Kids Toy Backhoe

Best Toy Backhoe Loaders For Kids

There are so many toy options it can be hard to pick the one you think your kid will like best and benefit from the most. One toy that your little builder is sure to fall in love with is a backhoe toy. If your kid has seen a construction site or watched videos of … Read more

9 Magical and Best Frozen Ride-on Toys For Kids

When Frozen first came out in 2013, it took the world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most famous children’s Disney movies of all time. Especially for young girls everywhere, it was one of the few Disney movies to show that the Princess can be her own hero and the power of a sister’s … Read more

Best Nerf Swords For Kids Swordfights

Swords are always a reliable weapon in your arsenal; you never have to worry about your sword jamming up in the heat of battle, running out of ammo, or making you vulnerable during a reload. Swords also make great secondary weapons, a reliable backup if you ever need them. Nerf Swords are an excellent way … Read more

Mr. Milker: Breastfeeding Kit For Dads

Mr. Milker is a device that allows not only women but men to breastfeed as well. It claims to be the #1 rated Male Breast-Feeding device. According to its website, it helps rid men of “breastfeeding envy,” a phenomenon psychologists say is widespread and less discussed. Mr. Milker Overview: What Is It Exactly Mr. Milker … Read more

Toys That Make Animal Sounds & Noises For Toddlers

Toys That Make Animal Sounds & Noises For Toddlers

Once kids get to a certain age, they develop an interest in animals and the sounds they make. Toys that make animal sounds are great for helping kids learn to identify animals and the sounds they make without having to go to a zoo or farm. In this article, we’re going to review 7 of … Read more