Best Shoe Tying Toys for Kids Learning How To Tie Shoe Laces

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Teaching kids how to tie their shoes gives them that vital life skill; it also helps them learn valuable things such as listening to instructions, learning dexterity, and understanding sequencing.

The age at which you should teach your kids how to tie their shoes will depend on how rapidly they develop. Most kids can learn to tie their shoes between the age of 3 and 6.

One of the best ways to teach your kids how to tie their shoes is using shoe-tying toys. These toys incorporate learning with play, so your child will enjoy the learning process more.

Top 10 Best Shoe Tying Toys for Kids

1. Melissa & Doug Lacing Sneaker

The first on our list is the Melissa & Doug Lacing Sneaker. This toy is made of a solid piece of high-quality wood that makes it durable.

It is painted red and white to make it look more attractive. It also comes with a red and white shoelace that your child can use to tie the shoe.

You can also use one of your own shoelaces to tie up this shoe. This allows you to mix and match colors for extra fun.

The shoe has 10 shoelace holes that are large enough to make it easy for your child to insert the shoelaces.

Your kid will have fun trying different lacing techniques on this wooden shoe.

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2. Imagination Generation Wooden Practice Lace Up Tie Shoes

The next item on the list is this pair of wooden shoes by Imagination Generation. They are also made from solid wood but painted a little differently.

Instead of using classic colors for their shoes, they’ve used very bright modern colors – you can get a pair in a combination of sky blue, pastel pink, aqua green, bright yellow, and more.

The design is also more hip and fashionable. If your kids have modern taste, they will absolutely love this toy.

The pair of shoes aren’t identical, so your kid will have two color options for shoe tying fun.

This pair of wooden shoes come with plain white shoelaces. You can also purchase different color shoelaces separately to mix things up and make it more exciting for your little one.

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3. Melissa & Doug Basic Skills Board

The Melissa & Doug Basic Skill Board does a lot more than help your child learn how to tie their shoes. This board consists of different basic life skills your child will enjoy learning.

Your kids will learn how to button up their shirt, use a snap button, lock a snap clip, zip up their jeans, buckle their belt, and lace up their shoes.

Learning these basic skills on the Melissa & Doug Basic Skills Board will be great fun. The colors and graphics on the board make it very attractive to children.

The board works as a puzzle, too! As your child goes around completing the little tasks on the board, they’ll slowly be dressing up the friendly bear on the board. Once complete, the bear will be fully dressed.

Each basic skill on the board is realistic and uses authentic materials, so your kids can quickly transition to the real thing.

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4. Imagination Generation One Loop Method Wooden Practice Lace Up Tie Shoe

This wooden shoe comes in all blue colors and has a modern and hip design.

Your kids might recognize the design of this shoe because it is similar to the popular Converse Chuck Taylors.

This shoe also comes with plain white shoelaces that you can replace. You can purchase colorful laces to mix and match and add more fun to your child’s shoe-tying lesson.

Underneath the shoe, you’ll also find a 10-step guide on how to tie shoes. This guide will help teach your child how to follow written instructions.

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5. Buckle Toys Busy Board

The Buckle Toys Busy Board is another great toy to teach your children essential life skills. This board teaches them how to use belt buckles, snap pockets, zippers, and shoelaces.

It all comes in an 11 by 8-inch board in full colors. This board also has a carry handle, so you can quickly carry it around or take it in and out of storage.

All the pieces are stuck on well, so you’re not going to worry about losing any of the small pieces. They are also sturdy enough to undergo a child’s rough play.

Your toddler will have a lot of fun tinkering with all the buckles, buttons, and laces on this Busy Board by Buckle Toys.

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6. Alex Discover Ready, Set

This Alex Discover Ready set school craft kit is the perfect kit to give your child if you want to help them learn new skills.

Not only does it include a shoe tying activity, but it also comes with much other fun and educational activities.

It comes with 3 wipe-away books with markers, 8 finger crayons, safety scissors, 2 stencils, 15 activity pages, 179 stickers, and a shoe tying activity.

This educational set will give your child hours of fun and learning.

The activity pages are sure to keep your child’s attention. They will create different fun, colorful animal cutouts, and other cool crafts.

If you want to encourage your child’s creativity, this might be the perfect kit for them.

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7. PlanToys Wooden Tie-Up Shoe Educational Toy

The PlanToys Wooden Tie-Up Shoe slightly differs from the other shoe-tying toys we’ve just reviewed. It is similar because it is made from high-quality wood, but the design is somewhat different.

Instead of a high-cut shoe design, it has a shorter, more rounded design. It also doesn’t have holes for the shoelaces but little fabric loops where the shoelaces are inserted.

This makes it a little more challenging than the other shoe-tying toys. It also sharpens your kid’s fine motor skills and requires more patience and concentration.

This shoe is small and compact, so it’s easier to store away. It won’t take up a lot of space in your kids’ toy storage.

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8. Little Hands One Two Tie My Shoe

Inside the box are four large foam shoes in various colors. The bright colors and cute designs are sure to attract your young ones. They will make shoe tying practice a lot more fun for your kids.

You’re also getting four different multi-colored shoelaces that your kids can use to lace up the large foam shoes.

Your kids can get creative with the shoes and turn the whole shoe-tying practice activity into a fun game.

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9. Sesame Street Teach Me Elmo Stuffed Animal

If your kids are fans of Sesame Street, and Elmo in particular, they will love this stuffed Elmo Teach Me Toy.

Not only will it be their favorite stuffed toy, but they will also learn how to use a buckle, buttons, and tie shoes with this Elmo stuffed toy. They will even learn how to put on overalls.

Your children won’t only be learning these basic skills with this stuffed toy; they will also learn valuable skills like how to take care of something.

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10. DecDeal Shoelace Tying Board Wooden Puzzles

To make your child’s shoe-tying lesson more fun and educational, DecDeal has created the Shoelace Tying board Wooden Puzzle. It combines shoe tying with puzzle-solving, all on one colorful board.

It comes with realistic shoe pieces that fit into the puzzle board. After your child solves the shoe puzzle, they can then proceed to lace up the shoes.

The laces are inserted into plastic pegs that stick out from the board. Lacing the shoes on this puzzle board will test your child’s fine motor skills.

Inside that box, you’re also getting a handful of shoelaces in various colors. The bright colors of these laces will make shoe tying activities more entertaining.

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There are some skills that children will not learn naturally if you do not make it a point to teach them. Shoe tying is one of these skills.

The toys we’ve reviewed in this article will help your child get started.

They will also make shoe tying lessons fun with the different colors and designs. The added activities in some of these toys are guaranteed to keep your children glued.

We wish your kids the best in their shoe-tying journey!

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