Original PlasmaCar By PlaSmart Ride on Toy Review

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Looking for a way to draw your children away from the television and into the sunshine?

Look no further than the original PlasmaCar by plasmart. In this Plasmacar review, our goal is to show how these multiple award-winning toys will transform the way your kids play.

What to Consider Before Buying the PlaSmart PlasmaCar

Suppose you’re looking for a toy to amuse the whole family. In that case, the PlasmaCar is a clever wiggle ride-on invention that everyone in the family can enjoy. It offers families a great way to get outdoors, exercise, and enjoy the fresh air.

The PlasmaCar is designed for children ages 3+. It has a load capacity of 100kg (220 pounds), which is suitable for adults.

This developmental toy will help your children develop hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. There isn’t another toy on the market that compares to this one.

A plasma car requires a flat, smooth surface to gain momentum, so it may not be suitable for wooden floors. The wheels may damage such floors, but it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Made from durable plastic and rubber, it is easy to keep clean using warm, soapy water and a cloth.

It reaches and exceeds all the safety requirements of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

About the Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

The PlasmaCar requires no batteries, fuel, or pedals. It is cleverly designed, allowing the user to take a seat, place their feet on the footrest, and then use the steering wheel to exert centrifugal force on the wheels. The car overcomes its inertia and starts to gain momentum.

It will reach up to 6 miles or 10km an hour.


  • The PlasmaCar requires no batteries.
  • It helps to develop eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • The price is budget-friendly
  • It can accommodate small children, teenagers, and adults.


  • The plasma car requires a smooth flat, surface. It also requires some friction, so a surface such as vinyl is too smooth, and the vehicle will not move.
  • The wheels on the newer versions of the Plasma cars are not as good as the previous ones, and some parents have quickly replaced the wheels with high-quality polyurethane wheels.

Plasma Car Polyurethane Wheel Replacements

We advise parents to buy a set of polyurethane wheels simultaneously as they buy the car. The wheels are easy to install and come with instructions.

These durable wheels make for a smoother, quieter, and faster ride. They are also kinder on your indoor floor coverings than are the original wheels.

The wheels are equipped with durable bearings and come in five different colors to match your PlasmaCar.

The outer polyurethane edges are transparent.
Wiggle Car Polyurethane Replacement Wheels - Black

Features and Benefits Of This PlaSmart Ride-On Toy

Some features and benefits of the PlasmaCar

How it works

The Award-winning PlasmaCar is powered by the rider, using the power of friction, centrifugal force, and inertia to get it moving. All it takes is timed movements on the steering wheel to get it on the move.

Further movements speed it up. The technique takes a little while to master, but once your child has learned the skill, he’ll move all over the place.

Small children who may initially battle to get the PlasmaCar going through the steering wheel can push-start the car with their feet.

No batteries or fuel are required, and it has no gears or pedals.

The car can support up to 100kg or 220 pounds in weight on a flat, smooth surface. These vehicles can reach up to 6 miles or 10 km per hour. While the PlasmaCar can travel on rougher surfaces such as carpets, these surfaces will slow the vehicle down.

PlasmaCar is good for eye-hand coordination, required to move the vehicle using the human body’s power. It is also an excellent way for your children to get some much-needed exercise.

The PlasmaCar has two footrests and a steering wheel for direction and propulsion.

PAW Patrol - The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart Inc. - Skye – Pink, Ride On Toy, Ages 3 yrs and up, No batteries, gears, or pedals, Twist, turn, wiggle for endless funPatented design

The patented design is available in several vibrant color combinations. It is made from durable, hard-wearing plastic. It has a comfortable, rubberized seat, foot grips, and hand grips. The steering column is covered in foam, so the rider does not hurt the feet or legs while driving.

The PlasmaCar is low and close to the ground, so there is little danger of the child hurting herself if she falls off. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to store and clean. It is light enough to carry around. Anyone three years old or more can take the PlasmaCar for a ride.

The polypropylene wheels are durable and replaceable.

PlasmaCar is safe as it has met US, European, and Canadian safety requirements.


It requires assembly before use. The vehicle comes with well-written and easy-to-understand assembly instructions. It takes but a few minutes to assemble. You’ll need a rubber mallet and the hex key that comes with the car to complete the assembly.

You have not made an assembly error. The two front wheels are designed not to touch the floor but to provide stability when the driver leans forward, so don’t worry when you notice they are not on the floor. They are not meant to touch the floor.

What’s in the box

  • The PlasmaCar (assembly required)
  • Instruction sheet.


There is a reason why this toy has won so many prestigious awards, such as

  • Top Spring and Summer Kids Essentials by disneyfamily.com
  • National Parenting Center, Seal of Approval
  • Oppenheim Portfolio Platinum Award
  • Fat Brain Toy Award in the Active Play Category
  • Totally Awesome Awards Seal
  • And many more!

The design is clever. It is lightweight and small enough to carry around with you. It is a toy that the whole family can enjoy, getting them out into the fresh air and away from the television.

Best of all, The Plasma car, despite its robust design, won’t break the bank.

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