10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Nieces and Nephew’s Day

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Growing up, I always loved to spend time with my older siblings. Being the youngest, they would dress me up, take me out, and play with me as if I were a doll that they could do anything with. Those things hadn’t changed as I got older, and the fun continued. The only difference is now I get to return the favor with their children.

If you have a great relationship with your siblings, even if your connection to them is mediocre, odds are you love your nieces and nephews as if they were your own. Your siblings’ offspring are unique because you get the opportunity to influence young children’s lives, have fun with them, and then return them to their parents at the end of the day.

Since most of us are stuck at home, now is a great time to show the little humans in your life some extra love by treating them to a fun day or even some cool activities.

Here are 10 super fun activities to keep your nieces and nephews entertained!

1. Bake!

Create a fun and safe environment to make delicious treats with your nieces and nephews

The only thing children love more than eating delicious treats is making them themselves. First, pick your recipe. Chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and any cake are all recipes that are sure to please not only your nieces and nephews but also all of the adults at home too.

Start by pre-measuring your ingredients and preparing them in separate containers to make putting them in the bowl or mixer as easy as possible. If you have more than one niece and nephew, have them take turns.

Children love to feel responsible and give them turns and entrust them with duties—mixing and kneading are great ways to make them feel like chefs in the kitchen.

Click here for the yummiest chocolate chip cookies.

Or here for the most fantastic banana muffins.

Or here for the most delicious chocolate cake.

2. Go for a walk!

Turn your walk into something more: hide surprises all along your walk for the ultimate scavenger hunt!

The one thing children love more than playing games is winning prizes while playing games. With school and camp not being an option for many children, finding time outside is crucial. Take your daily walk and turn it into a fantastic adventure.

Tailor the scavenger hunt to your niece or nephew’s favorite things. Let’s say your niece loves everything underwater; draw out a treasure map with nautical jargon leading your niece to starfish, mermaids, and gold treasure at the very end! If you have a nephew who loves cars and trucks, place matchbox cars and small trucks throughout your walk to make a fun journey!

Click here for instructions on how to make the best treasure hunt map.

3. Dance Dance Dance!

Make a TikTok video and have an epic dance party.

With all the trending TikTok dance trends, you’re sure to find a dance your nieces and nephews will love!

Not only do children love to have a fun dance party, but they also love to see themselves on video.

Click here to see some fun TikTok dance trends.

4. Get Crafty!

If you love drawing, making collages, or building fun structures, doing it with your nieces and nephews is a great way to create great memories.

While everything today is digital, picture collages were all the rage back in the day. Take your favorite snaps of your nieces, nephews, and family and print them either at home or at your local pharmacy.

Once you have your favorite pictures printed, cut them into fun and creative shapes. Next, pick your picture-perfect background and start pasting.

Use glitter pens and stickers to elevate your designs.

Want to take your collage a step further, make multiple pages, and put them in a scrapbook for mom and dad!

5. Make Kinetic Sand!

We already know that kids love to create things, so why not make something that will keep them entertained for days to come.

Making Kinetic sand with your nieces and nephews is terrific fun and a safe way to bond with them and learn a little bit.

You can also substitute Mad Mattr for Kinetic Sand.

6. Movie Night

Create a movie experience that your little ones will never forget.

With movie theatres closed, your nieces and nephews must miss the thrill of a night out at the movie theatre.

Make a special night for your favorite moviegoers by transforming the living room into a movie paradise.

First, lay blankets and pillows on the floor to change the scenery. Once you’ve purchased all their favorite candies and snacks, fill individual plastic bags, so they each get their own goodies. Maybe even label each pad for the ultimate VIP experience.

Finally, settle on a movie that everyone will love and enjoy!

7. DIY!

Do it yourself with the little ones!

There are so many different projects that you can do to wow your nieces and nephews. To absolutely make their day, pick a project that will not only take up a chunk of their day but also leave them with something exciting to bring home to mom and dad.

If the weather is nice, set up a tie-dye station. You can purchase supplies here.

Order a bunch of t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, and even dresses if you’d like, and set up shop for your nieces and nephews to make super cute outfits.

Here’s a great guide on how to tie-dye

8. Karaoke!

Create a show and belt out your niece’s and nephew’s favorite songs!

To give them the ultimate experience, set up a stage and get them into costumes! Since you’ll be putting this show on at home, there is no need for expensive karaoke machines. Instead, get some speakers, a laptop, tennis rackets, and hairbrushes.

Play their favorite music and let them jam out, pretending their hairbrushes are microphones and rackets are guitars.

9. Play Pretend

Get into character with your nieces and nephews and pretend to be anything they want.

If you already have costumes handy, get creative, and style them like their favorite cartoons and tv characters.

Next, open up your imagination and join in their magical fun. Kids are great at pretending, so follow their lead.

While pretend play and dressing up may seem silly, this activity is one your nieces and nephews will cherish forever.

10. Being with them

Finally, be with them.

Children often feel left out. Especially when they’re unable to see their friends. Please take a moment away from work or be with other adults and sit with your nieces and nephews to discuss their feelings. Odds are, they have more to say than you can ever imagine.

When you’re done catching up, you can cuddle and read their favorite books to them. While children love activities, they value nothing more than good quality time with those they love.

When it comes down to it, don’t stress. Whatever you choose to do with your little ones will make them happy and excited for the next time you decide to spend the day with them.

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