Motorcycle Rocking Horse For Kids (And Plans For The DIY’ers)

With time, toys (similar to everything around us) have evolved from being simple playthings to magnificent high quality and durable items.

You’ll find modern variations of classic toys to appeal to the newer generation. One such example of a toy is the motorcycle rocking horse which can be described as a modern take on the classic rocking horse.

There are a lot of different motorcycle rocking horses available on the market. That’s why trying to find one that offers good value for your money can be a bit tough for parents.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have compiled a list of the top motorcycle rocking horses.

Best Motorcycle Rocking Horse

Labebe Motorcycle Rocker

Labebe - Baby Rocking Horse, Pink Ride Unicorn, Kid Ride On Toy for 1-3 Year Old, Infant (Boy Girl) Plush Animal Rocker, Toddler/Child Stuffed Ride Toy for Outdoor Indoor, Nursery Child Birthday Gift

This motorcycle rocking horse is manufactured using the finest quality of plywood, plush, wool and cotton. Not only is this material durable, but they also comply with all the safety regulations set by the “Toys Safety Standard ASTM/CE F963 in the USA and EN-71 CE in Europe,” which demonstrates Labebe’s goal of keeping your children safe during playtime.

This motorcycle rocking horse features a high backrest and flexible fabric (covering the seat) to keep your child in place and not let them fall off easily when they are rocking back and forth.

Additionally, this rocking motorcycle horse has a neat finish with no rugged edges or sharp points that may be dangerous for your child. From the headlights to the carrying bags (on both sides) featured in the plush material that covers this rocker, you’ll notice a lot of intricate details in the design of this little motorcycle rocker.

The plush covering prevents your kid from hurting themselves or feeling tired when they spend too much time on this rocker. Lastly, as both boys and girls can use this toy, it is a great gift for any child.

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Solid Oak Stained Wooden Motorcycle Rocking Horse For Kids

Amish Crafted Motorcycle Rocking Horse Rocker Hobby Horse Solid Oak Kids Toy Stained Wooden

If you’re looking for something unique, the Amish homemade solid-stained oak motorcycle rocking horse can be a good option. From the design to the layout and finish, everything really has been hand-crafted. This rocking motorcycle horse is recommended, by the manufacturer, for toddlers aged 3 and above.

As a parent, it makes sense that you’ll want to know about the safety features offered by this rocker. With this rocking motorcycle, you can keep yourself calm. There are no ragged edges or cuts for you to worry about.

The overall design, while simple, boasts comfortable seating and an appealing look. Allow your kid to go on the imaginary adventure of their liking on this ride! Your child will remain safe and have lots of fun on this ride.

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Motorcycle Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans

For the DIY’er, here’s a great wooden rocking motorcycle plan for you to use!

Rockabye Lil’ Biker Motorcycle Rocker

This motorcycle rocking horse by Rockabye supports a toddler with a maximum weight of 80 pounds. Designed for children aged 9 months and above, this motorcycle rocking horse is a comfortable ride for your little one.

The plush has a design (including a headlight, wheels and engine details) for more immersive playtime. It features maple hardwood, ensuring that it’ll last your kid a long time. Furthermore, the entire upper body is covered with plush, offering comfort and safety to the child. The plush fabric can be sponge-washed with ease.

This motorcycle rocker can also help teach a few fun things to your kid because it can play 4 original songs, including ABC, 123, and colors.

KidKraft Star-Studded Rockin’ Motorcycle

According to the manufacturer, this motorcycle rocking horse is for children aged 36 months and above. To assure parents that their child will remain safe during playtime, the base of this kid’s motorcycle wooden rocking horse is equipped with anti-tip rockers, which prevent it from tipping over.

This rocker has been manufactured using composite wood, which ensures durability. The comfortable seat is made of leather. There are a lot of details your child will enjoy.

From the side mirrors to the massive headlight and the engine, everything has been styled to make this rocker look like a real motorcycle. There’s even a button your kid can push to make this rocker produce real motorcycle noises.


The motorcycle rocking horse is popular with kids. Due to various types of motorcycle rocking horses available on the market, from battery operated to simple manual rocking ones, children have a wide ranger to choose from.

Be it a baby of 9 months or a young toddler; a reliable rocker is sure to offer them a lot of fun. We hope our list of the best motorcycle rocking horse helped you in making an informed buying decision.

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