Best Farm Animal Toys and Farm Sets for Toddlers

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Most children nowadays are raised in an urban city with little exposure to rural farm life. Now kids can glimpse farm life from the comfort of their home with farm animal toys.

Farm animal toys uniquely captivate children’s interest because they are designed using realistic animal figures and shapes; this also helps them identify the animals when they see them in real life.

How Do Farm Toys Help toddlers?

Toys play a vital role in your children’s intellectual and cognitive development, and farm toys are no exception. Farm animal toys are open-ended toys that give a lot of room for your child to be creative and imaginative.

You can teach your children other amazing things with these beautiful and straightforward animal farm toys, such as animal names and sounds they make. This will boost their cognitive functions and memory. Since retentive memory is a vital part of childhood development, memory teaching using farm toys will positively impact your kids’ future memory ability.

When your child plays pretend with the farm animal toys, they aren’t just playing. They are developing their social interaction, language, and creativity skills.

Some of these toys come in the form of puzzles which can be an excellent tool for developing problem-solving skills in children. Professionals in child development recommend that problem-solving and recognizing skills development begin early in childhood.

Furthermore, playing with farm toys positions children to use their imaginations and create stories. Not all kids have the opportunity of growing up on a farm or its environs, but with these farm animal toys, your children will have a foretaste of how farm life is.

All in all, farm animal toys are fun, interactive, and educational.

The Top 10 Best Farm Animal Toys

Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets set is an attractive educational farm toy that consists of 20 different animals that you can quickly move around a magnetic surface.

The box comes with 20 unique farm animal magnets that your child can stick on the fridge or the magnetic surface that comes with the toy.

Each magnet is about the size of a large cookie, so it will fit right in the hands of your young toddler.

When your child is done playing with the magnetic farm animals, you can store them away in the wooden box that comes with the toy. This is a neat little addition to this Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box toy.

What You’ll Love About It

  • Suitable for use at home and outdoors
  • Constructed with high-quality materials
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Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn

Looking for a portable wooden barn toy set to give your 3 to 6-year-old kid? Then the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn farm animal toy might be just what you need. It is a two-story barn with a wooden ladder, pliable corral, and seven plastic fields.

Not only will your toddler get a set of farm animal toys like a cow, a horse, a pig, a sheep, a goat, a dog, and a turkey, but they’re also getting an entire barn!

The barn has doors, windows, and different sections so that each animal will have its own spot inside. The barn also has a fence that your toddler can set up outside the barn.

This Fold & Go Barn is guaranteed to give your toddler hours and hours of entertainment.

What You’ll Love About It

  • Portable and easy to carry about.
  • Great for screen-free playtime
  • Easy to assemble
  • Firm construction and is designed to last long
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Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends

Is your little toddler into small toys that they can take around? Fisher-Price’s Little People Farm Animal Friends might be the perfect toy to get them if this is the case!

The Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends is suitable for kids between 1 to 5 years. It has eight figurines of farm animal friends, including dog, sheep, pig, horse, goat, cow, chicken, and llama figures.

These animal figures are the same size as small tomatoes. They fit perfectly in the hands of your 1-5-year-old toddler.

Let your toddler’s imagination soar with these cute little toy animals from Fisher-Price.

What You’ll Love About It

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great educational toy
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Melissa & Doug Farm Animals

If you’re looking for more realistic farm animal figures, you should consider getting this one by Melissa & Doug. As we mentioned, Melissa & Doug manufactures excellent quality toys for kids of all ages.

This farm animal toy set won’t disappoint. The Melissa & Doug Farm Animals consists of 10 different tiny farm animal figures ranging from 0.75 inches to 3 inches tall. Some of the animals are the size of a jackstone ball, and others are larger, like the size of a tennis ball. The animal figures include a border collie, sheep, rooster, goat, donkey, cow, duck, pig, chicken, and horse.

Each animal in this set is made with precision. If you take a close look, you’ll appreciate the little details around the toy.

Melissa & Doug even went as far as adding texture to some of the animals. The horse figure, for example, has a flowing mane, tail, and realistic coat.

Another significant feature of the Melissa & Doug Farm Animals toy that stands out is that it comes with a storage tray that you can use to store other items or toys. It is a fun, interactive, and educational toy that helps develop children’s love for animals.

What You’ll Love About It

  • It comes with fun facts about each animal
  • The animal figures stand independently
  • The store consists of a robust wooden storage tray.
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Wooden Animal Barn Playset for Kids

This barn house toy by Battat is one of the most complete farm toys on this list. It comes with a large-sized barn with genuine windows and doors. The roof can also open up so your child can play inside the barn.

