Razor E100 vs E125 vs E150 vs E175

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If you’re looking to purchase a razor scooter in the E100 range, you’ll notice that the scooters in this range – E100, E125, E150, and E175 – appear to have the same features.

Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with the information you’ve gotten.

Razor E100 vs E125 vs E150 vs E175 Review

In the following sections, we will review razor’s 100’s series scooters and tell you all you need to know about them.

Razor E100 Electric ScooterRazor E100 Electric Scooter- Red

Winner of the Parent’s Award, the Razor E100 can reach up to ten miles per hour, fast enough to thrill youngsters but not too rapid to present a danger to your child or others.

The scooter comes complete with rechargeable batteries that last up to forty minutes on one charge and a battery charger. Though it is designed for children eight years or older, it may be suitable for younger athletic children, dependent on their weight and height. The scooter is easy to assemble, and you need to bolt the fork to the deck and start riding. To start the motor kick- start the scooter. The motor will engage when the scooter reaches three miles per hour.

The Razor E100 scooter is a shiny silver scooter with soft rubber grips. One of which is a twist-grip throttle that controls the acceleration. It has a high torque chain-driven motor that uses 24 volts of electricity. The hand brake control operates on the back wheel. The scooter is intended for children, so it has a small deck and fork and will accommodate a weight of up to one hundred and twenty pounds.

This is a gift that will delight any youngster. It offers a quiet, smooth ride for your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild to ride around the neighborhood without disturbing the neighbors.

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Razor E125 Electric Scooter

Razor E125 Motorized 24 Volt Rechargeable Blue Kids Electric Scooter Bundled with Glossy Black Youth Helmet and Elbow & Knee Pad Safety Pro SetSimilar to the Razor E100, the Razor E125 electric scooter will have your little ones safely racing around the neighborhood in no time. This smart blue model comes complete with two rechargeable twelve-volt batteries and a battery charger. It will fully recharge within twelve hours and will keep going for forty minutes before it needs to be recharged.

No assembly is required, charge the battery, and it’s ready to go. Two 12- volt batteries power the scooter, which can reach speeds of up to ten miles per hour. Its high torque motor is chain-driven and uses a kick start motor, which engages when the scooter reaches three miles per hour. The rider will use the hand-operated, handle-mounted brake to operate this scooter. Use the twist grip throttle to control the speed.

The scooter is equipped with a large air-filled front tire and a solid polyurethane back wheel. It is not foldable but is small enough to fit into a wardrobe or the boot of your car. The kickstand is retractable and ensures that the scooter stands upright when not in use.

The bike is designed for children of eight or older. It will comfortably accommodate one hundred and twenty pounds of weight. It offers a smooth, easy, quiet ride that keeps your children occupied for hours.

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Razor E150 24-Volt Electric Kick Scooter

This bright and sporty electric kick scooter will have your child gliding around the garden at speeds of up to ten miles an hour, fast enough to keep her amused but not too fast to be dangerous. Its features are similar to those of the E100 and E125 razor scooters.

The scooter comes complete with two twelve-volt sealed lead batteries and a battery charger. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to assemble. For battery, preservation ensures that they are fully charged before the scooter is stored away.

A high-torque chain-driven motor powers the scooter. The batteries take twelve hours to charge and will run for up to forty minutes when fully charged. The twist grip handle controls the speed. The back brake is handle mounted. The scooter has a large pneumatic front tire and a smaller, solid polyurethane back wheel. It is equipped with a retractable kickstand.

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Razor E175 Motorized 24 Volt Rechargeable Electric Power ScooterRazor E175 Kids Ride On 24V Motorized Powered Electric Scooter Toy, Speeds up to 10 MPH with Brakes, Pneumatic Tires and Youth Helmet, Pink

The bright pink Razor E175 will have your little princess running around the neighborhood at speeds of up to ten miles an hour. The steel deck and fork are brilliant and durable and will last for years. The scooter sports a high-torque chain-driven motor that is both smooth and quiet. The hand-controlled brake is handle mounted.

The scooter is equipped with a large pneumatic front tire and a smaller 125mm back wheel made from solid polyurethane material made to last. This model comes with two rechargeable sealed 12V batteries and a battery charger. Tools required to assemble the scooter are also included in the packaging.

The scooter goes together very easily in just a few minutes. Charge it for eight hours, and it’s good to go. The batteries will keep the motor going for up to forty minutes, depending on the terrain. Uphill drives take more energy, so keep riding on a level surface for maximum enjoyment.

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Difference between Razor E100 series scooters

E100 vs E125 vs E150 vs E175

In short, there is no difference between these scooters except for their colors. Check out this article from the official razor website. You can also check out the manual by clicking here.

Razor Scooters Made to Last

These fun and durable scooters are made to last. Although batteries will need replacement from time to time, the scooter will bring delight to the child in your home.

Ensure that you follow the battery care instructions carefully for extended battery life. The zero-emissions motor is smooth and quiet and will not disturb the neighbors.

Upgrade to the Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter. The deck is equipped with LED lights that glow when the throttle is twisted, allowing the rider to streak around the neighborhood in a radiant blue glow.

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