Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Review

Need to peel the children away from the television and out into the warm sunshine? Razor Jett’s wheel heels will do the job. This nifty product will quickly transform a pair of sneakers into a pair of roller skates.

Lightweight and small enough to leave in the boot of your car, these rollers have the added benefit of growing with your child.

By all accounts, your child will love this product. To add to the ride’s excitement, the heel wheels include a flint that sends out a shower of sparks every time you push down on the heel.

You may even find yourself sneaking a ride or two on these wheels.

Why Heel Wheels?

As parents, we’re all aware of the current trends in toys. In recent years, most children of school-going age have wanted the mobility that comes with putting on a pair of wheeled shoes.

Roller skates have been around for decades, but they’re heavy and bulky. They also take a while to put on and take off. More recently, wheeled shoes have been the trend. While not as bulky as roller skates, they nonetheless take up space and must be replaced with shoes when no longer required.

Heel wheels solve the problem of bulk and weight by offering an alternative that fits over the shoe’s heel. They are unique in that your children cannot outgrow them. The shoe adjusts to fit the growing foot.

They are small and light – it weighs 1.21 lbs – and easy to carry around with you. Any child over the age of six can use these wheels, but it does require a fairly high level of coordination and agility to learn to use them safely.

A Brief Overview Of The Razor Jett

Razor jets are designed for use by children over six all the way through adulthood. They support rider weight up to 220 pounds or 99.8 kg. Children won’t outgrow them because you can adjust the product to fit their growing feet.

This product is a cheaper and more durable alternative to Heelies, which so many children have come to enjoy over recent years. Unlike the Heelies, which have a single fixed wheel in the heel, the Razor jets have two side wheels, making them easier to control. The heel wheels also have a smoother action that glides a little faster than the Heelies.

We’ve listed the pros and cons of Razor Jett wheel heels below


  • Razor Jett wheel heels are small and light, so they are great to toss into a bag for when you need them.
  • One size heel wheel fits all. Your child will not grow out of the product.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.
  • It’s well made from durable, long-lasting materials.
  • A six-month limited warranty covers them.
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  • The wheel heels are quite difficult to use with rather a long learning curve. Using them requires a lot more coordination than required to operate a skateboard. We suggest that you find a YouTube video to help you to master the technique.
  • The flint which creates the sparks wears out quickly and sometimes even falls off, but this is not a huge disadvantage as you can buy new flints if you want them.
  • They require a smooth surface, and even small cracks in the rolling surface will slow them down.

Razor Jett Wheel Heel Features And Benefits

Show your spark when you break in the trendy wheel heels. They have removable spark pads and plain stoppers. The spark pads are also replaceable, so you never have to worry about wearing them out, no matter how many times you use them.

The wheel heels will arrive with two sets of spark pads and a set of brake pads.

The sparks require no batteries, and because the heels are not motorized, they require no recharging.

When attached to your heels, the Razor Jetts allow you to glide along from one place to another. You’ll need to use them on a flat surface such as tar or concrete. It is advisable to practice indoors before you take to the rougher outdoor surfaces, as there is quite a steep learning curve to mastering the art of using the wheels.

Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels - RedThe Razor Jetts are equipped with 50cm proprietary wheels, which are made from durable polyurethane. Each wheel contains sealed bearings so they are protected from water or humidity that could damage them. The outer part of the wheels is made of rubber, so they will not damage the floor when used indoors.

The wheels are perfectly sized for a low center of gravity and good control. The frame is made from a strong and durable polymer plastic with high enough sides to prevent the wheels from slipping off the shoe. Overall the design makes for a good comfortable fit.

The “Quick Clip” frame with its Velcro strap and hook ensures that the wheels are quick and easy to slip on and off. You adjust the fit by sliding the base of the product in and out. Once they are correctly sized, you just step into them, strap them up and off you go.

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The shoes can be shared by children of different ages or even used by adults. The heel wheels are size adaptable and will fit any child’s size twelve to adult twelve.

The product has a sporty, trendy design that teenagers will love. Use the product straight out of the box as there is no assembly required.

A six-month limited warranty covers the Razor Jetts heel wheels. The warranty does not cover the wheels or general wear and tear.

Staying Safe on Razor Heelys

Being safe is important when using the Razor Jett Heel Wheel. Accessories like knee pads, elbow pads and gloves can provide that extra protection that gives you peace of mind when your child is out and about on their Heel wheels.

Razor Jetts Mini Heel Wheels - Pink


The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels will make a great gift for any youngster over six and encourage them to get out of the house and into the fresh air.

This durable, reasonably priced product should last for years, and you needn’t worry that your child will outgrow them.

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