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Razor E200 vs E200s vs E225 vs E250

Razor is a homegrown Californian company recognized worldwide for their technological innovation and top quality durable materials. The company has been in operation since 2000 when they introduced the foldable micro-scooter which went on to sell millions of products around the globe.

Razor E200 vs E200s vs E250 vs RX200 Reviews

The scooters in the E200 range have many similarities and some subtle differences. This range has been designed with teenagers in mind but would be equally suitable for adults who weigh less than one hundred and fifty-five kilograms. All the scooters in this range have a full-size deck and frame.

This scooter, made from lightweight durable steel, is powder coated in light bright blue with an elegant radiused back.It boasts a high torque chain driven motor that will reach speeds of up to twelve miles per hour. Depending on the terrain the scooter is good for forty minutes of riding. The handlebars sport soft rubber grips, one of which is the twist grip speed control.

The scooter comes with two 12-volt sealed rechargeable batteries and a battery charger with a lead that fits the port mounted on the scooter. All tools required for the easy assembly of the bike are also included. Assembly should be accomplished in minutes. Charge it for twelve-hours and then switch it on and off you go. The engine runs quietly and the ride is smooth and easy.

The hand mounted rear brake affords a gentle stop. The wheels of the scooter have eight-inch air-filled tires for a smooth ride. The spring-loaded retractable kickstand ensures that the scooter remains upright when not in use. The handlebars are height adjustable so it can grow with the user.

Sit while you scoot around the neighborhood. The E200s is a seated model – as shown by the S designation. This electric scooter comes complete with removable seat which is easy to remove for stand-up usage. Available in stylish white or stand-out red with black trim, the scooter has soft rubber grips and a spring-loaded retractable side stand.

Powered by a high-torque chain driven engine the performance is smooth and quiet. Easily started by means of a switch, the acceleration is controlled by a twist grip speed control handle. The handle-mounted brake grips the rear wheel for smooth stopping.The scooter, with its capable two-hundred-watt engine, will run at speeds of up to twelve miles per hour and manage around forty minutes of running, depending on the weather and terrain. Level surfaces will use less power than uphill climbs.

The scooter sports two eight-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth and easy ride. It is easy to assemble and comes with the tools that you need to bolt the handle onto the deck.The scooter has a 24-volt sealed rechargeable battery system. The charger is included in the kit.

The zippy Razor E250 electric scooter has a bright red durable steel frame and deck with black and white trim. It has a full-sized deck and adjustable handle post.The high torque chain driven motor operates smoothly and quietly and is powered by two sealed rechargeable batteries.

The batteries are fitted to the scooter and the charger and lead are included in the pack. It has a green LED light that indicates when the battery is fully recharged, but the manufacturer recommends that you charge it for a full twenty-four hours if possible even after the light has come on.

The scooter can reach a speed of twelve miles per hour, fast enough to get you to your destination quickly without endangering anyone. Control the speed with the twist grip throttle. The scooter should run for forty runtime minutes, but this does depend on the terrain and weather conditions.

The hand operated brake controls the back wheel for a smooth stop and the spring-loaded retractable kickstand ensures that the scooter can stand upright when not in use. The scooter is equipped with two eight-inch air-filled tires for smooth function.

Now you can take your scooter on rough roads and difficult terrains. The Razor RX200 has been designed and manufactured for rougher off-road conditions. This electric scooter has some special features that make it tougher and more able to cover these areas. The large alloy wheels sport 60 PSI knobby off-road tires for grip and turn on gravel roads. It has a new gear ratio for the high torque chain driven engine. The rear sprocket drive allows you to cruise or freewheel.

The back wheel is equipped with a disk braking system that can manage sudden stops. The clamp on the base of the handlebar has been lengthened and is attached with three bolts rather than two. The handlebars are also wider to accommodate handling in rougher terrain. The full surface of the deck is covered with grip tape to prevent the rider from slipping.The scooter will reach speeds of up to twelve miles per hour even on rough terrains. Control the speed with the twist grip throttle control. The riser style handlebars are equipped with soft rubber grips.

The motor is powered by two rechargeable 12-volt sealed lead batteries which are included with the scooter. The charger is also included as are the tools for easy assembly.The scooter will run for around forty minutes and must be charged for twelve hours. The frame and fork are made from lightweight steel that is tough and durable. It is powder coated in military green for a real off-road look. It is equipped with a spring-loaded retractable kickstand.

A word of caution: although this scooter is designed for outdoor use, it should not be driven through mud or water since this will damage the electric motor and battery.

Built to Last

The Razor E200 series is the ideal gift for your teenager, offering him the freedom to visit friends in the neighborhood, or transport himself to school and back. These scooters are made from durable materials that should last for years and the adjustable handlebars will accommodate his growing frame.

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