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Nerf Crossbows uses foam darts, bullets, or arrows that make the crossbows safe and, most importantly, fun to use. Engage in some target practice, fend off zombies, or have an all-out Nerf war! Nerf has become one of the top hobbies for children and even some adults to get into.

With an extensive range of Nerf Crossbows, you can choose the best nerf crossbow that suits your play style and the type of games you engage in. These games include Nerf freeze tag, capture the flag, and the classic free for all favorite, the Nerf Wars.

Top 10 Nerf Crossbows

Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster

This particular nerf gun crossbow has a high ammo capacity, holding 12 darts per clip. Its’ rapid fire and range of up to 90 feet make this crossbow perfect for Nerf Wars!

It can help you get into the moment with its real crossbow action and gain the experience of a quick reload, with the satisfaction of watching the string shoot forward as your dart reaches its target.

This crossbow would be best for a ‘run-and-gun’ tactic with the ammo capacity and range in mind.

Due to the Elites Crossbolt power and high ammo capacity, this model is not recommended for kids younger than 8.

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Star Wars Nerf Episode VII Chewbacca Bowcaster

Star Wars Nerf Episode VII Chewbacca Bowcaster

This crossbow was designed for all the Star Wars fans out there! Let your imagination launch you into a fun-filled adventure, stand in Chewbacca’s shoes, and feel the rush of firing this crossbow.

This Bowcaster gives you a realistic crossbow feel with a single fire action. It comes with a 5-dart clip and can fire up to 65 feet. Pull back the string to reload your darts and use sights to line aim at your target!

With the ammo capacity and the sight attachment, we recommend this crossbow for kids who want to add stealth to their play style.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster

This crossbow is recommended for beginners new to Nerf and kids 8 years and up.

It was designed with an easy-to-use concept in mind. The barrel can hold up to 4 darts with a single fire mechanism. The crossbow allows an easy pull of the string to load the darts.

4 darts preloaded in the barrel make this a great beginner crossbow and a great secondary weapon when you’re out on the field. Preloaded ammo and a quick string pull are bound to get you out of any sticky situation.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt Sniper Crossbow

Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt - Defend Against the Zombified Attackers with Your Sniper Crossbow - Load, Aim, and Fire the 2 Included Darts - Arrows Whistle When Fired - Ages 8 and Up, Play Safe

The Wrathbolt Sniper encourages its users to practice their aim. Unlike other crossbows, this model uses soft-tipped arrows instead of the standard soft-foamed darts commonly seen. Although it has a low ammo capacity when fired, its range and power ensure the arrow meets its target.

This crossbow is perfect for players who enjoy lying in wait and lining up the perfect shot. Now you can perfect your aim, and your victims won’t know what hit them until it’s too late!

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Nerf Rebelle AccuStrike Combow

Nerf Rebelle Combow

This design is one of our favorites! It’s perfect for versatile players, a two-in-one, the ideal ‘combow.’ The Combow can separate into a bow and a blaster and hold up to 8 darts simultaneously (4 in each barrel).

Experience real crossbow action with this Nerf Combow Crossbow. Load all 8 darts, pull both handles back and then squeeze the trigger to fire 2 darts simultaneously. Note that the fire rate goes to 1 dart per shot when the bow is separated from the blaster.

Whether your play style is aggressive, defensive, or support, this Combow Crossbow would make the perfect fit.

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Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow

This crossbow has a great fire rate; its rotating barrel can hold up to 6 darts at a time. It is designed for rapid-fire, and as such, you aren’t required to pull back the string each time you want to fire; instead, it has a shotgun-like cocking mechanism making firing much easier and faster during the heat of battle.

This is a powerful crossbow, its range reaching up to 75 feet. The Guardian Crossbow’s firing ability and range make it perfect for kids who enjoy a more aggressive Nerf playstyle.

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NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

Similar to the Guardian Crossbow, the Zombie Outbreaker also features a rotating drum that can hold up to 5 darts. Unlike the Guardian, this crossbow features a real crossbow action, i.e., you need to pull back on the string to ready the next dart before firing.

The rapid-fire feature is the main concept of this design; an easy string to pull upon firing and the fact that it can hold up to 5 darts at a time makes this a tremendous offensive weapon in Nerf Wars.

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Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set

Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set

This crossbow is perfect if you’re starting or want to refine your skills. It has a single fire mechanism with soft foam darts with suction cups on the end; this ensures the darts stick to their mark and allows the user to measure their aim.

To help assist players with their aim, Nerf has included an aim assist light. This helps you see where your dart will hit once fired.

Based on this feature, we recommend this gun for Nerf hide and seek or capture the flag. The target light would be an advantage for either game.

