Topeak II Baby Bike Seat Review: Is It Good For Cycling With Kids?

There is nothing quite like cycling through the countryside on a beautiful spring morning or a balmy summer afternoon, wind in your hair, the fragrance and the sweet sound of nature all around you.

You don’t have to give that all up just because you’ve started a family?

With the new Topeak II baby bike seat, you can safely take your little one along with you.

I needed to get back on the road again, so I did my research, reading through Topeak baby seat reviews, amongst others.

I am convinced that this is one of the safest rear-mounted baby bike seats on the market today, so I have decided to invest in one and take it to the road again.

The Topeak baby seat will safely accommodate your toddler from the age of eighteen months.

Get back on the road again cycling is good for the entire family. Introducing your kids to healthy, fun-filled activities from an early age will help them to develop a love of the great outdoors, and they’ll learn to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

About The Topeak II Baby Bike Seat

Topeak has been designing and manufacturing top-quality cycling accessories since 1991.

The company has several patents for their innovative technologies. It has developed a reputation for quality and durability over the years. It has also won dozens of awards for cutting-edge cycling equipment.

The Topeak baby seat has been around for a while, and now it has been redesigned for a higher level of safety and adaptability. It is a rear rack mounted children’s bicycle seat. The kit consists of the seat, the rack and the suspension system.

The Topeak baby seat II is the first child bike seat with spring suspension between the rack and the seat. The dual steel springs have three inches of travel, so they will offer your child solid protection from jolts and grow with your child.

Topeak Babyseat II with Disc Mount Rack

Now you can even take your little one off-roading, and he will not be disturbed by the bumps. Mine invariably falls asleep during the ride as he is so comfortable in the seat, even though the seat does not recline.

The seat body is injection moulded from durable engineering-grade plastic. It comes with a comfortable yellow foam pad. You can purchase additional foam cushions in a selection of three colors, pink, blue or green.

Furthermore, you can remove the cushion for easy cleaning.

The seating capacity is 48.5 pounds, and yet it weighs just over eight. The seat is a good fit for children between the ages of eighteen months and four years.

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​The Safest Baby Seat on the Market

This product is one of the safest on the market offering as it does full-body protection. It is compliant with stringent CPSIA and Proposition 65 safety regulations.

The backrest rolls over onto either side supporting and protecting the occupant.

This safety feature means that this bike seat is bigger than some of the competing products. It also has some additional features not present on other models.

It has an integrated lockable roll bar that serves as a padded handle.

The high backrest ensures that the head is protected. It has an integrated handle, so it is easy to lift and carry.

Unlike many other child seats, this one is specifically designed for a child wearing a helmet, so your child will sit more comfortably in this seat than in almost any other.

The bike is equipped with a six-point harness that is comfortable and offers superior protection. You can adjust the straps of the harness to several settings, so you can ensure that it fits your child perfectly.

It has a safety buckle that is childproof and requires a two-handed opening. Your child won’t reach the adjustable shoulder straps as they are too high for enquiring fingers.

The harness is easy to fasten as it closes the top to bottom and not side to side as most other harnesses do. The footrests are easily adjustable, with no tools needed for the seven different positions.

Topeak Babyseat II Disc Mount Rack
Topeak Babyseat II Disc Mount Rack

They include foot straps for safety. The design is such that the children cannot get their feet anywhere near the back wheel.

The seat also has a seat post strap for extra security, and the rack has a reflector on the rear. The foot restraints could be better designed. Small children can get their feet out of them, and the straps are a bit short for those with big feet, so the Topeak designers need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

The straps close with Velcro, and children cannot get their feet near the wheels or pedals. Despite the poor design as the chair is molded to contain the legs and feet.

It is easy to mount the seat with one hand and put your child into it while holding the bike up with the other hand.

The Topeak Babyseat II Is Easy to Install And Remove

Besides the safety factors, one of the best features of this seat is the ease of removal. It has a quick-release system, so it is easy to put on and remove again.

No cyclist wants to ride around with an empty child carrier because it takes too long to remove it. This one comes off in seconds.

Of all the child seats I’ve seen, the Topeak was the easiest to install. The rack attaches with four bolts, and then you slide the seat into place on the rear rack using the bottom-mounted brace.

All the parts that you need for the baby seat installation are in the pack. The mounting brace slides under the seat when it is not in use.

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Buy an additional rear rack so that you can share the carrying with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you buy different Topeak racks for different bikes; the child seat is compatible with all of them.

The bike racks are made from top-quality materials and are tested for strength and durability.

When the seat is removed, the Topeak baby seat II rack has an MTX track system that is compatible with any Topeak baskets and bags.

The system is simple, and all you have to do is line up the tracks of any of these accessories and slide them on in seconds.

Then lock it into place. The rack has a weight capacity of 55 pounds.

Designed for disk brakes and non-disk brakes

The seat comes with a durable T6 aluminium tube rear rack compatible with disc brakes or non-disc brakes.

When you purchase the product, make sure to specify whether you want the disc brake rack or non-disc brake rack.

You should also ensure that your bike is designed to hold a rear rack before purchasing this child’s bike seat.

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A little cause of concern…

My biggest concern with the seat was that there seemed to be very little space between the cyclist and the seat, so I thought that it might get a little bit claustrophobic.

On mounting the bike, however, I found that the close sitting arrangement worked well. It made the additional weight more balanced and easier to manage by keeping it close to your center of gravity.

Fun for the whole family

Cycling is fun, and with the right equipment, it can be safe and comfortable too. The Topeak baby seat II makes it possible for you and your little ones to safely and comfortably take to the road.

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