Mr. Milker: Breastfeeding Kit For Dads

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Mr. Milker is a device that allows not only women but men to breastfeed as well.

It claims to be the #1 rated Male Breast-Feeding device. According to its website, it helps rid men of “breastfeeding envy,” a phenomenon psychologists say is widespread and less discussed.

Mr. Milker Overview: What Is It Exactly

Mr. Milker uses special lactating technology; the garment is designed to fit a man’s body. Mr. Milker includes two bladders, stitched into the chest, capable of holding 10 ounces of milk each. BPA-free bottles come with the device with nipple tubes that go directly into the nipples of the garment. Velcro flaps secure the bottles into place.Mr Milker, Now Men Can Breastfeed

Any Benefits To Using Mr. Milker Male Breastfeeding Kit?

It is a given that breastfeeding is tiresome work and has several complications, such as chapped nipples, nipple tension, and leaking nipples.

In addition, lack of sleep is also a given since babies can get hungry and start crying in the middle of the night. Having to be on constant nipple duty is not exactly something many mothers enjoy.

Hence the Mr. Milker garment might be a good alternative for when a mother needs a break because it provides Dads with an opportunity to help in breastfeeding duties.

It can be used in single fathers families, gay families, or families where the mother takes medications that affect her breast milk or has had her breasts surgically removed.

Are There Any Downsides?

Although helpful and efficient in many ways, Mr. Milker is still an artificial way of feeding a baby. Studies show that women who do not breastfeed are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, retained gestational weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Nursing a child is not just for filling up an empty stomach; it calms the baby down when they are upset, sick, or dehydrated and creates a special bond between the child and the mother.

This gadget may be great for many women and men, but it is still an artificial means of fulfilling a child’s needs. Breastfeeding is a natural process and a special time for a mother and her kid to bond and provides for each other.

Is This Worth Purchasing?

The truth is, breastfeeding is an inbuilt life-saving survival instinct for humans, but, unfortunately, it has been made to sound taboo and wrong, and I feel disgusted when it is being done.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of the Mr. Milker device for male breastfeeding is questionable. Still, it makes for a great gag gift for new Dads and expecting fathers!

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