Super Monsters Gifts That’ll Make Kids Smile

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What would you get for your kids that love Netflix’s Super Monsters? From Super monsters figures to Super Monsters plush toys, this list will help you find the best Netflix Super Monsters toys and gifts for kids of all ages. If you’ve got a kid who loves super monsters, chances are they will also love these toys and gifts.

1. Super Monsters Figures Collection

Complete with the seven most popular characters in the show, this Hasbro Monsters Up Collection is an excellent way for kids to start their super monsters figure collection. The collection includes Cleo Graves, Frankie Mash, Drac Shadows, Lobo Howler, Spike Gong, Katya Spelling, and Zoe Walker. These Super Monsters figures are about four inches tall and lightweight, so kids can carry them easily.

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2. GrrBus Monster Bus Toy

Netflix Super Monsters GrrBus Monster Bus Toy with Lights, Sounds, and Music Ages 3 and Up

The sun is down, and this GrrBus has transformed from a yellow school bus to its monster self. Kids can fit four of their favorite characters inside this GrrBus.

This GrrBus monster bus toy is not your ordinary bus; it is pretty interactive and has features like flying wings, lights, and music that kids will love. Check current price

3. Sun Down, Monsters Up! Super Monsters Storybook

Sun Down, Monsters Up! (Super Monsters 8x8 storybook)

Who says the fun has to end when it’s bedtime? When the tv is switched off, and you’re putting the kids to bed, this Super Monsters Storybook will come in handy. Read to your kids and let them meet the newest monster in town. With this Super Monsters storybook, your kids will always look forward to bedtime.

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4. Party Decorations

Super Monsters Cupcake Toppers Party Supplies Decorations

Can’t find a bakeshop that had a cake of your kids’ favorite Netflix cartoon series? There’s no need to worry. These Super Monsters Toppers can turn any cake you have into your kids’ dream birthday cake. You will need to insert them on top of your cakes or cupcakes, and they will be ready to be enjoyed. This set contains 12 toppers which feature ten Super Monsters characters.

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5. Katya Spelling Collectible Figure

Playskool 4344924875 Netflix Super Monsters Katya Spelling Collectible 4-inch Figure Ages 3 and Up

Is your kid’s favorite Super Monsters character Katya Spelling? If the answer to that is a yes, then this Katya Spelling collectible figure is an excellent super monsters gift and will put a smile on their face. This four-inch Katya Spelling collectible figure is very detailed and has bright and vivid colors that will grab any Katya’s fan attention. Though this collectible figure might be a bit heavy for a kid’s toy, be extra careful.

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6. Trouble Board Game for Kids

Hasbro Games Trouble: Netflix Super Monsters Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 5+

Play the classic Trouble board game in a whole new way. The classic Trouble board game has been updated with characters from the hit TV show, Super Monsters. It features the iconic Pop-O Matic dice roller, so you’ll never lose track of your rolls again. It’s easy to set up and is perfect for parties, family gatherings, birthdays, holidays, and anytime you want to play a fun game with friends and family. For ages 5+ and 2-4 players.

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7. Super Monsters Crew Graphic Tee

This graphic tee features six of the characters in the show. Namely Cleo Graves, Drac Shadows, Lobo Howler, Katya Spelling, Frankie Mash, and Zoe Walker. It’s made from cotton and polyester, so it’s super soft and comfortable. Kids can show off all their favorite characters and TV show without feeling uncomfortable. 

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8. Netflix Super Monsters Moonlight Picnic Collection Pack

Hasbro SMS Moonlight Picnic Collection Pack

They’re human in the daylight and lovable monsters at night. This Super Monsters toy collection pack includes the Super Monsters Spike toy, Spike Gong, usually not found in other collections. Aside from Spike Gong, this set contains Frankie, Katya, Cleo, Lobo, a basket, and a picnic blanket for extra fun.

This collection gives kids an avenue to play together and discover the joy of friendship and teamwork. They also build confidence and develop skills by trying new things.

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9. Monster Mash: A Halloween Story – Super Monsters Storybook

Monster Mash: A Halloween Story (Super Monsters 8x8 Storybook)

Here is another Super Monsters storybook to add to your bedtime collection. In this Halloween-themed storybook, read and learn how the Super Monsters try to save Halloween for their town. With a storyline as interesting as this, your kids will never get tired of hearing it before bed.

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10. Netflix Super Monsters Frankie Mash Plush Toy

Netflix Super Monsters Frankie Mash Collectible 4-inch Figure Ages 3 and Up

This Super Monsters plush would make the best gift for your Super Monster-obsessed kid, perfect for playtime or snuggling during nap time. This Super Monsters Frankie Mash plush is soft and gentle to the skin. It’s around 3.5 inches tall and pretty small for a plush, so it’s convenient for your kid to carry around.

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If your kids are fans of the Netflix show Super Monsters, they will be sure to love the Super Monsters characters’ toys we’ve just shown. From board games to bedtime storybooks to action figures, there will be no shortage of Super Monsters fun. Plus, they’re made from quality materials, so make sure to pick one up as a birthday present or Christmas gift.

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