Tips For Buying The Best Ride On Toys For Your Kid

Last Updated: September 14, 2022

Kids love riding toys. They play with them constantly. But buying a ride-on toy for kids can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are always multitudes of options to choose from, and deciding where to start can be tricky.

Most parents start thinking about toys for infants and toddlers because they want to provide the child with stimulation and enjoyment. As they get older, kids often want something bigger, faster, and more advanced.

The best ride-on toy for children can be a simple option such as a rocking toy or a complex toy like a motorized vehicle depending on your child’s age and developmental level. The bottom line is that the toy should benefit the child as they grow.

Before you rush out and buy those ride-on toys, there are a few things to remember.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Ride-On Toy

Choosing a suitable toy for your child will make for a good and pleasant playtime regardless of your child’s age. Several factors come into play when selecting an excellent ride-on toy. Among them are skills, age range, and safety.

Let’s consider some essential tips when buying ride-on toys for kids.

1. Safety Features

First and foremost, safety is the number factor to be considered when choosing the best ride-on toy. All ride-on toys carry some risks, such as falling, tripping, or even colliding with obstacles.

The good news is that you can minimize these risks by checking for the safety features of the toy before purchasing.

Simple ride-on toys may not require brakes; however, they are mostly stationary or move slow enough for children to stop them independently. On the other hand, fast-moving ride-on toys such as motorized cars, bikes, and scooters should have safety features like seat belts and easy stopping mechanisms like hand brakes or back pedal brakes. Also, ensure the batteries do not pose any risk to the child; they should be replaced if they leak or malfunction.

As an additional measure, safety gear should also be provided to children while playing with the toys.

2. Balance Test

A child needs to use a ride-on toy without worrying about tipping over. As such, you should choose models that have a low center of gravity.Choose Stable Ride On Toy

Wheels or rockers should be spaced wide enough to support a child’s weight, thus offering stability while playing.

You can also test the toy’s balance by rocking it from the side to ensure it stays upright.

3. Motorized vs. Non-motorized

Non-motorized ride-on toys require kids to use their feet to pedal or push the toy. On the other hand, ride-on toys may also be motorized, which is only appropriate for kids in a particular age group.

Self-propelled toys can tip or wobble if a child has not mastered the needed coordination to push themselves while steering simultaneously.

On the other hand, motorized vehicles may only need steering. Still, children need to be supervised closely to prevent them from running into obstacles or possibly overturning their toys over rough terrain.

4. Opt For Age-Appropriate Toys

There are different types of ride-on toys, and they have been designed for different age groups. Selecting the best toy should not just depend on the child’s age but also on their skills in coordination and balance.

5. Toys With Staying Power

The best ride-on toys may be expensive, depending on the type and model. Therefore, selecting something the child will love playing with for an extended time is essential.

Children often have the latest toys that they see on TV. However, these toys can end up sitting in a closet or a corner.

To avoid this, you can look for quality toys that can build skills while providing appeal and entertainment at the same time.

When a child particularly likes the style and color of a particular toy, including how it functions, they are more likely to use it during playtime.

6. Classic Ride On Toys Are Timeless

choosing classic ride on toysWhen considering purchasing a ride-on toy that your child will enjoy, you can seldom go wrong with choosing the classics. With this in mind, a ride on does not necessarily need to be complicated to provide entertainment.

Young children have always loved riding wagons. Rocking horses are very appealing to children and toddlers who love playing pretend.

 At the same time, tricycles and bicycles invite long hours of playtime for toddlers and school-age children.

7. Choose The Right Size

Keep in mind that a ride-on toy should not just be stable. It should also be the right size for your child who will be using it. Therefore, ensuring that your child’s feet can reach the floor comfortably is vital.

You may adjust some toys as the child grows, ensuring they can still enjoy playing with them for several years. This is especially important with dirt bikes; ensure you choose a bike that suits your child’s height. When using battery-powered toys, the knees should also be clear of the steering wheel.

8. Match The Toy To The Child

Regardless of the age group and the skill level with which the coolest ride-on toys are meant, they need to be matched according to the unique needs and interests of the child.

Kids who love zipping around using self-propelled toys such as scooters and tricycles may not be interested in playing with a motorized jeep.

On the other hand, school-aged children may prefer toys that they think are for ‘grown-ups’ and may no longer want the same toys that are played with by their younger siblings. Likewise, children may want to ride on toys that look like one of their favorite characters, e.g., Lightning McQueen, Batman, Barbie, or cars they see daily such as the Mini Cooper, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Identifying what your child is interested in and how they want to play with it can be a great help when selecting the best ride-on toy to purchase.


Whether battery-powered or manual, children love playing with the coolest ride-on toys. A child can start playing with ride-on toys right at a very young age, eventually moving on to more complex, bigger toys as they grow up. Don’t forget to clean your toys regularly so your child remains safe while using them.

Making a great choice with regard to a toy is important, so it makes sense to ask questions and test products before buying them.

What tips do you use when buying a ride-on toy? Leave a comment and let us know.

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