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Alternatives to the Nerf Brand

Although Nerf is a well-known brand globally, they are not the only crossbow toy brand on the market. Below we have included some other top crossbows in terms of quality and design.

NXT Generation Crossbow and Target Kit

With NXT Generation’s aim to get children outdoors and away from electronics, they have developed this crossbow design. This crossbow has a great range of up to 70 feet and a powerful shot, ensuring that each dart reaches its mark.

Some would use this crossbow as a stepping stone for their young teen to move onto the real deal. Because of this, the age recommended for this model is 14 years and older.

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Toysery Real Crossbow Archery Set

This crossbow is aimed at younger children, those 5 years and older. It attracts the attention of young kids with the use of colorful lights. Toysery’s design is focused on education and development.

This crossbow could help develop hand-eye coordination, social skills, and upper body strength.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Nerf Crossbow

When choosing your crossbow, there are a few things to consider. In fact, there are many similar things to consider when selecting a nerf crossbow and a nerf gun.

Range, ammo capacity, ease of use, accessorizing, ammo types, and the most important thing to consider when choosing your crossbow is your type of playstyle. When you know this, it will make comparing the different aspects of the different crossbows easier.

Let’s look at the range; this is very important to consider, as it helps you improve your attacks in any environment. The standard range of the Nerf Crossbows is 65 feet; should you find one with more range, that would be the better option. Keeping in mind that it is likely that the Nerf Crossbow tends not to reach its full range, more powerful crossbows have a better chance of getting a farther range.

Ammo capacity and ammo types are also vital when choosing your crossbow. Many Crossbow ammo clips either have a rotating drum or must be loaded one arrow at a time. The best one to choose would be the rotating drum, or if you could find a crossbow with an ammo clip, that would be even better; however, ammo clips are rare in the case of Nerf Crossbows.

One thing to look out for is the ability to modify your ammo clips or barrels. In Nerf Wars, more ammo definitely gives you an advantage on the battlefield.

With your different types of ammo, it is advisable to stay away from the specialized ammo as they could be more challenging to load and shoot and somewhat expensive.

The weight of the ammo is also vital to keep in mind; the heavier the ammo, the more likely it is to break when fired. Still, the extra weight would also reduce the range your crossbow has.

Accessorizing and how easy it is to handle your crossbow tie closely together. When choosing your crossbow, remember to mind the crossbow’s size and the strength required to load your ammo. When loading your crossbow’s ammo, remember that they usually have a cocking mechanism that would require you to pull back the string to load your arrow or dart. This type of crossbow would be more suited to young teens and adults rather than your younger kids.

Now accessories can become your best friend, especially when it comes to how much ammo you can hold in the field and how accurately you can hit your target. There are many options to suit many different play styles. Remember that your crossbow can only fit so many before they start to hinder your play.

Lastly and arguably, the most important thing to consider when choosing the best crossbow for yourself is your play style. You can choose to play aggressively and, as such, would opt for the crossbows with more power and higher ammo capacity. You could also decide to snipe others, thus needing range and accuracy when playing.

Nerf offers many options in crossbows and accessories, guaranteeing that you will find your fit.


Are Nerf Crossbows safe to use? Better yet, how do you use a Nerf Crossbow?

The great thing about nerf crossbows is allowing your imagination to run wild with them! An excellent hobby for both young children and even adults. Nerf understands as a company that different age groups have additional requirements regarding their crossbows.

Younger children would not have the strength to pull back on the string as their older counterparts would; they would not aim like their parents or even older siblings. To cater to this, Nerf has designed crossbows for young children aged 8 years and up. These crossbows would be easier to load and fire; the ammo is mainly made of soft foam.

The soft ammo helps ensure no injuries or broken windows; however, parents must ensure their child understands simple safety rules.

Depending on the type of crossbow you buy, you will find it has different ways of loading the ammo; rotating drums might be a favorite but will take longer to load. A clip would be the most effective as you could have more than one preloaded, and it would be as simple as swapping the clips in battle.

Many crossbows use a life-like crossbow action. Meaning you would have to physically pull back the string to prime your next dart for firing. Then it’s as simple as taking aim and firing!

Nerf has designed its products so that the only limitation when playing would be your own imagination. From Nerf Capture the Flag, Nerf Tag, or everyone’s favorite all-out Nerf War!

As you play, you will find your own playstyle; my favorite is support; though others may prefer a more aggressive tactic or even defensive, your play style will influence every aspect of your games.


Nerf crossbows are an enjoyable and exciting hobby, ranging from young children to adults in their fun! Your imagination is the only limit you have when using these crossbows.

Care was taken during the designing process to ensure safe play and avoid as many injuries and broken windows as possible; however, accidents happen.

It is crucial to follow the instructions of each model and the age recommendations to ensure peace of mind for you as a grown-up.

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