Best Nerf Swords For Kids Play Swordfights: Safe Choices for Kids

Swords are always a reliable weapon to have in your arsenal; you never have to worry about your sword jamming up in the heat of battle, your sword running out of ammo, or making you vulnerable during a reload. Swords make great secondary weapons as well; a reliable backup should you ever need it.

Nerf Swords are a great way for your kiddies to safely have full-on duels with each other without getting injured or causing injury. The foams swords offer a better alternative to the sharp-edged sticks of old. The best Nerf Swords offer an immersive experience for those who enjoy role play sword fighting, fancy dress, and Halloween costumes. They are often used in many popular CosPlay outfits.

Nerf Swords are designed to help your child engage with their imagination, whether they’re conquering castles or fending off the zombie horde! Nerf swords, like many of their other products, are designed for both indoor and outdoor play.

Our top choices at a glance

ImageSword NameLength$$$
Thunder Fury Nerf N-Force Toy Sword31.5 InchesCheck Price
Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy32 inchesCheck Price
Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword32 InchesCheck Price

Are Nerf Swords safe for your child to play with? 

As with many of their products, Nerf has designed their toys for a safe game-play that nerf enthusiasts can enjoy both indoors and outside.  Nerf swords are designed and recommended for different ages; this would include the size and weight difference. A younger child would battle with longer, heavier swords, whereas your older kids may not find swordplay fun if they don’t have enough reach to tag their opponents accurately.

As with all physical games, you need to make sure your kiddie understands the do’s and don’ts when it comes to swordplay. Responsible play is as important as proper equipment. When looking at Nerf Swords to buy for your child, the two most important things to consider are size and weight.

How To Pick The Best Nerf Swords

There are three main aspects to consider when you’re choosing a Nerf Sword for your children.

  • The material it’s made from
  • The weight of the sword
  • The length of the sword

All of these are important to ensure not only your child’s safety but that they still have fun as well.

Let’s start with the weight of your sword.

If you have younger children, lighter swords would be easier to wield and play with; swords such as long swords or greatswords are normally two-handed weapons and, as such, do weigh more than your short swords; keep in mind your child’s strength.

Once they have more experience and upper body strength, you can choose your sword based on your play style.

The sword’s length is also important; if the blade is too long, your child will have a hard time playing with it. Short swords and daggers are best for the younger children; as they grow and learn how they enjoy playing the most, your choice of sword would be more based on playstyle than height and strength.

The last aspect to consider would be the material; though the material would go hand in hand with weight, lighter foam materials would help wield the swords easily. Nerf goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of your children and fragile ornaments when designing their swords; the blades all have an exterior layer of foam.

The handles could be a different story and should be something to look at as well. The type of design and plastic used differs. For beginners to the Nerf scene, we would suggest a soft plastic handle with some grip built in to allow easier wielding of the blade for your little one.

Best Nerf Swords

NERF Thunder Fury N-Force Sword

A unique feature of this classic Nerf Sword is that their crossguard is pointed down towards the blade, a common feature in swords: it helps protect the wielders’ lower arms and wrists during battle. It creates a hook that would stop your opponents’ blade from going past the hilt to the trained warrior that the wielder can use to unbalance or disarm your opponent.

This one-handed, lightweight, long sword measures 31.5 inches in length, from the tip of the blade to the base of the hilt. This Nerf sword’s length and weight make it easy to carry and use for children above 6 years. The length may become an issue and make it difficult for your younger children to use on their adventures.

The Thunder Fury N-Force Sword’s durable foam and classic design make it a fit for any scenario, from swashbuckling with pirates or joining reading parties with the Vikings. The inner plastic rod helps this sword stay sturdy and helps keep its shape even after going through a horde of hungry zombies.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Blade

We all know how noise attracts the hordes of zombies, which means using guns is a bad idea. Nerf Zombie Strikeblade is a silent but deadly weapon, making it perfect for slashing up zombies! While using this Nerf strike blade, you’ll feel like the ultimate zombie warrior, taking down any zombie that gets in your way.

This long sword is made of a hard plastic inner rod and an outer layer of durable foam, designed for rough play while still preventing serious injury. The green design is unique as it forms part of the Nerf Zombie Strike Collection. Not only does this blade look great, but it blends in well with its surroundings acting as camouflage, providing your gameplay with extra stealth.

