Cute Electric Powered Barbie Cars For Toddlers In 2024

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It’s true that any toy that has four wheels, is child-sized, and has a battery will make a child happy. However, sometimes our kids want something particular.

After all, we have hobbies, preferences and interests – why shouldn’t they? This makes getting a request for the best Barbie electric car for kids a common and expected inquiry.

Best Barbie Motorized Cars For Kids

Young girls love Barbie, and the chance to drive a Barbie Vehicle would be a dream come true. While some Barbie-themed items can be rather expensive, there is a wide range of affordable options for Barbie vehicles – here are some of the best barbie electric-powered cars.

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1. Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

This adorable little barbie motorized jeep is the spitting image of the real thing – however, it is toddler-sized! With real doors that open and shut and a radio that plays different tunes, this adorable pink electric barbie jeep is perfect for almost any little one and their best friend.

It has two speeds – “slow” and “fast,” which are 2.5 mph and 5 mph, respectively. This model includes the battery and charger. Like always, it is manufactured by Power Wheels, a respected, affordable, quality brand.

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2. Fisher Price Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang

Cute, stylish, and Barbie-themed – what more could you possibly want in a little pink mustang? Like all Power Wheels ride on, this Mustang has a great rating and an affordable price tag.

It has three speeds that help train the novice to the “expert” and is equipped with a Power-Lock Brake System that automatically stops the vehicle when the foot is removed from the pedal, a radio with engine sounds and a dancing light dashboard.

This electric barbie car is big enough for two passengers and comes with seat belts if some off-roading occurs. The chrome wheels finish off the full adorable picture of this barbie mustang ride-on!

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3. Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade

Ready to put some sunglasses on your child and let them hang their arm out the window to ride in this cool car? You’ll have to be – this electric escalade barbie power wheel is stylish and sleek!

The working doors make it easy to leap in and out of this car for a pose or two for mom’s smartphone, and see-through windows make it easy to see where your next stop is ahead. This pink Barbie Cadillac escalade comes with a real FM radio and a battery-life indicator.

Kids can drive it at two speeds (2.5 Mph and 5.0 Mph), either forward or reverse; the Barbie Escalade can also be driven on grass and is equipped to off-road on flat surfaces. This pink barbie escalade is recommended for kids between the ages of 36 months and 6 years; it has space for two riders and can support up to 130 pounds.

4. Barbie Power Wheels Lil’ Quad

Talk about adorable and affordable! This pink Lil’ Quad is the perfect addition to any home large enough to contain it. While it does great outside since the maximum speed is only 2 MPH, it’s also a great indoor toy – it’s hard for a toddler at that speed to break anything they wouldn’t break running around the house.

The Lil’ Quad is built more for younger kids and has features like easy steering, instant stopping, and a soft cushion between the handlebars to stop any accidental head bumps. Built-in footrests complete this pink and blue Barbie Quad.

5. Power Wheels Barbie Deluxe Jeep Wrangler

Watch out! Here comes a fully-equipped pink Barbie Jeep Wrangler coming your way. Like most Power Wheels, this barbie jeep ride-on has two speeds and can move in forward and reverse. It is styled realistically with Wrangler features; only it has some Barbie bling for extra pizazz.

The lights on the front and top of this car work and are quite bright, making it easy to see at dusk or early in the morning. For some music, while your child is cruising, the Jeep Wrangler comes with a working radio and an MP3 jack for personalized music all day and night!

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6. Power Wheels Barbie Dune Racer

VROOM! That’s the one word that describes this powerful-looking Barbie racer. Many Barbie vehicles aim to focus on “girly” features, but not this dune racer!

The cockpit is open and includes a comfortable second seat, and comes with storage under the hood for all your child’s precious belongings. Drive-in style on or off-road with this Barbie vehicle or this similar-looking Pink power wheels dune racer

Check out this cute video of a young girl taking her barbie doll for a ride in her pink fisher price barbie mustang.

7. Barbie SUV Vehicle For Barbie Dolls

The majority of Barbie-themed options are pink because Barbie’s favorite color is pink. However, this time, it looks like Barbie spiced it up a little with her new purple SUV! Unlike the other barbie toys in this article, this SUV is meant for dolls. Still, it’s worth mentioning anyway because of the adorable features, affordability, and realistic touches like seatbelts.

This barbie toy car isn’t battery-powered or electric, which leaves all the fun up to your child’s imagination and dolls! Sturdy enough to withstand outdoor play and easy to clean off after Barbie gets her wheels stuck in the mud.

This barbie SUV is also one of the few barbie cars with back seats. Also, check out the barbie glam convertible car, another barbie doll car but isn’t equipped with back seats.

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Whether you’re looking for the best barbie ride-on car or the best barbie car for barbie dolls and her friends, there are many options available to you and your child.

When in doubt, ask your little one and see which option they prefer!

You might be surprised your child might not want a barbie ride on car but would prefer another character like Lightning Mcqueen Ride On Car or want a Mini Cooper Ride On Cars like Mom and Dad.

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