FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn Review

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Every little girl loves fairy tales and unicorns. It’s not uncommon for a unicorn to be their favorite animal and a unicorn toy to be their favorite toy. And so, you begin your quest as a loving parent to find the best unicorn toy on the market.

Lucky unicorns are not as scarce as you may have thought. I have found several out there. Not one of them, however, had the sheer charm and style of the beautifully turned-out StarLily. This interactive Unicorn has crept right into our hearts.

furReal StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Pet Toy, Light-up Horn, Ages 4 and Up(Amazon Exclusive)

About FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn

StarLily is any little girl’s dream pet. She is beautifully made from top-quality materials and comes with body sensors that enable her to react to your child with lights, sound, and motion. She’s amusing, endearing, and entertaining.

StarLily is suitable for children of 4+. This is because the Unicorn comes with small components unsuitable for younger children. She is also a pretty large toy, standing almost a foot high.

Starrily comes with her favorite treat and a locket around her neck with a letter of friendship for her new owner.

This toy needs 4 C-size batteries. They are not included in the pack, and you’ll require a small screwdriver to insert the batteries.

StarLily My Magical Unicorn Review

StarLily, the Magical Unicorn, is one of the FurReal Friends, a range of interactive toys from the Hasbro stable. She is a charming toy with more than 100 sound, light, and movement combinations. She has lovely expressive eyes and beautiful delicate wings. Her body is covered with soft white fur.

One of the biggest downsides to StarLily is her price tag, but there is no denying that she is beautiful and well-finished. Other unicorns on the market cannot compare to her sheer beauty and style. An alternative, “Little Live,” at a fraction of the cost, is also a fraction of the size. While this Unicorn moves and makes sounds, it is a plastic jointed toy with none of StarLily’s charm.

furReal StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Pet Toy, Light-up Horn, Ages 4 and Up(Amazon Exclusive)

Another option, the furry Woodyotime Unicorn, is also considerably less expensive. It nods and repeats everything you say, but in my view, this Unicorn is better suited to a younger child, as it is far less sophisticated than StarLily.

StarLily, like most toys, has features that we like and some not so much. I’ve listed them below.


  • StarLily is a beautiful and well-made toy
  • Her interactions are charming and engaging
  • She comes with an app so your children can engage in her world.


  • The app is not compatible with all smartphones
  • StarLily is expensive
  • The white fur is not that practical.

StarLily Features and Benefits

Legend has it that StarLily, the beautiful, friendly Unicorn, was born in an enchanted forest. She is enchanting, responding to your touch and voice with more than one hundred sound and movement combinations. She sings, coos, and makes cute unicorn noises—all the time batting her beautiful big eyes.

Her horn lights up in a spectrum of colors, each color corresponding with her mood at the time. She has pretty wings that flutter delicately. Her legs are posable, making her easier to handle and cuddle. It also means that you can sit her up or lie her down. When she is left alone, she will fall asleep.

Her fur is thick and soft, so she’s fun to touch and cuddle. She can move her wings, head, and front hoof. Feed her, and she’ll make happy, crunching noises. She comes with her favorite treat, a sugarberry. She comes with her favorite treat, a sugarberry.

Stroke StarLily on her back, horn, cheeks, or chin, and she will reward you by changing the color of her horn or fluttering her wings. She can lift a front leg, gently move her head and flutter her eyelashes.

Designed to enchant

Every part of StarLily is designed to enchant. Her beautiful mane is pink gold and mauve and is tucked behind her perky ears. Her tail is the same color. Plait and play with her silky colorful mane or tail. Her blue hooves are covered with stars. The mauve locket around her neck carries a friendship message for her new owner.

The Unicorn is well made from top-quality materials. It is a large toy standing almost a foot in height. This is a perfect gift as the Unicorn wakes up as soon as you put batteries into her. She opens her eyes, her horn lights up in a pretty display of color, her wings flutter, and she sings a sweet song.

An app-enabled toy

She comes with an app called My Magical Unicorn that can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet. With the app, children can interact with StarLily. They can go into the enchanted FurEver Forest or explore the Rainbow Falls. They can grow fruit in Sugar Berry Forest, play magical music in the Crystal Caverns, and play games with StarLily.

StarLily and the app can function independently, but play is enhanced when used together.


StarLily will restore your belief in magic. This lovely toy is made from top-quality materials, and her expressions, sounds, and movements are charming and endearing. She is a little pricey, but she’s bound to make a few little girls very happy this Christmas.

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