Project MC2 Circuit Beats Review | Is It Worth It?

Have you ever watched Project MC2 on Netflix?

It is the story of four really bright girls who use their science and spy skills to complete secret missions. It is a fan favorite for many girls worldwide who now want a toy straight off the television.

If your little girl loves music and has an enquiring mind. The award-winning Project MC2 Circuit Beats will appeal to her creativity and curiosity. It will help teach her about electrical circuits while she makes music.

She can even entertain her friends in the process.

Before You Buy The Project MC2 Circuit Beats

The Project MC2 Circuit Breaks is not just fun; it is educational too. Teachers and parents can use the toy to show children exactly how an electrical circuit works while making music with everyday objects from around the house.

The toy is designed to cover the science, technology and arts sectors of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics STEAM. STEAM engages experiential learning to create critical thinking in young people.

Teaching our children through play is essential to show them that learning is fun and that science runs through all aspects of our lives. This helps with problem solving and creative thinking. Such early learning can set them up for a lifetime of curious investigation and exploration.

MC2 Circuit Breaks will also encourage your child to be creative as she uses the available sounds to make her own music. This award-winning educational toy is suitable for children of six years or more. This limitation is due to the small parts that make up the kit.

About The Project MC2 Circuit Beats

The MC2 toy range is based on the Netflix series that goes by the same name. The range promotes an understanding of electricity. The Circuit Beats toy is no different. It aims to teach girls about electrical circuits as they play.

Project MC2 Circuit Beats is a kit that will allow anyone to make music from everyday objects as long as the objects contain some moisture and can conduct electricity. Produce tunes from bananas, melon strips or glasses of water using your body as a conductor.

The package includes the circuit board, seven colorful wire with clips, a cute cat ear speaker set on a headband, a sheet of stickers for decorating you circuit equipment and three AAA batteries, so you’re good to go. The product is designed for children six and older.


  • Fun for the whole family
  • Learn while you play. Find out what types of objects conduct electricity and have fun with music at the same time.
  • The toy also offers the fun option of adding your own sounds
  • The headset sound is pretty good
  • It is inexpensive.


  • The volume is not adjustable.
  • There is no case or bag to put the small parts into
  • The connections on some of the kits are difficult to get working
  • It is not clear from the instructions that the clips have to be properly attached to work, and some people may battle to get the kit working.
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Project MC2 Circuit Beats Review

Bring out the DJ in your little girl. MC2 Circuit Beats is a toy based on the exploits of the tech genius Bryden Bandweth from the Netflix series. This toy consists of a circuit board that allows you to choose from five different sound sources, including drum, guitar and piano. You can also record your own sound or use the available cat meows. The pre-loaded sounds are pleasant enough, but children will also enjoy the fact that they can make their own sounds.

MC Circuit Breaks is a winner of the Brain Child Award.

The kit includes wires and clips that you attach to the objects you want to make the music. You can attach them to anything you like, from fruit to flowers, as long as the objects can conduct electricity. There is also a headband with speakers so that you can hear your masterpiece.

To set up the music kit – collect the objects that you want to use. Place the headphones on your head. Connect the wires to your chosen objects.

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Choose the sound that you want to use. Clip the earth wire to your finger and then touch the object with a different finger to make the sound. The circuit board produces six different tones. It is, therefore, possible to make a melody using these different tones. There are easy instructions on the back of the box.

The system works by creating a tiny trickle of electricity that passes around the circuit. Thus, making the sound that you have chosen. The ground wire ensures that the electricity can return to earth.

The product is bright and colorful and will soon attract any child to try it out. The stickers are a nice little extra that will encourage your child to personalize her music kit.

If you run out of music ideas for this kit, you can look for inspiration on the Project MC 2 website.

What’s in the box

Project Mc2 Circuit BeatsProject Mc2 Circuit Beats

  • The circuit board
  • Seven colorful wires with clips
  • A cat ear speaker set on a headband
  • A sheet of stickers
  • Three AAA demo batteries.


Show your children that learning can be fun. This reasonably priced fun kit is entertaining.

It is a great means of teaching children the basics of electricity while honing their creative skills, making music using everyday objects from around your home.

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