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Micro Maxi and Kickboard Scooter Reviews

Micro Maxi scooter review

Micro Maxi Scooters bought to you from Micro Kickboard are without a doubt one of the most popular and well-built kick scooters out there for kids.These award winning best selling scooters are easy to use and incredibly helpful for building your child’s confidence. Given the fact that Micro Kickboard produces some of the best kids kick scooters ever.But before […]

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Micro Mini Scooter Review: Which One Is Best For Your Child

Micro Mini Scooter Reviews

Is your child ready to grab their first set of wheels and taste independence? Do you find yourself asking the question “Which Micro Scooter Should I Buy for My Child?” Then keep on reading this Micro Mini scooter review and grab the best micro mini scooter for your child.These scooters help in providing your child […]

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Razor E300 vs E300s vs E325 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor E300 series is the big brother of the E100 and E200 series and has the biggest deck and wheels in the series. It is also the fastest of the Razor scooter series and is designed for teenagers and adults who weigh under two hundred and twenty pounds. The scooter needs no license and […]

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Razor E200 vs E200s vs E225 vs E250

Razor is a homegrown Californian company recognized worldwide for their technological innovation and top quality durable materials. The company has been in operation since 2000 when they introduced the foldable micro-scooter which went on to sell millions of products around the globe.Razor E200 vs E200s vs E250 vs RX200 ReviewsThe scooters in the E200 range have […]

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Razor E100 vs E125 vs E150 vs E175

If you’re looking to purchase a razor scooter in the 100 range, you’ll notice that the scooters in this range – E100, E125, E150 and E175 – appear to have the same features. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with the information you’ve gotten.In the following sections we are going to review razor’s 100’s series scooters  and […]

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