Razor Dune Buggy Review: Should you buy this for your child?

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Imagine if you didn’t have to guess what toy your child wanted, you could buy what they’ll instantly love. You’d probably be pumped to read about them. Lucky for you, that’s precisely what I will share in this post.

In this Razor Dune Buggy review, you’ll learn why you should get this Razor electric go-kart dune buggy for children, where to get it from, and things to remember when using it. Not only is this little dune buggy quite the toy with speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and an excellent turning radius, but it’s also got some great safety features that any parent would sigh in relief about.

The best part? Kids won’t even know how safe they are; they’ll know they’re having fun.

Let’s read more about the Razor dune buggy and see if it might work for your needs!

Highlights Of The Razor Dune Buggy

We know you’re just looking for the good stuff, so we’ve left a few highlights here for you to admire.

  • The Razor weighs 65 pounds and can handle loads of up to 120 pounds
  • Two 12V batteries power it. You can also buy an additional razor dune buggy battery here
  • ​It’s fully electric – produces no emissions, and runs quietly
  • ​8-inch knobby pneumatic tires and slick terrain-climbing suspension
  • It comes with a strap seat belt which has a comfortable, enveloping bucket seat
  • ​Easy-to-operate rear disk brake that makes stopping easy
  • you can store it vertically
  • It even includes a flag

Razor Dune Buggy

But First A Little History on Razor…

I know this is not precisely about the dune buggy. Still, anyone who grew up in the ’90s remembers Razor scooters – the same company owns this Razor buggy. In 2000, Razor launched the best little foldable scooters known to man.

Within six months, over five million of them hit the roads under kids’ feet, and it was named toy of the year in 2001. To this day, there are still adult teams that compete on Razor scooters during tournaments.

Micro Mobility Systems still owns Razor scooters and are experts in the field of vehicles for kids.

They’re trustworthy and a company worth buying products from, like this dune buggy.

Essential Features of the Razor Dune Buggy

All of that being said, this go-kart is packed with several great features. Still, we’d like to point out some features that are huge winners in the world of buggies.

The Tires

This dune buggy comes with knobby, pneumatic tires. They are rubber, so they don’t wear down quickly, making them excellent for playing outside in places that may not have lots of pavement. This means the tires are perfect on all terrains and often are great at traveling on uneven terrain. So this particular benefit is just for fun.

The Frame

As a parent, I’m super picky about the moving toys I get for my children. While almost any go-kart will do just fine on straight, flat surfaces, if you want to have any off-roading fun, your kids will need something a little more sturdy than the typical plastic frames that come on cheaper buggies. The frame is built for some serious rough and tumble action. You should expect kids to inflict anything they consider a toy.

Safety Features

Of course, if I put a kid behind the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle, my focus will be on safety! This dune buggy can clock 10 miles an hour. While that may not seem very fast, it certainly looks fast when it’s your child zooming away from you. If they were thrown from the vehicle when they hit something, 10 miles an hour is fast enough to cause some damage. That’s concerning to me, which is why I’m so happy about the safety features of this Razor.

Additional Features of the Razor Dune Buggy

Padded seat: In case bumps along the road are more than just ant hills; the padded seat protects a child from underneath to reduce bruising. In addition, in an accident, the padding surrounds the child to an extent, which can help avoid serious injury.

Shoulder harness: Can you imagine your child hitting a car from the side going full-speed in this dune buggy? Frankly, it’s terrifying to me – which is why I’m proud to say that this vehicle has an excellent quality shoulder harness to keep a rider in place in the case of an accident – or just a sharp turn.

Throttle adjustment: This 60-pound buggy comes with a throttle adjustment capability. To lower the max speed to a speed you can easily keep up with if something were to go awry, you use the included wrench to adjust the throttle. It’s not easy to reach, and it’s difficult to change without the wrench, which is essential when you have kids with their own minds.

Rear brake: If your kid starts to panic because they’re going too fast, there is a disc brake they can activate by pulling on the brake bar, which I like to call “the big red button.” This is a great feature when there are no obvious ways to stop the buggy.

Remember These Things When Buying The Razor Dune Buggy

Where it is good, there is also bad. While I wouldn’t call any of the features of this buggy terrible, there are a few minor things I’d like to mention that you should consider.

  • Be sure to make good use of the throttle adjustment and ensure your kids are under supervision until they get the hang of driving.
  • Going uphill with this go-kart might be troublesome on occasion.
  • ​While a light indicates low battery power, most kids won’t pay attention to it. It’s recommended that you start thinking of how to charge it, so you don’t have to carry the 60 pounds of metal back to the charging station.
  • Low ground clearance.
  • Moderately long time for the battery to charge fully
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Final Thoughts And Verdict On The Razor Dune Buggy

So should you leap at the chance to buy one of these from your neighbor after their kids have outgrown it? Perhaps, if you have the muscle to handle a 60-pound vehicle and don’t mind purchasing a new battery.

Is it worth the money?


This is a fun vehicle for all, including parents that get to watch their kids zoom around on it.

The reviews for it are undeniable. The value it provides compared to the price is unmatched.

However, even if this cart is made of steel, remember it’s a toy. This means you should be gentle when operating it and keep it on pavement or gravel when possible.

The battery will take a hit if you’re doing lots of rock climbing and steep hills, and you’ll want to ensure you’re watching that charge level.

Overall, this is a fabulous toy for most ages. It is incredible to watch it plow around the street or the park with a laughing child driving.

You’ll never hear more “woohoo!” come out of your kid’s mouth than you will when they’re in this vehicle.

Razor Dune BuggyIn addition, while there isn’t much exercise for a child in this off-road go-kart, there is a lot of sunshine and sightseeing, which kids need in today’s less-active world.

Let your kid have fun outdoors!

If you live someplace without a safe place to drive a buggy, consider going somewhere you can ride safely, like a park.

Ultimately, it is still a steel frame with an electric motor, a wheel, and your child. You must do what you can to ensure that the buggy is only ridden in safe spaces.

This go-kart is not meant for the roads, and it’s never meant to be driven by someone who doesn’t have a helmet strapped to their head – regardless of age.

If you can swing it and find a good place for a child to drive, they’ll never stop thanking you. It’s the perfect lazy afternoon ride.

The Razor Dune Buggy is quite the little buggy for children and young adults over eight (or kids used to driving vehicles)! Some kids even prefer this to Power Wheels or scooters.

With durable features, a pretty red coat of paint, and speeds up to 10 mph, this buggy is the perfect vintage ride for a child.

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