Starmaker Selfie Mic Review – Is It the Best Karaoke Kit?

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Like most people, when Christmas and birthdays come along, you really want to find that memorable gift that won’t end up unused at the back of the wardrobe or the bottom of the toy box.

In the Starmaker Selfie Mic, we have found such a gift, one that any child (or adult) will love. Especially if they enjoy performing and love to sing, kids can sing or lip sync as they perform their favorite songs with this karaoke kit. They can then share it with friends or family using the same kit they perform with.

This gift will keep your child amused for hours, and the family can watch as they display their performing side.

Starmaker Selfie Mic Review

The Starmaker Selfie Mic is usually referred to as “selfie stick meets karaoke. It’s a lovely gift for any child between the ages of nine and fifteen, but there are certain aspects that you should consider before you buy one.

The Mic can only work when used in conjunction with a smartphone. Any smartphone up to 85mm in width is suitable. The biggest phone with this dimension is the iPhone 6. The app needs iOS 9 or Android 4.3 or better to operate. The app is downloaded onto the phone, and the mic is plugged into it. Then you are ready to perform.

This is not a Bluetooth product. If you’d prefer Bluetooth, there are alternatives on the market. The Bluetooth wireless karaoke microphone is an alternative. However, it lacks the selfie stick feature of the Starmaker Selfie Mic.

The Bonaok Karaoke Microphone is another blue tooth alternative.

Unlike the Starmaker Selfie mic, the mics mentioned above do not have a selfie stick component.

A smartphone-driven karaoke kit

The Starmaker Selfie mic is a smartphone-driven karaoke kit. It comes with an adjustable selfie stick, microphone, and earpiece. The pack also contains a phone adaptor cable and instructions for use.

The product is designed for the older child; its target audience is kids aged 9-15.SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone

As with most products, the Starmaker Selfie Mic has excellent features, and some are disappointing. Below we’ve listed what we think of this product.

What we like about the Starmaker Selfie mic

  • The toy is compatible with both Android and iOS phones
  • It requires no batteries
  • It’s suitable for all ages
  • Sing, record, and share your music videos
  • The app has over three million songs to choose from
  • This is a toy that the whole family can enjoy and share while learning creativity and honing musical skills
  • The Selfie Mic is good for keeping groups at parties entertained

What we don’t like about the Starmaker Selfie mic

  • The bolt that holds the microphone to the selfie stick is a little short and doesn’t always hold the mic upright.
  • The phone orientation in the holder is landscape, but many songs are available only in portrait orientation.
  • The app can connect your children with strangers, but this share function can be disabled.
  • It is not tablet compatible as tablets are too big for the holder.

Features and Benefits of the Selfie Mic

Encourage your children’s creativity when you give them the gift of music. The Selfie Mic is designed to allow children to make their own music videos.

The Starmaker app is included free of charge. You download the app, and your child has access to thousands of their favorite tunes to which they can sing, lip-sync or dance. The app features songs by some of the most famous current singers. Find hits from household names such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

With more than fifty million users, the Starmaker app is the leading karaoke software globally, boasting a more extensive song catalog than any similar app. It offers camera filters and voice editors, and you can collaborate with other users online. It is also possible to earn rewards for singing on the platform to buy additional songs.

SELFIE MIC Music Set, Black
selfie stick with microphone

There are over three million songs to choose from. All are licensed, and new songs are added every day. When you buy the Selfie mic, you will receive 1000 tokens to buy new tunes for the app. This should get you around 30 tunes to start your collection. After you have finished the tokens, songs are available on subscription or at a low cost.

The Starmaker Selfie Mic is used together with a smartphone. Any smartphone that measures up to 85mm in width, the biggest being the iPhone 6, is suitable. The app needs iOS 9 or Android 4.3 or better to operate.

This karaoke kit will give your child hours of creative fun. Not only can they sing along with their favorite songs, but they can also edit songs using a wide variety of special effects. The app is regularly updated with new features and functions to keep it current and exciting.

Once your child is happy with the performance they have recorded and adjusted, they can play it back or share the masterpiece with friends and family. This toy is also suitable for family singalongs and offers excellent party entertainment.

The Starmaker Selfie Mic is designed for children between 8 and 15. It offers good fun even to those who love to perform but have difficulty hitting the right notes as you can lip sync to the recording or record your songs.

How to use the Selfie Stick Mic and StarMaker App

Here’s how to set up your Selfie Stick Mic and StarMaker App
  1. Download the app

    Download the StarMaker app from the Google Play or Apple Store

  2. Set up your device

    Place your phone in the selfie stick
    Connect your phone to the Selfie Mic using the headphone jack.
    Connect the earpiece to the microphone.

  3. Log into the StarMaker app on your cell phone.

    Log into the StarMaker app on your cell phone, select the song of your choice, and then hit “Sing.”

  4. Edit

    You can add any desired filter effect to your video after recording it.

  5. Save and Share

    Save the video privately or publicly and share it online with your friends.


The Selfie Mic is the perfect gift for a child who loves to perform. Bring out the star in your little ones and help them develop their creativity with the special effects and a massive library of available songs.

The whole family can enjoy this device, bringing laughter and fun into your home. Perhaps the best way to describe this device is “Selfie stick meets Karaoke.”

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