This toy has 20 pieces that all make the barn more exciting. In the box, you’ll find fences, hay bales, food troughs, ladders, and even a working hayloft pulley.

It also has a few different farm animal figures that your child can keep inside the barn.

The barn itself is made from high-quality wood. This makes it durable and long-lasting. It can withstand all the abuses from your little toddler.

What You’ll Love About It

  • Kids can also use it with larger animals
  • Made with quality materials
  • Hyper durable and affordable
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Leapfrog Leap Builders Food Fun Family Farm

Want your child to build their own toy farm? With the LeapFrog LeapBuilders Food Fun Family Farm, they can!

This electronic toy farm set has 50 pieces that your child can use to build their dream farm. Your child will get to build barns, sheds, mills, stables, and more!

Each building piece fits easily into the other building pieces. This will encourage your toddler’s imagination to soar when they build their own farm.

Aside from building blocks for the farm, this electronic farm toy set also comes with farm animal figures. These farm animals will be the ones that occupy your child’s new farm.

The set also comes with a few farming tools, hay bales, and some fresh produce that will add to the fun.

To make it even better, this toy also comes with buttons on some of the building pieces that, when pressed, will play a voice track that names either an animal or a food product. This is a significant educational element that is added to this toy set.

What You’ll Love About It

  • The blocks are sturdy and easy to put together
  • The sounds and different animals
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Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle

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Does your toddler love puzzles? Puzzles are a great way to get your child’s brain working and growing, and many toddlers love the challenge.

What if you could combine puzzles with farm animal toys? Well, Melissa & Doug did just that with their Farm Chunky Puzzle!

This puzzle board measures about the same size as a standard piece of bond paper. The puzzle pieces are chunky, so they fit right into your toddlers’ little hands.

There are a total of 8 puzzle pieces that your toddler will have to solve. Each puzzle piece is a unique farm animal or farm item.

For this particular set, the puzzle pieces include a horse, a cow, a pig, a goat, some ducks, a sheep, a chicken, and a barn.

The puzzle pieces and the puzzle board are made from high-quality wood. This makes them sturdy enough to take the daily abuses from your little toddler.

Because of its sturdy construction, this puzzle farm toy can last a long time without damage.

What You’ll Love About It

  • It facilitates imaginative play in children
  • Bright colors keep kids’ attention.
  • Animal colors are realistic.
  • The pieces are durable and can hold up to more beatings
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TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy

This interactive TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy will undoubtedly make a great birthday gift for your toddler.

Your toddler will get to drive this tractor-trailer around the house in their imagination. Not only that, but the toy also works sort of like a puzzle!

The four animal figures and Old McDonald, the farmer, have their own seats on the trailer. Your child will have to match the toy to the image on the seats.

One of the most outstanding features of this interactive farm toy is the animal sound hayride system that teaches kids how to recognize animals. If your child matches it right, the toy will make that animal sound! If the Old McDonald, the farmer, is placed in his correct seat, the old nursery rhyme Old McDonald Had a Farm will play from the toy.

What You’ll Love About It

  • It is an interactive and educational toy
  • Farm animals can be detached from the wagon
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Fisher-Price Classic Toys – The Farmer Says See ‘N Say

The Fisher-Price Classic Toys – The Farmer Says See ‘n Say is one of the most highly sought-after educational farm toys. This simple farm toy will help your children learn farm animals’ names and the sound they make.

It features 12 classic animal sounds and is designed to give your kids the best learning and playing experience. To use the toy, you point the arrow to any animal of your choice and hear the farmer name the animal and the sound it makes.

This is a great toy to help your child learn about farm animals.

What You’ll Love About It

  • It comprises a collection of 12 animal
  • The farm toy is designed to help children easily identify farm animals by sound, name, and picture.
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Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters

If your children have a toy barn they love playing with at home, you may want to consider getting more animals to fill their barn.

This bucket of farm animals by Learning Resources will be perfect for doing just that.

It comes with a container filled with 60 different farm animals!

That’s more than enough farm animals to fill your child’s growing barn.

Each animal is also well designed and comes with noticeable details.

Hours of fun are guaranteed when you get your toddler this bucket of farm animal toys.

What You’ll Love About It

  • 3-4 of each of the same animal
  • It comes with a comfortable storage bucket
  • Excellent educational and learning resource for kids
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Children love fun, and they are full of life and energy. Toys make them more sensitive to emotions. Playing with toys helps them to decrease anxiety, anger, and tension. All the farm toys reviewed above are educative and designed to give toddlers the best farm experience.

Except for the TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy, the toys discussed in this article do not require a battery for operation.

We believe that with the information we have provided about each animal farm toy, it will be easy for you to select a farm animal toy that suits your taste and meets your children’s needs.

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