Pua, Moana’s loveable pet pig, typically acts like a small puppy. Pua is always by Moana’s side and rarely backs away from a challenge, except if the challenge is too great or life-threatening. This is one of the Moana toys for toddlers if you have a little Moana fan who adores Pua. The Disney Pua Plush stands at 8.5-inches; this well-detailed plushie is big enough to cuddle and still light enough for small hands to play with. A perfect animal friend and the best toy for a little one-year-old princess.

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8. Moana Disney’s Figure Set

Moana Disney's Figure Set Toy Figure

Put your imagination to the test, recreate their favorite scenes from the movie, or create their own; this little 5-piece set will allow them to do just that. The Moana’s Figure set comprises 3.5-inches figures made from durable plastic and designed based on your favorite characters from the movie. Each model comes with its own stand and is incredibly detailed; you could use them as a cake topper if you wanted! The characters included are the Island Princess Moana, her mother and father, Pua and HeiHei, and the famous demi-god, Maui, with his signature fish hook weapon.

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9. Disney Moana Girl’s Plush A-Line Slippers

Disney Moana Toddler Girl's Plush A-Line Slippers with Faux Fur (11-12 M US Little Kid, Coral)

Are you getting ready for those colder months? Let’s be honest, the best part of winter is all the fluffy clothes, the fires, hot chocolate, and movies! And since Moana has become quite the popular movie, it’s no wonder why your princess would want to watch it on repeat, so why not help her feel like the princess she is? Moana Girl’s Plush A-Line Slippers has everything they could want, from a soft and comfortable fit to the stunning island detail and the lovely red flower. These slippers also feature a non-slip grip and gorgeous soft faux fur, helping your little one feel like the princess she is. Check current price

10. Moana Disney’s Maui’s Magical Fish Hook

Bring out your inner Maui, and finish his look with his iconic Fish Hook. The perfect accessory to any Maui cosplay or Halloween outfit! Maui’s Magical Fish Hook measures up to 20-inches long and features motion-activated lights and sounds. Give it a good swing and watch the hook come to life. Alternatively, you could simply push a button and get the same effects. Feel a part of the magic! Check current price

11. Moana Sing-Along Pretend Microphone

Does your little one know all the words and loves to sing along to all the songs in Moana? Now they can feel a part of the music with the Moana Sing-Along Microphone. A real working microphone with built-in speaker lights will light up as they sing along to their favorite Moana hits. That’s not half the fun; the mic has an in-line cord connection that neatly stores itself away in the back of the mic. This connection enables you to connect to any MP3 system. Check current price

12. Toddler Comfy Loose Fit Pajamas Sleepwear Girls Printed Princess Dress

Let your Little Princess dream of having an Oceanic journey with Moana, Maui, and HeHei. This girls’ princess sleepwear Dress is made from a soft and comfortable material, perfect for snuggling in bed, and has a colorful Island scene they would adore. Bright colors and well-detailed prints show Moana, Pua, and HeiHei, and beautiful island flowers. Your little one will feel and look like a princess at bedtime too. Check current price

13. Ravensburger Disney Moana 49 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger Disney Moana Jigsaw Puzzle comes with three different puzzles, each made up of 49 pieces. Each piece is carefully designed with extra-thick cardboard combined with fine, linen-structured paper. This ensures that the image is a glare-free finished picture to give you and your little one the best puzzle-building experience possible. Each piece has a unique fit with its partner; there are no more hassles with similar or confusing pieces and trying to stick two wrong pieces together.

Fall in love with three unique and colorful images. Work together to put together your favorite characters and watch how vibrant colors come to life.

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14. Disney Moana Singing Necklace

It’s no doubt that Moana has some very catchy hits that your little one can’t help but sing along to. It’s also the perfect piece to give you that finished look when dressing up as their favorite Disney princess. Press the stone inside the necklace, and Moana’s top hit, “How Far Will I Go” begins playing. Moana’s Singing Necklace is made to be durable, giving your little one hours of entertainment!

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15. Moana Coloring Book and Moana Stickers

The Moana Coloring Book and Stickers has 192 different fun-filled and unique pages that feature everyone’s favorite island Princess Moana and her friends! This is a great Moana toy for toddlers and is fully packed with other activities to keep your little one preoccupied for those long journeys or when you just need some quiet time in the house. From coloring various scenes from the movie or finding their way through mazes, the book’s back has surprise stand-up characters. Let’s not forget about the colorful and varied stickers featuring Moana, Maui, the evil Kakamora, and all of your favorite characters! Check current price

16. Funko Mystery Mini: Moana Mystery Figure

Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery to spice up your life? Funko Mystery Mini: Moana is a cuter mystery that comes in a box. Try your luck and see which figurine you get. Could it be Moana? Maui? Grandma? There’s no way of knowing until you open to reveal your surprise. However, what is guaranteed is that each figurine is top quality, from the paint to the materials it’s made from. Standing up to 3 inches, some do come a tad smaller, depending on the character you get. Your little Moana fan will fall in love with each and every one of them! Check current price

17. Moana Party Game

This poster is perfect for Moana-themed birthday parties, bedrooms, kid games, and classrooms. Its bright colors and cute characters will surely add fun to your space! It has a beautiful design and is suitable for hanging on walls and doors. The sticker sheet is made of high-quality thick paper, which is sturdy and won’t easily fade away. And the adhesive stickers are self-sticky, which means you can stick them anywhere without glue.

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18. Disney Moana Toddler Girls Dorm Nightgown Pajamas

Disney Moana Toddler Girls Dorm Nightgown Pajamas (4T, Pink)

Make getting ready for bed or sleepovers more enjoyable with Moana Dorm Nightgown! This cute nightgown is a must-have for every princess’ wardrobe! Made from 100% Polyester Flannel Fabric so your little princess can be comfortable while wearing this adorable gown. It’s machine and hand-wash-safe. Designed so your kiddie can wear it while lounging, during sleepovers, or for bedtime in an outfit that’s as cute as she is, the choice is hers. This adorable long-sleeve sleepwear is not snug-fitting and is available in toddler sizes 1T, 2T, 3T, and 4T.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little girl (or boy), look no further than Disney’s princess, Moana. She’s full of adventure, loves her family, and has a gold heart. What could be better?

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