Best PlayStation 3 Games For Girls

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Sony’s PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming consoles today. It has an excellent quality of pictures and an incredible array of games.

But when it comes down to choosing the best PlayStation 3 games for girls, things can get very confusing, especially with your number of choices.

If your daughter loves to play games, this article will review the best and most popular games that girls would love to play.

Best PlayStation 3 Games For Girls

1. Brave

This red-haired queen from the movie Brave is every girl’s dream; with this game, your daughter can be Merida. You can even be other popular characters from this movie and jump, run and battle your way through Scotland’s mythical and rugged landscape. Fight with the big bears and cross the trenches using your favorite character from the movie. Make use of your swords, arrows, and bow throughout this game and enjoy being a princess.

2. Red Dead Redemption

This Red Dead Redemption is a unisex game that is enjoyable for kids of all ages. This is an open-world gameplay set and is filled with different characters to you to choose from. Through this game, you can enjoy targeting mechanics. This game allows the player to slow time down to get a more accurate short.

Enjoy the western-themed mini-games present with this game that include gambling, cattle herding, and hunting bounties.

3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim opens up your reimagination to an epic, open-world fantasy pushing the technology and gameplay of the virtual world to a whole new level. With this game, you can turn into any character you want and have the freedom of storytelling and choice.

Choose from the weapons and spells present and bring life to a completely different virtual world filled with bustling cities, rolling clouds, lush fields, and rugged mountains. This game allows your character to play any way that you like.

4. Folklore

On Folklore, you can battle creatures and monsters and collect their powers. You can also harvest these powers and use them against other monsters in this game; simultaneously, you keep getting stronger and stronger. Play as different characters and use their unique talents to win this game.

Folklore allows you to be Keats and Ellen and watch their lives intertwine. Enjoy the specific talents each character has and play along.

5. Tomb Raider Trilogy

Every girl wants to be the bad and incredibly gorgeous Lara Croft. This trilogy provides the same thrilling gameplay as the movie and has immersive visuals. This trilogy includes Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld for you to enjoy.

Go through the forest and jungles hunting for treasure and enjoy this Lara Croft theme pack. This trilogy also comes with a home avatar outfit that your princess will enjoy.

6. Ratchet And Clank: Future A Crack In Time

This new space gameplay allows users to indulge in space battles and explore the entire star system. With this game, you can discover hidden items and get collectibles to go to new levels. Through this game, you can have a fun time and customize your weapons with different modifications.

This game answers the most asked questions from the fans and even wraps the entire story arc in this one game.

7. Guitar Hero World Tour Band Bundle

Through this game, players can enjoy the feel of a real guitar and drums and even sing while you rock out on the bass. You can follow the game’s progress and enjoy tracks from singers including Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, and even Joe Satriani. Air guitar has never been this fun.

You can become your own rockstar with this guitar game and rock your kid’s world. Forget jamming solo ever again and customize everything from the looks to the songs yourself.

8. PS3 Journey Collection

This Journey Game collection contains three full games, flOw, Flower, and Journey. It also has some bonus content for your kid to enjoy, such as the original soundtrack for all of these three games.

This game also has three exclusive small games, a documentary about Journey, and exclusive Avatars that your kid is bound to enjoy. The stunningly vibrant visuals and the Zen gameplay experience are bound to get your kids hooked.

9. Ratchet And Clank: Into The Nexus

In this game, you can divulge into a new world and enjoy a single-player story-driven adventure. Return along with the series protagonists and enjoy playing with crazier weapons and gadgets present in this game.

It comes with more challenging puzzles, manipulative objects, and mind-bending puzzles for you to enjoy. Explore an entire mysterious sector filled with many new planets, dark secrets, and hidden dangers for you to uncover.

10. SingStar (Stand Alone)

SingStar is a dance and music video game that was released exclusively only for the Sony PlayStation console. This is an easy game; players must sing all kinds of songs in the game’s collection to score points.

In this game, the locals fade once the user’s voice is detected, and it even allows you to download songs of your choice using the SingStore. This game is perfect for getting your kid dancing on their own.

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