Cheap Stunt Scooters Under 100

Best Cheap Stunt Scooters For Sale In 2022 Review (Under $100)

There are many ways to keep children occupied after school and on days when you want some alone time. With the advances in technology, occupied usually means being on the internet or playing video games. To get kids away from these, you would have to come up with something really enticing. Scooters are an ideal … Read more

Best Trick Scooters For Kids

Best Stunt Scooters & Trick Scooters For Kids 2022

Drop a hop, do a nose pivot, stay in manual, or make a 180 jump! Sounds familiar? Don’t panic if you happen to overhear these terms when your kids are in excited chatter with their friends this summer holiday! For the uninitiated, these terms refer to tricks and stunts performed on stunt scooters for kids. … Read more

48v Ride On Toy Vehicle

Best 48v Ride On Toys 2022

48v ride-on toys are the fastest and provide the most powerful performance compared to other toy voltage output. The most common types of ride-on toys with 48v batteries are go-karts; however, they can also be used in other ride-on toys such as scooters and ATVs. Additionally, kids’ electric ride-on cars can also be upgraded to 48v batteries. Best … Read more