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Vantage Nerf N-Force Sword

The Vantage Nerf Sword measures up to 32 inches in length. The hard plastic inner blade is covered with a layer of Nerf foam. This helps with your peace of mind while your children off have their adventures! The foam helps keep this short sword light in weight, making it easy to carry and hold. A sword made for warriors of all ages.

For those with some experience, you would gain a better advantage when you wield this sword in pairs. You can use the hooks on the hilts to defend yourself by stopping the blade from making contact with your arm, or you could use the hooks to disarm your opponent; one way would be to hook and pull your targets blaster out of their reach.

This weapon was made to suit any scenario with its classic sword design, whether it be having an adventure with medieval knights fending off invading Vikings or merely having a duel.

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Nerf N-Force Sword – Shadow Fury Blue

This Nerf sword measures up to 31.5 inches, 80 centimeters, in length, from tip to the hilt. It has a hard plastic rod that helps your weapon keep its shape and hold firm during a battle. Not to fear, dear parents, this hard plastic rod is covered in a thick layer of Nerf foam. This foam is specially designed to handle even the most brutal of Nerf Wars while still ensuring your child’s safety during the gameplay.

The sword’s length was designed for easy gameplay for those older than 6 years, with an easy to hold and carry hilt. The foam design follows the classic look of the Nerf Thunder Fury Sword but adds some color variety. This bold blue color would help you stand out in any duel, giving you an extra edge.

This one-handed long sword will be by your side during many battles, be it as a brave knight of the past or as a leading role in a futuristic army fighting the Clones! Your imagination is the limit.

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Nerf Zombie Foam Machete

This Nerf Machete adds a realistic edge with its design, perfect for the unavoidable battles against the hordes of the undead. This machete measures 19 inches in length, from tip to hilt, it’s lightweight and sturdy foam makes this the perfect weapon for any child older than 8 years to take into battle.

This handle is made of hard plastic, making the machete easier to carry and wield in battle, whereas the blade is made up entirely of Nerf foam. This is done to ensure your child’s safety during their adventures and the safety of any fragile objects in the vicinity.

The handle has a unique design part of the Nerf Zombie Strike Collection. This machete will never leave your side; it’s easily attachable to your belt. Its realistic design can also come in handy as a prop in many different costumes.

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Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and Sword

A great duo for a close-range duel, bringing strategy into the mix of battle. With the Nerf StoneWall Shield and Sword, you can use them both to your advantage, use your shield to protect you as your sword hits its mark, or you can use your shield as a weapon and bash your opponent to unbalance them, then using your short blade, go for the finishing blow!

The Stonewall Shield is the main feature of this pack; it’s a small and sturdy design, made of hard plastic with Nerf foam on the edges. It features a velcro strap that you can adjust to suit the wielder instead of a sturdy bar. This is done to make sure the shield can protect your child from any blow that lands on it while still keeping safety as a feature; the foam edges are done to ensure the safety of all players. This is done to ensure safety as a sturdy bar further may be painful to the wielder when its hard hits the plastic instead of the surrounding foam when in play.

The sword measures 12 inches, the perfect size for a short sword or secondary weapon. Due to its design, you may think it to be more of a knife or machete than a sword, a common use for this blade to be thrown and used as a throwing knife.

NB: This item is currently unavailable

Nerf Vendetta N-Force Double Sword

Vendetta translates from Italian, meaning revenge. Should revenge be your path, this double sword would be your key to success. This Nerf foam long sword acts as both a long-range and short-range weapon. At the end of each hilt, an attachment allows you to join your two blades into one very lethal weapon! When these two blades are joined, they can measure up to 54 inches long, making it one of the longest melee weapons in Nerf’s range.

When separated, each blade measures 28 inches long, adding an undeniable advantage on the battlefield. Not only would you have great defensive and offensive combinations but having two blades would allow you to take on two enemies at once.

Each blade is made up of a hard plastic interior well covered with an outer layer of Nerf foam. This outer layer is tough enough to outlast even the most brutal of battles while still keeping the parents’ peace of mind knowing that your children are off on their adventures without fear of injury.

NB: This item is currently unavailable

NERF N-Force Marauder Long Sword

This two-handed long sword is known as Nerf’s second-longest foam sword within their range, with the blade measuring up to 36 inches long. Due to the length and weight of this blade, the recommended age for this toy is 8 years and up.

In the hands of a trained warrior, a long sword would greatly impact the battlefields. With its length, you would be able to reach and attack your opponents without risking taking a hit. You would be able to use the weight of the blade to your advantage; when successful, you would land heavy and powerful hits.

A well-aimed swing of the Marauder long sword would easily disarm your opponent, knocking their weapons out of their hands rendering them defenseless. Although with this particular sword, you must be more careful during play; if swung with enough force, it could be painful taking a hit from this blade.

With that being said, Nerf has done its best to reduces the chances of any injury happening and ensure safe play. As with most of their designs, this nforce long sword is made up of a plastic handle with an outer layer of foam; however, the plastic is slightly heavier. This is done to add to the real feel of swordplay during Nerf wars or regular duels.

NB: This item is currently unavailable

Alternatives to Nerf Swords

Liontouch Fencing Sabre

This particular foam fencing sword is made for the younger kiddies who want to get into Nerf Wars. Its design was based on real modern fencing weapons. The Liontouch was made to look as realistic as possible but still providing safe play for your child. Liontouch, as a brand, focuses on the realism of their designs, all suited to form part of costumes and to roleplay or duelling. This sabre is aimed at your kids who enjoy fencing as a sport; it allows for the perfect opportunity for your kiddies to practice their fencing skills without hurting themselves, whether they’re duelling inside or outside.

Unlike their Nerf counterparts, this blade doesn’t have that hard plastic rod that helps it keep its shape; instead, the blade is made entirely out of foam. This foam-based blade measures up to 23 inches from the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt, making this blade perfect for your younger children. Liontouch recommended age for this blade is 3 to 8 years old.

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Medieval Combat Ninja Warrior Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset

This Knightly set has the best of both worlds; it’s a great addition to any Halloween costume or to take with you into battle. The shield measures 9 inches in width and 12 inches in length, while the sword measures up to 16 inches from the tip of the blade to the base of the hilt. This makes it an ideal size for your children older than 4 years.

The shield has material straps on the back, and these straps give a more comfortable fit when you are holding the shield and act as the sword’s sheath for storage. Both shield and sword are made from a stiff, safe foam to ensure your child’s safety and the safety of their opponents during their adventures and battles.

The main difference between this set and Nerf swords is that set focuses more on costumes, fancy dress, or cosplay, whereas Nerf is focused on both indoor and outdoor play. That being said, some parents and kids may prefer this sword and shield combination pack over Nerfs and both shield and dword are slightly larger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Nerf swords made of?

The blade itself is foam-based; a plastic rod in the center helps keep the swords and hatchets rigid and helps them keep their shape. This plastic core doesn’t reach the tip of the toy, ensuring safe and satisfying swordplay.

How do you play with Nerf swords? 

There’s no doubt how immersing and enjoyable these toys are; they can come in handy in a gunfight, help you fight your way out of a zombie horde or let it teleport you back to the dark ages. Your imagination is the limit!

Some popular Nerf Swords use them to help complete a cosplay outfit or as a useful weapon to take into Nerf Wars. Duelling is a popular use of Nerf Swords, and the rules are simple; the last one standing wins!

But there are rules; if you are hit on a limb, you can no longer use that limb. If the blade strikes you in the chest or head, you lose.

For instance, if you’re hit in the leg, you would have to hop on the other. If your sword arm is hit, you would have to drop your weapon and switch hands. Should you hit your opponents twice side, they would have to fall and defend themselves from the ground.

Why are many Nerf Swords discontinued and currently unavailable?

Unfortunately, not only is it a challenge to make their Nerf designs stand out from their competition, but it is also expensive to store. The swords and other melee weapons tend to be large in size and take up a lot of space.


Nerf Swords offer a unique advantage in your child’s adventures, duels, and Nerf Wars. Kids can use Swords with blasters as primary or even secondary weapons. You could be creative in how you use different combinations of weapons, sword and shield would suit a defensive or tanky (the ability to take and deal a lot of damage) play style, using double swords would proved you the opportunity to deal more damage to more than a single target at once or should you choose to use both a blaster and a sword you would add the advantage of both ranged attacks and single combat to your play style.

The unique aspect of Nerf is their large variety of designs; you are bound to find a weapon suited to your particular playstyles and taste. Like Nerf guns and nerf crossbows, each weapon is customizable, providing ample opportunity to personalize your weapons.

At the end of the day, as a parent, you can rest easy while your child is off on their daring adventures, knowing that Nerf is designed to put your child’s safety the safety of their opponents, be they human or otherwise, first.

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